Many people claim that the Palestinian vote for Hamas that led to them taking the most seats in the Palestinian parliament was evidence that Palestinians didn't want peace, nevermind that Israel voted for Ariel Sharon who used words like, "We'll bomb the Palestinians to the negotiating table" and is said by Arab-Israeli to have committed horrible acts at Qibya and Kafr Qassem decades ago and horrible acts were said to be connected to his army in the Lebanon.  Nevermind that...

                   The majority of Palestinians voted for parties other than Hamas to the tune of 56%. Only 44% voted for Hamas.  What happened? The PLO was disorganized and fielded more than one candidate, they were in-fighting and a weak PLO by the time of 2006, not surprising after Sharon and others hammered the PA so badly and there was an emerging split between the new guard of FATAH and the old one.  So even in a district where more people voted for FATAH, if they had more than one candidate, Hamas would win. 

               Also, many of those who voted for Hamas did so because they objected to PA corruption.  Many of them also voted because they were frustrated with the occupation. Many of the voters were not rejecting peace...


According to a JMCC poll,, of Palestinians who voted for Hamas:

· 43% stated they did so to end corruption and another 7.5% to stop Fatah’s control over the government

· 18.8% for religious reasons

· 11.8 % voted because of its political agenda, and

· 10.7% did so with the hope to see better living conditions.




My comments about these statistics (Basil):


It is clear that not even half of those who voted for Hamas did so out of ideological reasons.



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Basil of course Israel is more evil. but now what?

Israel is wrong its the worst country in the world !!

But now hamas is in power in Gaza and Hamas and Fatah are at war and there is no palestinian government.

Can you say a world about forcing you leaders to make peace with them selves? just so the Palestinians will have a government...

I don't think people understand, but in Israel everybody getting ready. the chief of stuff is preparing the public to a war that will reach tel aviv. can you imagine if a rocket ill hit tel aviv what will happen in Gaza?

if people will not start talking seriously we will be in real troubles.



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