I think this clip explains the chance of a peace deal with the Palestinians in the present sate

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Checkpoints are there for a reason, Palestinians tend to think blowing ones self up and killing innocents is their path to Mardordom - Anti- Semitic children shows, have no reason other than to spew hate - did you not see the clip? do you not understand they are teaching CHILDREN to kill Jews? This is your reply?


Your message? 

Your message is No peace, because you find "no peace" preferable to making a proper peace settlement.

My message is that the checkpoints must go because they make Israel an apartheid state.

Sussan do you agree that suicide bombers and murder of civilians by Palestinian terrorists is a problem that Israel must find a way to deal with?

The suicide bombers are long gone.

This is a war, and there is an occupation. The killing of soldiers and civilians will contilue until there is a comprehensive peace settlement. 

It is Israel that is unwilling to negotiate a peace settlement, and it is the likes of you, Jeff, who support the on going impasse. 

War is  - by its very nature - a killing machine.

Either you want the war, or you want peace. 

The Palestinians have been chosing peace with justice for over 60 years. The Israelis have been chosing peace with most of the land, for over 60 years. 

In the end, it will be a ONE STATE RESOLUTION - this is something that does not suit the Jews, or they would have agreed to it, or peace with justice, long ago.

I must say always nice on a site for peace to see a sentence like this
"This is a war, and there is an occupation. The killing of soldiers and civilians will continue until there is a comprehensive peace settlement. "

It just shows you the twisted mind of some people who think that it is OK and legitimate to target civilians in a means to get what they want. Its just sad, all I can say is I am happy you are just one of the nobodies on the sidelines who have absolutely no say in what happens here. I hope you are enjoying your life out in Canada, is it?

Lets leave the peace making to those who actually have to walk down the street in the holy land hoping that one of your freedom fighters do not decide to continue their "legitimate" jihad against innocents...

Complain, spew your propaganda, use all your words of hate and violence, in the end, this has nothing to do with you.

lol - you realize these are leftists correct, I mean you are not that obtuse....

I dont follow why are you sharing left wing propaganda, what is your point?

I am showing you these videos because I like them.

Here is another one I like:

In other words as usual you have nothing to add, just spew propaganda... dont you have hobbies or something positive to contribute?



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