The MEPEACE Magazine is published here for the first time - offering an inside look into our successes and dreams for the future. We are guided by our belief in transparency and the need to openly share our dreams in order to realize them together. We welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

Please find attached the full document - serving three purposes: 

  1. Annual Report – Summing up the the year that was (2010) and looking ahead
  2.  Business Plan – professional presentation of the possibilities and needed resources
  3. MEPEACE Magazine - The very 1st presentation of MEPEACE as a magazine

I. Annual Report

Cover - logo
Introduction - about the Magazine
Annual Report - who we are, online - by numbers
Impact - objectives and aims, building on successes
Media - coverage received in 2010  
Transformation - what it is and how it works
Communication, Volunteering and Values - details
Annual Awards - All the MEPEACE Award winners  

II. Business Plan


INTERACT - Exemplify peace. Teams: Administer, Dialogue, Volunteers, Moderation, Technology 
INFORM - Online Resource Center. Teams: Document, Calendar, Links, Resources, Information
INSPIRE - Leveraging Internet. Teams: Facebook, Arabic, Events, Media, Special
SUSTAIN - Build Capacity. Teams: Organization, Funding, Strategy, Leadership, Alliances
BONUS - Movement Building. Teams: Communication, Leaders, House-to-House, Online, Secure 
CONTRIBUTE - How you can contribute to MEPEACE


Eyal Raviv
US: +1-212-825-3688
Israel: +972-52-688-2828


PS. All support is welcome - to support the work of MEPEACE, see: 


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Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are welcome here.

Thanks for this Eyal.  And all the best with your time in the States.  It would be good in future editions to include photos of mepeace cafe events or any physical dialogues, exposure trips that occur through mepeace on the ground. And like Basil suggested examples of how stories of how mepeace has impacted people's perceptions of 'the other'.  


It might also be good to identify challenges of mepeace online discussion eg issues of member fatigue; high membership turnover, recruitment of volunteers/moderators.   For example there might be a section on 'Ongoing challenges' and 'Successfully meeting challenges faced by mepeace'.  [Causes of fatigue may relate to time limitations, frustration in online discussion, the lack of resolution on key issues (apart from the general issue we all want peace and we should not stereotype) and the need by members to repeat themselves again and again to a new audience.]  As you rightly know these challenges present great opportunities to build peace with the right approach and open hearts.


Thanks again.

Great idea. Absolutely, we will include positive stories in a future magazine. Peace.

thank you my friend for your extra efforts to enhance the principles of peace ,mutual understanding, and co-exictance will all nationas around in particualar in Middle East , and I highly appreciate your efforts and it'll be great opporunity to be with your programs and evets around the world.

so, I'd like to tell to u that I have an idea to develope this magzine which is talking a bout and covering real peace and mutual understanding stoies from Plaestien and Isreal. and it'll be better if we focus on peace agreements in the Middle East.

secondly,my other idea is to conduct a Peace Education Trainign for MEPEACE members in oder to developing our peace skills and how to deal with violance by peacfuly approcach, reallly, I 'm so interesed in somethign like that al least we looking for Peace Education and Conflicat Managment Projects ,by the way ,as well as my mission in Gaza to work hard for peace ,and to this end I'll write my proposal for peace education training if you interest.

thank you again, and I'm gonaa reading the magazine .

I'm looking forward to hearing from you ,plz

love and peace form Gaza!! 

Dear Eyal, thank you so much for your extra efforts to enahnce the peace and mutual understanding w brothers, and I highly appreciate what did you doing right now there in USA seeking for more solidarity with peace process and fundrising for our events in the ground.
So, I'd like to tell you that I'm writing to express my greeting and pleausre about the 1st MEPEACE Magazine .to be honest, I couldn't went out untill I finished reading the magazine,it's really impressive.
again,Tahnk you again, and I'm looking forward to hearinmg from you ,please
love and peace from Gaza!!



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