Natural Peacetours عن اقامة رحلة استجمام واسكتشاف الى تل ابيب وحيفا وعكا ، داخل اسرائيل يوم الجمعة الموافق 25/6/2010.

Natural Peacetours

تعلن رحلات السلام الطبيعية- عن اقامة رحلة استجمام واسكتشاف الى تل ابيب وحيفا وعكا ، داخل اسرائيل يوم الجمعة الموافق 25/6/2010.

حيث تشمل اصدار تصريح لدخول اسرائيل والمواصلاتمن المعبر الى المعبر والدخوليات تكلفه الرحله 300 شيكل كل من يرغب التسجيل ثائر ابو منشار على الرقم 0599962127 فواز النتشه 0598906709 -0568664989

8-6-2010   علما ان اخر يوم للتسجيل هو يوم الثلاثاء الموافق

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The idea is to provide a tourist experience for people, Natural Peace Tours provide the services to get the permit plan the tour and arrange the comfort of the customers but for us this is not "Palestinians" these are customers who get the service the deserve and we support them to enjoy the day.

check the photos here
Natural Peace Tours does not think in "conflict terms" we think of human experience term and we want to provide the best experience for the people who decided to spend their day of vocation with us.

This is a different approach then many "Peace activists" and it is build on Palestinians and Israelis who work together with "business" and "service" mind as it should be in the future of peace we all desire.

we have tours to Tiberia, Akka, Haifa, Tel-Aviv, el hama sorriya, and we provide service to groups and individuals of Palestinians only. all our work is legal and we measure our success with the income Palestinian get from this activity that injected back into the Palestinian economy.

the face book is open only for Palestinians and Arab speakers.
we do not address any political issue, we do not discuss it and do not try to make any political statement. we provide human experience with what exist in our reality we respect all interpretations as private.

photos from the tours
Neri, very much glad to see the natural peace tour here at mepeace.
This is a serious project, a deep sense of...
سعيد لرؤية السلام في جولة الطبيعية mepeace

Soon again I will be with you all
this is an unusual pleasure to relax and walks in nature, the sea and the vision so unusual, it seems we are opening a new world.

Basil, see here more

Tel-Aviv, Train, Haifa, Akko

Tiberias, the Jordan River and the Syrian-Hamma

oh gosh,,,,,,,what a pictures,,,,what a videos,,,, what a nice natural tours,,,,, i wanna join soon soon



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