Chat 28 Mar - After-event discussion - Buildings and Monuments as Symbols of Exclusion, Separation and Conflict ?

Dear Peacemakers!

After each Chat Workshop (a new kind of event taking place every second Sunday in Chat), we (the MEPEACE Dialogue Team, that is Cigdem Yilmazer, Jessica de Souza, Johanna Silverthorne and myself) open a dedicated 'after-event discussion', in order to give the workshop participants and other interested members the chance to elaborate on their points raised during the workshop, share new ideas on the respective topic with others, and discuss with others about the topic.

Information about our event which successfully took place on 28 March can be found here:

Please also have a look at the attached written summary (PDF) of the workshop!

The leading questions were

Why do we tend to talk more about similarities/differences instead of figuring out ways to live together? What is the role of (physical) symbols in that?


Why is it so important to show 'others' that 'we' are different?

During the 90 minutes of live discussion, the various participants, together with the moderators, already addressed these questions to a large extent. However, feel free to add anything here. But please stick to the topic


Buildings and monuments as symbols of exclusion, separation and conflict ?

The Dialogue Team won't interfere in this discussion - however, take into account that 'normal' moderation (as in every other discussion) applies - so please observe the Guidelines.

This discussion will be open for replies and comments until Saturday, 10 April, the day before the next Chat, on Sunday, 11 April. Hence, there will therefore only be one 'open' after-event discussion at any one time.

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Well done. Thanks to Oliver and Cigdem who moderated this chat workshop. I enjoyed being there.
Thanks Waleed & Eyal!
Hi, Oliver. How are you? I'm sorry I missed this past Sunday's chat about signs and symbols. I think we think it's important to show people that we're different to some extent. For example, we like to think we're better at treating people with respect and dignity than other people are. The truth is, we're not really better or worse than others when it comes to inclusion of people who have different views on any subject. As for buildings and monuments, it depends on whom those buildings or monuments intend to separate from us and how we benefit from them. Buildings are designed to shelter people and sometimes to imprison them.
I really enjoyed this talk!



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