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First something about me . I am palestinian from gaza strip >there is about 30% of gaza people if not more to leave gaza , but no chance for us .our chance is still fighting and killing each other , our problem has no solution . because the mistake made by israel and USA and world , did you know I am arabian . even I am muslim , but no arabian country accept any palestinian from Gaza as aslyum or work , even many country close the door in our face , i was go To UNRWA ,( i am carry there ID as palestinian Refugee) They told me this not our work to give you aslum country .even i go to UNHCR they not help me , i am not the first and not the last , the hope is close , even many country help refugee from any country like Canada ,sewed ..........but when talking I am Palestinian from gaza , they say sorry we can not help .also no work in gaza .Isarel prevent about 100,000 from gaza to work in there land during AL intifada , so close border to find any hope out gaza , so many family obligate to send there son to fight , why . they need money to feed there children , to teach them .to survive , so how they get this money if they no work ,other...,so they join resistance , who is support resistance , Iran send huge money for resistance ,(actually they not help us and we know this but our need to money is necessary )resistance offer big money for us to join them and fight , every one get one 1000 dollars per month , this enough to feed our family .money my neighbor send 3 of his sons to join resistance and fight Israel and one of his son is kill ,so he not stop and send and other two sons to fight , he has 16 sons , he will not cry if one or to or even 5 kill , now most family in resistance fight to solve , really who actually support resistance and believe in fight in Gaza people about 10 to 30 % . other just civilian obligate to fight . this what i see by my eye . even me i was carry weapon when my age is 16 to fight i was need money to bought ticket to travel and some money to my travel .no one help me to get this money .now 5 years out in Gaza , and i decide to return because live and die in Gaza is best than live in Arab .now i am in Arabian country 2 years without visa , and they refuse to renew my visa , after i was run from Gaza because the war there .i try to get chance in any country and live in peace , but no chance not only me , i was left with group of Palestinian and now we will return .this worst fact . may be i return to fight because need money to survive just like .other
i send to many organization to help me and my friends and many embassy sorry peace door is closed in our face , just war peace open in our door . in this country i am here they put me in jail because i no have visa , did you know who is exit me out jail is Hamas "one of Palestinian resistance or terror " they obligate me to make deal with them return to Gaza and fight with them ,i agree die is best than Arabian jail , when i ask my embassy to help me , they run way . this is isreal increase war by close the border and arab and world when prevent to accept us .

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Thanks for joining Ahmad and for so clearly giving just one person's testimony.

Many problems and predicaments like yours had, have, and will have humane solutions. The problem is finding ways ways of really implementing such solutions in ways that seriously improve the lives of ordinary people now and long-term.

I understand that for now, only for now would really be enough.

With empathy and sympathy but sadly without a magic wand...
== Paul R
Dear Ahmed

It is complex and hard situation where you and your people are in the middle of century of conflict. there are so many mistakes that been done and it is clear that the Gazans and the Palestinians are paying the price for Israel and Palestinian extremists.

as personally I do not have a way to support you I recognize the need of change in the relationship and the obligation we have in Israel, in the world and in the Arab world to find ways to solve the Israeli-Palestinians conflict and enable Palestinians to build Palestine with all the necessary land and governance.

There are many Palestinians here and maybe some of them have knowledge and experience to suggest for you a better ways to earn money. I am sure that in Hamas there are other social focused activities that are not military.

can you see, that the Palestinians, millions of them live in occupation conditions for years?

can you see that even there are terrorists, they are thousands at most?

can you see that even there Palestinians (one of the millions in WB and GAZA) is not a terrorists he is treated like one by you and by Israel Arm forces?

can you see how arrogant and aggressive your comments and how you have no recognition of the perspective of the conflict from Palestinian side?

you do not see you are missing the point by one-sided view of the situation.



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