Dear members of mepeace

I want to ask u to share your opinion on this the new serial in Turkey.
Specialy to my palestinian friends.
I think its very bad for peace and will create more hate.
Wat do you think???

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Our international Tv TRT to put on broadcoast new serial name is 'Ayrılık' ıt means; seperation! I didnt see ıt but in the discuss ıg programm they showed the fragman. It's also content the Israel's soldiers shoot the lıttle girl who is in the street and smiling to soldiers. At that time little girl and soldiers come , face to face and smiling again and he looked after he shooted her! not good image for the humanity! I dont want beleıve and I dont want to be a real! Becasue anybody musnt and cant do any armless people.But ı spoke some persons tehy hate thıs and got a bad ıdea for Israel's solders you must know! And they said ıf it 's true İsrael's people always want to war! so my people dont know ıs thıs real or not !!!U have to show the reals and must explain how much u want the peace! people always beleıve ın Turkey; Palestına's peoples dont have any publish security. And we can show on tv all Palestıne daıly lıfe also but we cant see any more about Israel so they cant separatıng what's the dıfferenteor real on your daıly lıfe?I beleıve ıf the polıtıc groups can beat retrait and two sided of public come together verythıng ll be solve.u can be the same way and live together.Also your relegions is different but u come from same culture,land!,folk! I'm sure that any soldier dont shoot any civilization!! It musnt true!!! Please come together and bawl we re a brotherly and can be lıve together!!!I beleıve we can do thıs! gıve me your hands and bawl with me!!!
Yes, it's certainly "bad for peace and will create more hate". It helps fostering separation and mutual misunderstanding in a time in which the opposite must prevail.

But, on the other hand, the border between what we regard as a 'tolerable media broadcast' and what not is not rigid, and mainly set by our own mindsets and (public and social) discourses. Israel, or the Israeli political elite, including right-wing zealots such as Lieberman, and the more moderate president Peres, feel offended (as Israel does so often when 'outsiders' criticize it) - however, the question is this Israeli stance justified?

In the same sense, Muslims (all over the world) feel offended due to the publication of Mohammad cartoons and other assumed attacks against Islam. To extend this to the 'national' level - and you as a Turkish citizen might be aware of this - Turkey, for instance, has a law against disparagement of 'Turkishness' (the author and Nobel Prize laureate Orhan Pamuk has been one of the most prominent 'victims' of this law).

Provocations are and have always been a daily element of the media and the creative arts. But it's not the authors, journalists, or filmmakers who convert their provocations into political crises. It's the political and/or religious camps - following often unwritten guidelines about 'raison d'etre' of their particular nation-state or religious doctrine - that do this.
Dear mepeace members

I find the serial Ayrilik show us Israelis like we totally have no heart,and our army kills childeren and woman like that!
If it was like this god forbit i would not live in Israel!
Many times i ask people about peace here in Ashdod i am proud to say most of people want peace.
But now other coutries want to create more hate.
The even dont now the truth,never been in the area so based on wat the make a serial?
Media based using as a propaganda tool is extremely powerful. The point is in the direction of the writer. Who wrote the piece and what other articles did this indivual write. The "Hate," has been instilled for a long time. Our varied governments have the control to brainwash or allow our cultures to see the correct information. Those who take time to open their eyes which on the main side are few. Many people will follow the hate because bad is interesting. It funnels curosity and fuels fires. Gives people something to gossip about. Find the writer and demand a retraction. send many to the individual who has decided it is a good idea to hurt others. Let the owner of the TV network know that you are part of a peace action group representing the equality of both sides and would like a formal view of the truth. Don't take no for an answer.

Political parties don't always tell you the truth behind the real truth to what they plan to accomplish.

The best way to combat hate it to continue to work within program and structure.
Dear Cigdem,

I was really affraid for this and its coming true.
Turkey was always a verry neutral country but is become very fanatic the last years.
Cigdem i can asure you that all that serial is based on lies.
I hope very soon the palestinian people and israeli we live togheter in peace.
As you maybe now here in Israel are living many turkish jews so we many influences from Turkish culuture.
Hope one day you can visit our wonerfull countrey your always welcome.

wish you all the best



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