Moderator Note: Shalom Ben Israel & Kawthar N Abu-Rajab

Corey Gil-Shuster 7 hours ago
Hi Kawthar, Mepeace is a site from all political, social, nationistic and religious perspectives. This includes the zionist perspective. Can you make a statement or ask a question that doesn't attack? I am sure we can have a rational and postive discussion with consructive exchange of ideas. In the long run, this is what will bring peace to both peoples.

Reply by Shalom Ben Israel 4 hours ago


Is that not interesting That Kawthar, Ayman abdeen and Luc manage to espouse their pure unadulterated hatred of Israel and denial that Jews even exist while plying their racism here on a so called peace site. While I have been "frozen" simply for defending Jews like you and Israel against these people while you hide behind some code of democratic moral equivalent.

Do Jews on this site hate themselves and the circumstances of their birth so much that they are prepared to take any and all abuse for the sake of a semblance of peace that would not be worth the paper it is written on and would in fact mean the obliteration of the Jewish State of Israel.

The fact is that there is not that many of these type of Jew and you can probably count them on both hands and feet and cannot even get enough people to sing Kumbaya , at least not in unison.

We do have a government in power that will not allow your kind of peace to take root and I thank the Israeli electorate for that. They seem to have an aversion to suicide.

So please continue on your merry way and please do humoutr these extremists on the Arab side as that is as far as it will get.

My voice may be silenced through being frozen or banned but the Israeli electorate cannot be silences by any of you no matter how highly or seriously you take yourselves.

Reply by Kawthar N Abu-Rajab 3 hours ago
I am pleased that such people like you (shalom) are here to show us the vast majority of the Israeli electorate that you thank. The Israeli electorate said its word and there is no need for peace but the full version of Israel including, of cource, Moaab, ie, every peace of land your ancestors stole from Canaan

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Shalom Ben Israel seems to be Lovey reincarnated (or someone else who was banned). Kawthar N Abu-Rajab is being almost as inappropriate and taking Shalom's bait.

This site is for respectful discussion (from any political perspective). If you can't be respectful of other's views even if you very much disagree with them (as we all do alot of the time), this isn't the site for you and I would ask you to leave. As one of the moderators and as someone who really believes that respectful communication is incredibly important for finding solutions, if you can't act like rational adults, you will be thrown out. However, I believe that this site's value is having a variety of opinions and views and I actually want to hear from the two above people on the opposite side of the spectrum but I want to hear constructive dialogue so we can learn from it. I hope you both accept my challenge and add something postive to this site.
Corey: Is "Kawthar N Abu-Rajab ... [REALLY] ... being almost as inappropriate ... [as] ... Shalom"?

Almost? Come on! Contex? Perspective?

If the moderating team were to be consistent, Kawthar N Abu-Raja would already be undead now.

we are a team and our goal is to enable people express themselves; some people when they are first join mepeace may be "protective" of one of the side, this is the case of Kawthar N Abu-Rajab and Shalom Ben Israel .

We discuss the issues and decide of how to balance this extremists views. we do effort not to ban nor freeze with our mind to keep discussion flowing and as in this post expose what people should avoid.

This is a voluntary effort to enable you to discuss the real issues of the conflict and find partners for creating activities that support change.

So please, focus on substance, and if you see ant comment that is not appropitae, please click the link at th bottom of any page "Report an Issue"
Let us be quite truthful here . The Arabs calling themselves Palestinians were and never will be a Nation.The Syrians have said that as well as their own clan leaders.They are a modern invention by the descendants of squatters who were not supposed to be there but for the grace of Jewish returnees and the connivance of the British.

This is in fact the real issue of the conflict. A people that did not exist or had any historic ties to the land wants to steal it from its Jewish owners. History and the League of Nations mandate for Palestine says that..
I would say two things on this:

The point of this site is respectful dialogue and creating understanding. A person's views or opinions (as long as they are not racist, bigoted, etc.) are fine even when I don't like their views. It is how we speak to each other that is more important. If someone comes on this site to attack and blame, this is not the place for them.

I believe everyone wants peace. Everyone. Hamas, religious settlers, everyone. It is how they define peace that dictates where they fall in this spectrum. I personally think that this site has to include the entire spectrum of opinions (other than purely racist ones) if the person is willing to dialogue respectfully. So I actually wish people with the above views would stay but change their way of speaking.

On peace sites dissent is not tolerated and just like in communist democracies there is a single Language stream and a single ideology that is tolerated. There can be dissent only in that one can heap more or less praise on both the system and the leadership as well as the ideology.

I have reread all of Lovey's posts and other than a point of view that is different there is no racism, bigotry or foul language. She does in fact point out and show that her point of view is part and parcel of a large majority of Jews in Israel and in the diaspora.

She was in fact thrown out simply for not towing the party line here and that seems to be the Arab view of Jews, Israel and the conflict. If Jews want to sympathize with that view than they either present all the facts or be open to personal criticism for a one sided and innacurate rendition of any event.

Can you people not understand that Jews of any stripe will eventually tire of that type of abuse and will reply with language that is not what they would ordinarily use.
I agree with Mordy and disagree with the moderator's "court."

OTOH I appreciate the fact that the active moderators are trying to be transparent and consistent.
Hi Basil,

Kawthar's parlance does NOT "sound rather anti-Jewish". It is balatant and obviuous.

In addition, her "Sorry again and again, I am soooooooooooo peaceful and would accept to be raped by any "peaceful" settler" is provocative wishful thinking and a projection of racial stereotypes. For more, see

OTOH we need to reminded It is with such people that we need to (to try to) make peace. For that, I thank Kawthar.
yes cyber space is large...
I am sorry to say Kawthar that I doubt that any self-respecting Muslim Woman would write the way you do. And so yoiu proibably are not who you say you are

I wiil not waste more of my time..



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