On 16th February 2011, the MEPEACE board met in Jaffa to:

  • Update: review on 2010 and look ahead to 2011

  • Approve:  the non-profit's statements, activities and progress

  • Brainstorm:  together look ahead to our future: 3-5 years

Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

Here is the heart of our brainstorming (the document is attached here as well):

Eyal: Where do we want to see the Middle East 5 yrs from now? And where do we want to see MEPEACE 3-5 yrs from now?

David: My dream for MEPEACE – close down! No need for us!

Gershon: Maybe not. In 5 years will use MEPEACE to discuss culture, music….instead of politics.

My dream for the Middle East? A strong, stable, democratic Palestine next to a much more democratic Israel.

Vicki: Inspired by this month’s events, I dream of people making change, taking change into their own hands. MEPEACE can be a part of this, as Facebook has been integral to organising revolutions

Dalya: Take a train from Tel Aviv to Baghdad!

Freeman: Complete normalization with all the Arab states and Israel. End to military conscription. Technology is key. Through MEPEACE I met my first Arab and Palestinian friends, which wouldn’t have happened only online. Translation of literature between Arab and Israel states.

Bayan: Egypt shows we can free ourselves. It allows us to dream of the possibility. MEPEACE needs more exposure in Israel.

Eyal: An Israeli ambassador in all Arab countries. In the Knesset a clear voice that represents our dreams that sometimes we are afraid to voice. A clear Israeli voice. Israel officially taking responsibility for its history and its impact on Arab citizens and Palestinians. MEPEACE as a competitor for Facebook (Gershon – should be the 2nd page people open in the morning!) 5 yrs from now, MEPEACE as an interconnected world.

Chaya: Every end is a beginning. Challenge once the revolutionary force fades to find an incentive to coming together post conflict. MEPEACE may be even more relevant then, needs to be as inclusive as possible.

Eyal: Movement. We want to mobilize a movement to win hearts and minds of people. How can we play a role in helping a movement, a new party develop??

Gershon: Numbers count! Need to get more people on the site, if we want to make a movement. Interconnectivity. To get more people involved, needs to be linked to other msn, facebook etc. eg. Share articles from newspaper – get option to share on MEPEACE.

Chaya: you mentioned a movement, are we political?

Eyal: we are not political, right, left, etc. but need to think of where we are going.

David: Unique about MEPEACE – a web presence. MEPEACE exists primarily through the website, which is a shame, because websites are old. Need presence on youtube, facebook and twitter. All MEPEACE events should be facebook events. Recently, orgs don’t even need their own website.

Mossi: Average Israeli spends 1 hour on the internet daily – 14 mins facebook, 7 mins ynet…. How long on MEPEACE?!

Eyal: For the purpose of…? So we have a stronger media presence. What then? Movement – what does that mean to you? Does MEPEACE have a role in creating a new movement?

Vicki: The question is do we want to remain open as platform for inclusive discussion, or head in a direction that we decide?

Eyal: two goals: empower individuals and orgs and mobilize. Do you want to see us support a movement? Do you want to see us out on the street supporting hasmol haleumi?

Vicki: Yes!

Dalya: lots of people are out supporting. MEPEACE should be a place for any peace-promoting agenda. Trying to create a movement out of MEPEACE doesn’t match.

Gershon: During the Egypt uprising, where did we get info? Not on MEPEACE. Many people go tinfo via Facebook pages – dynamic source of dialogue and information.

Lemuel: About turning into a political movement. If you build a community where people can share their own ideas, and then impose own agenda.... best for MEPEACE to promote the importance of political involvement, lobbying, how to influence… Left parties are disappearing. MEPEACE’s role can be to advise, encourage, inform about the options…

Gershon: MEPEACE is not just Israeli and cannot support an Israeli political party.

Chaya: Pluses of the online community – value to anonymity. Plenty of other orgs to be active in the street, open to ideas without commitment. When Eyal gives interviews – personal opinion or representing MEPEACE?? Be careful about how representing MEPEACE. General message - get politically involved.

Eyal: diversity, encouragement, anonymity – help people get out in the streets, but don’t tell them where to go.

David: We are a platform. Like Google, youtube… The only things we don’t do is racism, pornography, incitement. No political line.

Lemuel: More advertisement for political activism.

Mossi: If we want to compete with facebook – it is a tool. No agenda. Facebook was the main tool used in Egypt. This is MEPEACE’s contribution to the Israeli-palestinian conflict, enable people to communicate and organize. Don’t need to have a line.

Freeman: great tool, it’s happening right now, meeting, exchanging ideas. MEPEACE is more real than facebook, greater trust, part of a community.

Chaya: what if MEPEACE was expanded not just to peace issues, food, culture, music…? Share recipes, cultural attractions. To learn about each other in real life, not just politics. Upload videoblogs…

David: Social tourism, peace tourism… ‘trips to the other side’

Dalya: needs to be more organized

Chaya: Could be organized by professions?

David: there were groups of professionals meeting before the intifada, psychologists, lawyers, accountants etc…

Eyal: transparency is very important, so this conversation will be put up on the site for all to see. These ideas are what generate practical action. Now I want to ask you for practical actions?

Bayan: Does MEPEACE has to be completely apolitical? Maybe there should be a line, a goal.

Dalya: MEPEACE is about the rules of engagement, the process, not the outcome.

Eyal: My idea is to take some sort of political stand. We have an asset, energy we can direct in a certain direction. We may be able to contribute, to support new movements,

Vicki: MEPEACE can be open and should have input from political events, and organizations/ parties but should be open to all of them.



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OK, thanks for letting me know your position, Oliver.  That said, I'm not sure that I can add any value as a Brit who's seen the situation first hand in Bethlehem.  I will let my second book do the talking for me, I think!


Every blessing in your work though

Facebook is a neutral online only social network platform that can be used by all types of people/groups for various purposes.  The fact that facebook played such an important role in the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt was probably a result of the fact other media channels in those areas of the world were limited or censored. Mepeace, on the other hand, has a purpose - to provide an online social platform for peacemakers in the middle east and around the world, and it has an agenda - to promote peace in the middle east.  Unlike facebook and other social platforms, Mepeace actively organizes online and on the ground events.  Those who seek other peace movements can find links to movements and events on mepeace.  With respect to political involvement, I think there is a lot of value to remaining "apolitical."  Once you associate yourself with one party or another, you may be "turning off" certain individuals from participating and enjoying the platform.  I like the idea of organizing professional groups within mepeace, for example, Mepeace Lawyers, Mepeace Doctors, etc.  I also think that Peace Tourism has enormous potential.  On a personal note, it has been a great comfort to me to be able to find and connect with other peacemakers on mepeace.  I have found the other members of mepeace to be a source of hope and inspiration.  If the consensus is that Mepeace must take a political stand, I would suggest considering adopting the agenda of One Voice, an Israeli - Palestinian political movement that supports a two state solution.
a "Like" to you, Rachel. :)
I like the idea of discussing culture and music, as well as politics.

Inbal, I am not so confident you really do see things from Basil's perspective since you are still protesting he fails to see your view.

Everything is interconnected, and until you see the connecting bridge, you have nothing but your own perspective.

Is there something in particular that you would like me to appreciate?

My family has a connection to Jerusalem, and I am familiar with much of the early history of Zionism. I am Christian by culture, but I believe all religions are equal in what they have to offer spiritually.

I think the way this discussion has developed shows a lot about the conflict and the difficulty in bridging the gap between the sides.  The mepeace platform provides an opportunity for people on both sides to explain their point of view, however as Sussan said, until each of us is willing to see the connecting bridge, i.e. put themselves in the shoes of the other and really try to understand how this effects their life, it will be difficult to bridge the gap.  In my view one of the basic tenants of a just society is the need to respect people's basic rights.  Human rights, civil rights, property rights.  How can Israel expect to live in peace with its neighbors if it insists on taking Palestinian property?
Well said, Rachel and Sussan.

You're soone-sided in your approach, so continually one-sided, even if your contentions are accurate, Basil.  You say nothing about the devastating effects of Arab terrorism on Israelis.  How come?  You write as if only Palestinian Arabs have been injured in these ordeals.  And then, you act as if you are committed to peace.  Doesn't look that way to me.  It appears you are really only wishing to put forth your (very biased) view of this conflict.  So, immediately, I end up lacking faith in you and your intentions.



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