I am an active member in the Israeli Bridge Federation (IBF).
I am talking about the Bridge cards game.
The management of the IBF would like to organize some bridge activity with Palestinians. But I have no idea how can I reach Palestinian Bridge players.
Does someone know about any Palestinian Bridge Organization?



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Consider me an active member
i am ready
I serched the web and found that Wiki do not have arabic description of the game.
maybe we should create a game event .... it should be fun.

Hi Neri,

But for this we need Palestinian players, no?

By the way, I am trying these days to organize a bridge club in Kfar Kara - common to Israeli Jewish and Arabs. It will take time but can be wonderful.

Do you know bridge?


We do not need "Palestinians" ... we need to seek the Palestinians who are interested in such activity. we need to do something active, as you do when you publish this idea here.

I advise you to ask one of the Arabic speaker here to help you and publish invitation in Arabic. the idea to start with Kofor Kara is grate, and I invite you to use this network to get the word out.

( I am a "wist" player ... one day I get the time to enter the bridge world)
Hi Neri,

Let me explain the difference between what you are talking about and I was talking about till now, by giving an example from football world:
I was looking to organize a competition between two national level teams: Like Israeli National football team against Palestinian team... This would envolve the best players from both sides, and would have a high sportive value, in addition to the social value.
You are suggesting instead to organize a friendly football game between participants of this network. It is also great, but is different from what I meant.

Lets try to go on both directions:

First, if someone can still help me to find the ultimate palestinian bridge team... if there is anything like this (any bridge organization can do).. Please.

Second, I will open a group of bridge players, and will try to organize a bridge competition for our pleasure. Will have to see how to overcome geographical problems, but anyhow we can play in the web.

The Kfar Kara activity is different. Anyhow, when it becomes real, I will use this site to publish it, thank you:)

محاوله ممتازه وارجو ا النجاح فهي مهمه ليست بسيطه فالفلسطينيين مشغولي بتوفير الطعام وكذلك بالاستمتاع بوجود الاحتلال.
Iam not a bridge player nor Iam a palestinian. but what I can do? I am intrested to creat a real bridge between Muslim & Jews, Pakistan & Isreal. do you know any organization to induct me in to acheive PEACE.
Iam not a bridge player nor Iam a palestinian. but what I can do? I am intrested to creat a real bridge between Muslim & Jews, Pakistan & Isreal. do you know any organization to induct me in to acheive PEACE.
all or most of organizations in palestine are Bridges --- the game i dont ander stand whats is it>??
Here's a link you all might be interested in. It's about Jews and Arabs coming together to exchange ideas and relating to each other.
Well, looks you know about bridge most than all people here:):)
I understand already I will not find here what I was looking for.... Probably I will close the group soon. I still leave it open in hope someone that knows what I am looking for will appear:)

Thanks Basil, anyhow. And, if you have a chance, go and learn bridge that is a wonderful game:):)

Hi Basil:) Well, we took the backgammon from the Arabs, so maybe you take bridge:) Omar Sharif was a well known bridge player, and actually in bridge competitions you find representatives from arab countries:)
Anyhow, thanks for the good intentions. And I wish you happiness:):)




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