New Egyptian Legislation AIms to Disenfranchise Egyptians and their Children Who are Married to Israelis

From the New Zealand Herald:

Egyptians married to Israelis may lose citizenship
10:45AM Thursday May 21, 2009
By Salah Nasrawi

An Egyptian lawyer has won a case seeking the implementation of an old law which would see Egyptians who are married to Israelis lose their citizenship. Photo / SuppliedCAIRO - An Egyptian attorney has won a suit calling for the implementation of an old law stripping the citizenship from Egyptians married to Israelis, and from their children.

It is not clear if the government will actually implement the law, however.

The case underlines the deep animosity many Egyptians still hold toward Israelis, despite a peace treaty signed between the two countries 30 years ago.

The court's decision on Tuesday also scores a point for Egyptian hard-liners who have long resisted any improvement in ties with Israel since the signing of the 1979 peace treaty.

Lawyer Nabih el-Wahsh, who petitioned the court to implement a law pre-dating the treaty, told The Associated Press the ruling was a "triumph of Egyptian patriotism".

AdvertisementThe court said the measures would "avert potential damage to the country's national security," the state news agency reported, but it was unclear how the ruling could be enforced or how many Egyptians it would apply to.

El-Wahsh claimed there are about 30,000 Egyptians married to Israelis - whether Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs or Palestinians with Israeli passports - with possibly "tens of thousands of children by now".

The Egyptian government has not released any figures. The Egyptian consulate in Israel said the issue was too sensitive to comment, while Israeli officials could not be reached for comment.

An Interior Ministry official in Cairo, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to the media, said Egypt doesn't have specific figures because most of the Egyptians in question actually live in Israel.

The official added that he believed el-Wahsh's numbers are "exaggerated".

There is no indication that the Interior Ministry will adhere to the court's decision, but el-Wahsh said he would pursue the case and sue the interior minister for contempt of court if there was no action.

El-Wahsh has gained notoriety in Egypt for an incessant stream of law suits over morality and patriotism against movie directors, screenwriters and even Queen Elizabeth II and Saddam Hussein. Most were thrown out.

In 2005, former Grand Mufti Nasr Farid Wasel issued a religious edict, or fatwa, saying Muslim Egyptians may not marry Israeli nationals, "whether Arab Muslim or Christian".

The possibility of a Jewish spouse was not mentioned.

Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the Grand Sheikh of Cairo's Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam's premier institution and oldest university, has said that while marriage between an Egyptian man and an Israeli woman is not religiously forbidden, the government has the right to strip the man of his citizenship for marrying a woman from "an enemy state".

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It's a very discriminating law.

Yaari, do you know, please how many marriages are between Israeli Arabs and Jews? Are there some?
Dana, according to the Jerusalem Post, there are 30,000 Egyptian citizens married to israelis.

There is no reference to whether they are Jewish, Arab Christian, or Arab Muslim.
But i would like to know whether Israeli Arabs marry Israeli Jews and vice versa.
From what i can see on this side of the hemesphere, there are quite a few mixed marriages in Israel. It isn't very "acceptable" but it does happen. Interestingly, the man is Arab and the woman- Jewish. I havent seen it the other way around.. Yet. :)
The reason, "Smadar," is called "Discrimination."

Discrimination against women. Women do not have the right to choose their mate.
Only men do. Women are family property.

Discrimination against Jews, who are apparently only good enough to be mothers, but not fathers; and whose culture exists only to be abandoned, never to be embraced.

(Unless someone else knows a better reason...)
Hi Adena, i like your nursery school.
Blacks and whites in U.S. aren't so segregated and in Czechia there is plenty of mixed marriages of all kind (ratial and religious). I think Czechs have a big proclivity to hybridism :-)
Do something with it :-)
Muslim society doesn't tolerate its women marrying men of other religions/ nationalities.

I have actually met Israeli Druze who married Jewish women and converted to Judaism.

Here in California marriage between Latinos and Anglos is very common and it is creating a hybrid American of the twenty-first cengtury.



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