Congratulations to all Israelies on the elections.
I just read that Nir Barkat won.

I heard that he is more progressive than the previous mayor of Israel, but I am wondering how much he is willing to give into the Peace process. While I am happy that he might shed a new light, I am skeptical, since he wants a united Jerusalem, and can not give East Jerusalem back to the Palestinians (Personally I think that Jerusalem should be either a shared capital for both states with equal rights for both sides or it should be like the Vatican-- it should be an international city for people of all faiths-- a city of love!)

Here is the article article:

Please let me know what you think

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The Vatican is NOT equally open to people of all faiths.
Just so you know.
Try claiming equal access to Peter's basilica, or even any of the other zillion churches in Rome,
and see how far you get...
(But they do still glorify Jew-murderers there.
Like Pope Paul IV. Ever heard of him?)
I was really tired when I wrote it.
You are right--he is the mayor of Jerusalem not Israel
You contradict yourself. On one hand, you say its bad that he wants Jerusalem to remain undivided and on the other you say you want a unified Jerusalem for all. Kind of like it was before the second intifada.
I'm rather skeptical about the new Mayor. From what I've read about him, he sees Jerusalem as a "jewish capital" and not a multicultural, binational and multi-religious city. The whole debate surrounding its final status (united/divided, Israeli/Palestinian/Joint) is surely an important one. But I believe it is secondary to the real issue: the well-being of all its residents.
In my opinion, what Jerusalem (and the Middle East) needs is a Mayor who believes (and acts upon the idea) that Jerusalem belongs to all its inhabitants, and is equally important to the three Abrahamic faiths.

All that Nir Barkat seems to see in Jerusalem is the "eternal capital of Israel" (which is an important aspect, but only one of the aspects) of Jerusalem. And it it in the name of this principle that he has participated - and will undoubtedly keep participating - in policies of ethnic engineering... "a Jerusalem for its Jewish residents"... and all the other aspects are only acknowledged for strictly economical and touristic considerations (or "jewish security" issues).
Israel as a Jewish state has had one consistent feature: a policy of maximum geography with minimum (Palestinian) demography. Most of the lands are taken using all sorts of tricks such as
1) Supposed utilizing for public use (taken from Palestinians) and then reclassifying it residential for use by Jews
2) Combination of laws that prevent Palestinians from returning to their homes and lands in West Jerusalem while allowing Jewish "reclaiming" of any lands marginally connected to Jews and Judaism in East Jerusalem
3) Using existing public spaces to benefit Jews only
4) Economic and other pressures to force non-Jews to give up lands

Mayors have limited roles in these Israeli land policies. But they do have a role (e.g. in allocating municipal resources). Since Israel's illegal annexation of East Jerusalem, the various mayors have been more about implementing Zionist projects by thinning out the Palestinian population of Jerusalem and developing things to benefit Jews at the expense of the native Jerusalemite Christians and Muslims. The newly elected Mayor (elected in a divided city already since Arabs do not vote and do not recognize this unjust and illegal occupation) will not be any different in allocating resources and serving communities.

The 200,000 + Muslims and Christians do pay taxes yet, I urge every one of you to go drive through the neighborhoods in East and West Jerusalme to note the apartheid system in operation.



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