Chat 03 Jan - After-event discussion - Media's effects on society as an opinion-molder

Hi Peacemakers!

from now on, we (the MEPEACE Dialogue Team, that is Cigdem Yilmazer, Jessica de Souza and myself) will, after each chat workshop (a new kind of event taking place every second Sunday), open a dedicated 'after-event discussion' in order to give the workshop participants and other interested members the chance to elaborate on their points raised during the workshop, share new ideas on the respective topic with others, and discuss with others about the topic.

Information about our event which successfully took place on 03 Jan can be found here:

The leading questions were:

1 Why do 'we' believe the media? Can we all 'really' make up our own minds instead?

2 To what extent are 'traditional' media losing their important role? What can 'we' do to involve everybody (including those who believe in traditional media alone) in dialogue? How can we most effectively use Web 2.0 applications?

During the 90 minutes of live discussion, the ten participants plus moderators already addressed these questions to a large extent. However, feel free to add anything here. But please stick to the topic:

Media's effects on society as an opinion-molder

The Dialogue Team won't interfere in this discussion, however, take into account that 'normal' moderation (as in every other discussion) applies - so please observe the Guidelines.

This discussion will be open for replies and comments until Saturday, 16 January, the day before the next Chat, at Sunday, 17 January. There will only be one 'open' after-event discussion at one time.

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I belive in modern ways of Media. People nowadays can use their mobiles to record video and put it in youtube. Most of the channels on tv now depend on the pictures. Take the Iranian protests as an examplel, the Iranian government prevents Media from making reports and taking pictures for the protests. So some people use their mobiles to record video and show what happened in the streets. Many chanels like: Aljazeera and Al-Arabiya broadcast these videos regardless of picture quality.
Up until next Saturday evening, everyone (including the non-participants) is still invited to have a look at our topic and share ideas on 'new vs old media' in this 'after-event discussion'.

In order for all of you to grasp what exactly we were talking about last week, and how the discussion went, I attached the summary of the chat workshop (in PDF format). Enjoy!



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Yousef Aburaiya posted a status
"im looking for friends at usa"
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Yousef Aburaiya posted a status
"im looking for friends at usa"
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