Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense == Morally and legally

Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense both morally and legally.

The clip below is from from aljazeera, and also:appears elsewhere on this site.

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A beautiful letter and I'd like to see the letter from the Mother who lost her two children in Gaza City who also knows Hamas killing Fatah; Fatah killing Hamas are going to kill more of her children. Show me the letter from the woman in Gaza apologizing to the Israeli mother of the child recently hurt badly in a rocket attack from Palestine into Southern Israel...

There will not be peace between governments if individual people won't personally wage peace with their own leaders. The USA didn't leave Vietnam because the Vietnamese army beat us; we left Vietnam because the Mothers of the Sons and Daughters on the Wall finally got through to the humanity that still existed in the souls of the politicians at that time. AND the citizens punished the warmongers voting them out of office.

It is the women who EVENTUALLY have the power to stop the men making war. It has ALWAYS been this way.

When the Mothers get tired of seeing other Mothers lose precious life; THEN the peace can begin.
When Fathers on BOTH sides love their children and the children of their country more than power; then peace will begin.

Who truly knows the very beginning to the fight between Israel and Palestine? The only thing everyone knows is how this is going to end if both sides don't love the future of their homeland and children.

Ok, Iran wants a nuclear bomb and to destroy Israel. Hasn't any Israeli asked a Palestinian, a Jordanian, a Syrian, an Egyptian how they plan on keeping the destruction to the very limited geography and air of Israel? The fallout alone will kill most people in the region. If I loved MY children
and I were Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish, Saudi, Iraqi ; I'd want peace for myself and if Israel gets peace too; AMEN

Everyone is going to get in everyone's way. Notice Europe, Australia, the USA are not going to be impacted nearly as much as people living in the region.

It's ideaology to a lot of people with little to lose. It's life to people in the region. Wage Peace. Wage life.

Where is Israel's and Palestine's men of peace? Vietnam ended for the USA the day Walter Cronkite said we couldn't win. It ended the day the Ohio National Guard killed students exercising their right of demonstration and free speech at Ohio St.

This war between Israel and Palestine won't end until the peacemakers wage war with the warmongers in their own country. Fight the true fight. Make politicians want peace more than war... It will be the beginning of the end of this war that has lasted for centuries.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity..
You only hear one side of the story from the bully boy. Listen carefully to the other side.
I have had a showing of this very moving film which tells the truth of what is going on between Jewish and Arab peacemakers.
Also visit

But as long as American and Israeli politicians are in each others pockets you will never see these kind of things as news. All they want to do is destroy Hammas. I cant say I care much if they do but do they expect anything better to come from indiscrininate killing? I suggest what will come will be more radical not less!
Dont believe what you read or see on TV in America or anywhere else. If you want to understand the games they are playing go look at and sign up for their advisories. I have spent much of my life in the Middle east and other Muslim countries and the picture you are given to look at is seen through 'shit colored' glasses if you will excuse my french!
What ever gives anyone the right to presume you know what I know, what I don't know, what I hear, what I think? A lot of people here assume they know so much more than everyone else does. AND that is a huge part of why after so many years; things are worse than ever between Palestine and Israel.

I have Encounterpoint. I have "The color of Olives", I have "I know I am not alone", I have friends in Palestine and friends in Israel. No one has even mentioned the timing of Israel's attack. It was Christmas with hundreds if not thousands of innocent tourists on Pilgrimage; just so they would take that message by home with them.

So; this story has as many angles as there are people alive in the region. Eyes see what eyes want and are trained to see. We all should understand and accept that. The other side lecturing the other is only going to make people angrier.

I went to medialens and they didn't cover the Hamas killing Fatah story. Why not? Your source isn't a complete source. Everyone has an angle they want to sell. Everyone wants to deny what they don't want to admit to.

AND now; Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu says if elected, he's going to expand the Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

That's as offensive to Palestinians as Gazans electing Hamas is to Israeli's and on it goes.

I like my idea of Mother's loving their children. That's as common a denominator as I can see.

This has no ending and that is exactly as Israeli Palestinian leadershlip wants it; job security, power and wealth for the few.
Dear Yahya,

The video you sent us was made by an Israeli Jew, one of those you have so disparagingly and offensively referred to here on MEpeace as "The Chosen People". That was a classic and demonstrable manifestation of bigotry. (That sample is no longer in the archives here for hysterical reasons.)

Thank you for telling us now how some of "The Chosen People" behave. You help to make me very proud to be one of "The Chosen People".

I look forward to the day when good people like you Yahya start to make such public appeals about their own extremists.

We all really know that the world-wide devastation that results from the actions of those unmentionable extremists is far greater than any that may be the result of things that may have been done by some of "The Chosen People".

On this site, you behave like an active apologist for YOUR HARDLINERS.

Your persistent and implicit and smug claims that YOUR HARDLINERS have little or nothing to with what's happening now, is bunkum.

But please acknowledge that that you are at best, based upon your contributions here, simply a fellow traveler of the hardliners.

You, Yahya, are manifestly and demonstrably playing HARDBALL.

You want to play HARDBALL? Play! But please do not pretend!

Is my response HARDBALL? Yes!

Am I hardline? I think not!

Do I think that you are hardline, Yahya? Despite your protestations otherwise, I think that you behave like an active apologist for your hardliners. The rest is still not clear to me.

Be well...
Here are some of the things you can be proud of along with your barbarian chosen people.

"Out of all the devastation I have seen so far, there is one story in particular that I think the world needs to hear. I met a mother who was at home with her ten children when Israeli soldiers entered the house. The soldiers told her she had to choose five of her children to "give as a gift to Israel." As she screamed in horror they repeated the demand and told her she could choose or they would choose for her. Then these soldiers murdered five of her children in front of her."
Your substantiated source?

Or this just another blood libel and peacemaking smear?
I knew you would want the source so here the whole piece is

Anna in Palestine, 1/24/09

"I entered the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night with my friend and fellow activist Sharon Wallace after waiting ten hours at the Egypt/Gaza border. The destruction and trauma is even greater than I expected. ...

"Out of all the devastation I have seen so far, there is one story in particular that I think the world needs to hear. I met a mother who was at home with her ten children when Israeli soldiers entered the house. The soldiers told her she had to choose five of her children to "give as a gift to Israel." As she screamed in horror they repeated the demand and told her she could choose or they would choose for her. Then these soldiers murdered five of her children in front of her." (MORE)

And just since you asked, here is an Israeli nan of God's words

Agence France Presse, 1/26/09

JERUSALEM (AFP) — An Israeli human rights group on Monday called for the immediate dismissal of the chief military rabbi, claiming he gave soldiers fighting in Gaza pamphlets urging them to show no mercy.

Yesh Din said it had written to both Defence Minister Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, urging them to "take this incitement seriously and fire Chief Military Rabbi" Brigadier General Avi Ronzki.

It said a pamphlet distributed to soldiers taking part in Operation Cast Lead stressed that the troops should show no mercy to their enemies, and that the pamphlet borders "on incitement and racism against the Palestinian people." (MORE)

What you all forget is what your own sctipture warns you "What ye sow, so shall ye reap"

Arabs have long memories and they remember the name of the arab town that was destroyed to build Sderot! One of my friends can recite his genealogy 40 generations back to the family of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) Do you really think they will forget what has been done to them or cease to struggle for the rights and justice that is theirs? Dream on while I move on to something more productive than wasting my time here.
Hi Yahya,

You are still being a little too cute.

What is the URL, please?

Is "SOPHIE'S CHOICE - TOP" or whatever it is a credible site for information or for what?
I found the story on blog called
It was linked to Al-Jazeerah ...THAT's your proof? ???????????

A shame... I thought you were a serious champion for the people of Palestine and their children in particular.

Notes from PalestineJan 23, 2009 ... Barbara Lubin, Founder and Director of Middle East Children's Alliance, ... MECA's Director of Gaza Projects, along with Sharon Wallace and ... - 88k

The same website ran another story right behind your story how President Obama has signed the death warrants of generations and generations of Palestinians because he didn't speak out as of 1-15-2009. Before he was sworn in as President you are already condemning him.

What don't you understand about a President elect didn't have the authority to speak as President before his term begins? How long have you lived in the USA?

It's not enough that before his first week as President is over President Obama appoints George Mitchell into the Middle East to attempt to do what Jews and Arabs haven't accomplished in hundreds of years; through the efforts of many world leaders?

Its not enough that he sends the Secretary of State into the region before his first week in office is up?

It's not enough he mentions muslims in his inaugeration address? It's the first time any American President has done that. It's not enough he tells the world he has muslim family members all of this before the first week of his Presidency is over?????????????

You quote the same source that published President Obama has signed the death warrants to generations and generations of Palestinians ????????????
Before he even took the oath for Presidency???

The Berkley Daily Planet is your kind of credible news service ?????????????????

This is an insulting article; written by a narrowminded lawyer with an agenda even before President Obama's inaugeration. This is the kind of credibility you want to build the hope and future of Palestinian people on?

You do yourself and your cause a huge disservice with this kind of association.

Insulting Pres Obama by calling him a Mafia Don ?????????? Please.

If indeed the Israeli soldiers did what they are accused of doing on a blog; then I challenge you to show your honor to the people of Palestine and make this your cause. Find more than a blog somewhere. Dig into it. Or the blood of the 5 children rest on your soul. Do I think things like that happen in war ~~~~~~ absolutely. Or you can just whine.. insult people. stir up crap like the other trouble makers who have no interest in being part of the cure.

Insulting President Obama, the one person who has any chance of influencing Israel leadership is way past self-destructive; and that's been a long history of the region also.

The Silence of Barack Obama

By Osha Neumann

Berkeley Daily Planet, January 25, 2009

Oh Father, I cried. There was no shame in your confusion. Just as
there had been no shame in your father's before you. No shame in the
fear, or in the fear of his father before him. There was only shame
in the silence fear had produced. It was the silence that betrayed us.

—Barack Obama, from Dreams from My Father

The silence of Obama is deafening. Continents of misery are swallowed
in his silence.

On the deaths of Palestinian children, the murder of mothers, the
dismemberment of grandfathers, on the pools of blood on the hospital
floor, the bombed and mangled ambulances, the screams of terror—he is

But in fact his silence is incomplete. He is briefed on a daily
basis, kept abreast of events. What does he say in those secret
conversations? Does he remain silent? Certainly not. He ascents. Yes,
Hamas must be crushed. It's a price that needs to be paid. He does
not say, or perhaps he does say, he hopes it will be over before the
inaugural balls begin. The mafia don does not wish to have his party
spoiled. He has prepared his speech. The soaring rhetoric. The
reference to Martin Luther King.

But should even a drop of Palestinian blood touch those soaring
phrases, they will fall to earth like a stone.

"Change we can believe in"? All the empty rhetoric of the
presidential campaign is a gaping maw into which the lives of
Palestinians fall without a sound.

The blood of Palestinians is the touchstone. The slogans touch the
stone, shrivel and die. "Yes we can!" Yes we can what? Crush the
Palestinians into a bloody pulp?

Israel can not kill all the Palestinians or drive those who are still
alive into yet deeper exile. Palestinians will survive and they will
haunt us, and when the next terrorist attack comes who will weep for
us, who will shed tears, and who will say we got what we deserved?
The chickens will come home to roost. Those terrible, cannibalistic,
angry chickens will come home to roost.

Obama is silent. He must not endanger his legislative agenda. It's
the economy stupid. Remember. But I would rather the engines of the
commerce grind to a halt, the shelves of the stores yawn empty, and a
terrible gloom descend on Wall Street, than that one more Palestine
child be torn to bits. Or live, but clutch her mother in fear,
wetting herself, covering her eyes and her ears to block out the
terrible racket, or that one more Palestinian mother weep over the
grave of her child or weep for the fear of her living child.

At this point. An interruption.

"You forget about the poor terrified Israeli children. The rain of
rockets from Gaza." Never for a moment are they forgotten. On the
pain of Israelis Obama is voluble.

Haaretz reports:

"He expressed his admiration for the citizens of Sderot who remained
in place even though their homes had come under fire. `Israelis must
not suffer a threat to their lives, to their schools,' he said,
adding that `if missiles were falling where my two daughters sleep, I
would do everything in order to stop that.'"

I do not join in his admiration or extend my hand in sympathy. For
three reasons:

First: I cannot mourn the suffering of Israelis until the suffering
Palestinians is mourned in just proportion—100 to 1, 1000 to 1, so
much louder should the wails of mourning be for the Palestinians.
Second: I refuse to equate the violence with which an oppressed
people resists oppression with the violence of their oppressors. That
terrible equation—"both sides this," "both sides that"— is corrupt
and pernicious moral algebra. And third: so long as Israel uses the
victimhood of Jews as a shield, excuse, and weapon to continue the
oppression of the Palestinians, I will not, can not, add my voice to
the chorus of sympathy for Israeli dead and wounded, for that chorus
will be used to further a terrible agenda which I oppose.

May there come a time when my grief can flow freely and equally
toward all suffering. But that time is not now. I have chosen sides.

Obama is a complex man, capable of holding ambiguities and
contradictions, aware of the vast abundant varieties of experience,
knowing otherness, knowing the pain and anger of outsiders, knowing
what happens when dreams are shattered. I know he knew these things,
perhaps knows them still, because I've read his Dreams from My
Father. The man who receives dreams from his father, knew—knows—how
to hear all sides of himself and others. It is not easy to be angry
with him. I want to love him. But I fear that he has signed a
terrible bargain with his silence, a pact with the devil of power and
empire: His dream for the dreams of the Palestinians. Their death
warrant is signed. He is complicit. He has learned what presidents
must do. Sign death warrants. For multitudes. For generations upon

This is his first lesson in killing. After the first, it becomes

Osha Neumann's memoir, Up Against the Wall Motherf**er: A Memoir of
the Sixties with Notes for Next Time, was recently published by Seven
Stories Press. She is also a lawyer living in Berkeley, California.

It is the same fiction as Jews introduce after WW-I

It created hate toward all Germans, just because they are German. Today Germany is a friend of Israel, I pray that Palestine Modern National state will be friend of Israel in the future.

If such event happened, and I can accept that it may, what does it mean for peace activist? is it a reason to go away from peace and declare one side as Evil so to justify violent aggression?
I don't understand why anyone serious about peace would use someone like this woman as his credibility. AND then connect the story to one condemning Pres elect Obama on Jan 15 2009 for the blood of generations and generations of Palestinians even before his inaugeration.

There are serious, credible Jewish people who support Palestine and Palestinians. Why not work with people who can help instead of just stirring up angst for the joy of making things worst.

Why don't Arabs work with people like Rabbi Ascherman and other Rabbis

AND; the group that Ali Caksu mentioned: Breaking the Silence

instead of people like Anna and Osha Neumann who have absolutely no chance of helping the Palestinian cause? In fact; they are very poor spokespeople for true, rational help to Palestinians and Israelis seeking peace.

Look at what was written in 2006.... when will Arab and Israeli leaders finally get serious about doing their duty to the citizens of Palestine, Israel, Lebanan, Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

Seems there are Israelis and Palestinians who understand there will never be peace as long as a rocket flies and a jet retaliates. etc

What do the Israel people think the Palestinians feel about Nethanyahu's desire to put even more settlers into the West Bank?

Palestine and Israel must find peacemakers willing to make or Iran and other players are going to make decisions for both of you that neither side will be able to survive.

Let's all right now take 60 seconds to hold the memories of all the people who have died and been wounded on all sides because of the failure of politicians to make peace in the region.

There are many families who have lost much.



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