On May 15, 1948, an estimated 700,000 Palestinians were obliged to leave their homes and lands and hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated and destroyed. The Palestinians expelled and became refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and other parts of the world. Regardless the different points of view that say Palestinian refugees have the right to return to their homes or lands; or compensate them and allow them to live in West Bank or Gaza. Arabs say it is "Nakba Day" while Israelis celebrate it as the "Day of Independence" .. Most Israelis say "It is our promised land where God let us establish our state" while minority of Israelis recognize the suffering and injustice that the other side's people have experienced during 1948 til today.  

The Nakba should become important for all persons of good will, as an occasion for displays of solidarity .. Certainly the Nakba is a time of remembrance for the historic tragedy of expulsion, but it is equally a time of reflection on what might be done to stop the bleeding and to acknowledge and celebrate those who are brave enough to say "this far, and no further". 

I would like to raise a question here: 

Is May 15 a day of co-existence, unity and recognizing the other or a day of mixed feelings, national agendas and denying the other ? 

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Well, I would add that about the same amount of Jews were expelled from Arab countries do to the fact they were Jewish and due to the creation of teh state of Isreal.  The only diffrence is taht these refugees came to Israel and they were called brothers while Palestinian Arabs are the only refugees left from the 40's.  They are kept this way for political gain.

As per my comments above if May 15 would be to comemorate all teh refugees, I would understand but to focus on one side of teh conflict will not bring co-existance just stone, firebombs and murder.


Why would they choose Israels Independence day of all days. Because that day reminds them of their failure to kill the State of Israel. The catastrophe is an ofter thought that started in 1988 , a full 40 years when the Arabs finally realized that Israel is prospering and is here to stay.

They never wanted nor want a state now, but rather they covet what the Jews have- One Tin Soldier style.

"Nagba" amongst other things is just the "everyone one is guilty refrain even though the suffering is self inflicted"



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