MEPEACE Meeting - 13 June - Full transcript for discussion

On last Sunday, 13 June, pioneered in holding a meeting on the ground and online (in the MEPEACE Chat) at the same time. We are now proud to present the documentation of this successful event, which was shaped not only by a summary of the years 2009 and 2010 (so far), but also, most importantly, by our lively discussions around the future of


MEPEACE is undergoing a crucial transformation, and the Meeting helped us to get ready for the challenges ahead. [For more about's Transformation, see:]


Below you will find the start of the transcript of the MEPEACE Meeting. Ning only allows a limited amount of text to be placed in the discussion body. The full transcript is available in the attached PDF. Please have a look and download.


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MEPEACE Annual Meeting on 13 June in Yafo and

Full transcript

The meeting started at 20.00 Jerusalem time and ended at 21.30.

Eyal Raviv: Welcome everybody to our mepeace annual meeting!

Eyal Raviv: this is the 1st time we are bringing together people online and on the ground

Eyal Raviv :1st we are going to have a review of 2009 and 2010, then a presentation of 'transformation', then a discussion about our future

Eyal Raviv: we will integrate the people on the ground in Yafo and around the world

Eyal Raviv: first some introductions

Eyal Raviv: can you please introduce yourself, name and where you're from

mjd1982: Mohsin

mjd1982: from the UK, coming to Israel/Palestine later this week for 2-3 mths

Eyal Raviv: we'll start with the people here in Jaffa

Eyal Raviv: Barak Raviv, Eyal's twin brother, my first event was September 11th, here to learn about the future of mepeace

Eyal Raviv: Matt Gordner, grad student studying peace and conflict, from Toronto

Eyal Raviv: Itamar Ronen, here because of Matt and also to listen

Eyal Raviv: majored in conflict management

Eyal Raviv: Narine from Petach Tikva, Israel

Eyal Raviv: I'm an interviewer, interested in people and life...

Eyal Raviv: Chaya Singer, South African living in Tel Aviv

Eyal Raviv: people as human beings getting to know each other beyond the conflict

Eyal Raviv: Lemuel from St Petersburg, Russia, originally

Eyal Raviv: I really believe in this organisation

Eyal Raviv: in our activities to bring even small change, bringing people together

Eyal Raviv: Costa Grossman, video producer, live in Tel Aviv

Eyal Raviv: develop some concepts about peacemaking thru video

Eyal Raviv: I'm here because I believe in peace initiatives

Eyal Raviv: Costa is also taking pics tonight

Eyal Raviv: My name is Eyal Raviv, and I believe that peace is possible. I created mepeace as a place for people to network

Eyal Raviv: 3 aims: 1. to exemplify peace, 2. to empower individuals and organisations and 3. to leverage the web and mobilise a movement for peace

Basil Keilani: yes

Eyal Raviv: we are now introducing in Yafo who is online

Oliver Haack: Thank you for all your lovely introductions.. I'm Oliver, from Germany.. ready to answer questions online if needed.. the MEPEACE Meeting is quite an experiment as we're both online and on the ground

Basil Keilani: Thank you, Eyal, for that.

Basil Keilani: Yes, it's a work of art to connect on-line to off-line.

Oliver Haack: Could everybody please write a short introduction? Who are you, where from?

Basil Keilani: Yes, I am Basil Keilani. I am a long time member, moderator, a friend.

Basil Keilani: A Palestinian-American, a person who was a Palestinian activist.

Basil Keilani: trying to promote understanding and language outreach and communication

Basil Keilani: (Enough there)

Eyal Raviv: thanks

Basil Keilani: You are more than welcome.

Basil Keilani: James, could you give a word?

James S. Oppenheim: Maryland USA; blogger; looking into anti-Semitic expression.

James S. Oppenheim: Was that too many words?

Basil Keilani: James, and peace, mepeace?

Basil Keilani: James, what is that we can do with mepeace for you and us?

James S. Oppenheim: Peace comes with honesty and integrity and with compassion and empathy.

Basil Keilani: Very nice and true.

James S. Oppenheim: We learn to work on one another's problems.

Basil Keilani: Mutually therapeutic, yes

Eyal Raviv: 2009 we had a big year

Basil Keilani: 2009 elaborate please on the events

Eyal Raviv: we started online but we are aiming to bring people together

Basil Keilani: and their significance

Basil Keilani: Eyal, what was the most satisfying on the ground?

Eyal Raviv: events in 2009 were in Beit Jalla, Washington DC, Cleveland

Eyal Raviv: we had a Peace Café last year during the war in Gaza. We also had 11 Peace Talks events

Basil Keilani: A hard time and amazing to do

Eyal Raviv: the most exciting event was the Interfaith Dinner on September 11th last year

Basil Keilani: Eyal, how was it reaching out to people across faiths?

Basil Keilani: was it easy to find common ground?

Tanya Kasim: Wow! I would have liked to have participated in it.

Eyal Raviv: it was very special since it honoured both jewish and muslim faith. we got good media coverage

Eyal Raviv: we were also very proud of 1st mepeace awards this year

Tanya Kasim: Excellent!

Basil Keilani: In Judaism and Islam, they both say if you save one person, it's like saving the whole world.

Eyal Raviv: Oliver was recognised for his leadership along with some other peacemakers

Tanya Kasim: This is excellent!

Basil Keilani: Peace is an obligation

Tanya Kasim: It is, indeed.

James S. Oppenheim: A bit "Tikkun Olem" to that!

Eyal Raviv: 800.000 page visits last year

Eyal Raviv: Figures show people are using the platform

Eyal Raviv: people came to mepeace from over 200 countries round the world

Tanya Kasim: That's great, guys!

Lemuel Melamed: HI

Eyal Raviv: last year we had an even distribution of Israelis and Palestinians.

Tanya Kasim: Hi, Lemuel

Basil Keilani: When should we have more introductions like of Lemuel or Tanya?

Eyal Raviv: we want to enable people to meet online - sunday nights we have a Chat Workshop, led by Oliver

Oliver Haack: Basil, we had Lemuel's intro already

Basil Keilani: good

Tanya Kasim: I visited mepeace earlier this year!

Eyal Raviv: we also started a Skype Conference Call for Compassion

Basil Keilani: Tanya, I am glad you came.

Tanya Kasim: I'm glad I came, too, Basil.

Basil Keilani: I have not been to the call for compassion.

Basil Keilani: I am not very familiar with it.

Eyal Raviv: 2010 - our highlight so far was the Peace Café on March 26th

Eyal Raviv: Peace Cafés in Beit Jalla bring together Israelis and Palestinians. One of the only places both can physically meet.

Tanya Kasim: I've seen pictures on it on Facebook.

Eyal Raviv: Costa produced a video on the Peace Café

Eyal Raviv: This is great for getting the message out across the world

Eyal Raviv: the Chat Workshops have continued this year, we have held 12 so far

Tanya Kasim: I haven't been to Palestine at all.

Basil Keilani: Tanya, you should go. It's lovely.

Eyal Raviv: Subjects have included media, arts, education and civil society

Eyal Raviv: We have had 8 Conference Calls for Compassion, the next will be on June 30th

Tanya Kasim: We sure have held 12 so far. Palestine is where my paternal grandfather was born.

Eyal Raviv: We had a Leadership Seminar, 2 meetings, with Palestinians and Israelis

Tanya Kasim: Arts and education are very important in a civil society.

Basil Keilani: Education is key

Tanya Kasim: definitely

Basil Keilani: It helps teach about similarities and differences and bridge for understandings

Eyal Raviv: Just a bit more of where we have got until now, then we will have a discussion.

Basil Keilani: What kind of education?

Eyal Raviv: Since mepeace started we have had 400.000 visits and almost 2 million page views

Inbal Cohen: Basil and Tanya - patience!

Eyal Raviv: It's Dror's birthday and we interrupt this review to sing him Happy Birthday!!

Basil Keilani: Happy Birthday

Tanya Kasim: Happy Birthday!

Eyal Raviv: Next month we celebrate 3 years of mepeace

Tanya Kasim: great!

Eyal Raviv: People have visited mepeace from 15.000 cities around the world!

Eyal Raviv: Most visitors come from USA, Israel, Palestine, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Jordan, Italy, France, and many more

Tanya Kasim: Fantastic!!!

Eyal Raviv: That was a summary to see where we are today


......this is not all!!! The full transcript is available in the attached PDF


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Looking forward to your feedback.
a little bit pushing to go forward:
The amazing power of social networks and how they shape our lives
I didn't read the full transcript yet, but have enjoyed this part of it. It feels like a meeting of a group of people with a common subject to discuss. The session brings together people from all over the world to be talking to each other. That feels so good. The combination of on- line and ground is superb.

Narine, unfortunately I am not able to watch the video, it is stopping every other minute - my pc, fault I guess.

now - to the pdf...



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