I watched parts of the movie "Budros" which represents the public, non violent resistance against the wall in a Palestinian village.
Men, women, boys and girls from Budros with international peace activists went out to protest against the wall by using their voices and writings. The coordinators and organizers to Budros' non violent resistance work in small groups to ensure the continuation of the regular protests.
The conclusion was very positive when the Israeli Court of Justice ordered the Israeli government to stop building the wall in Budros.
The main question in this discussion topic is:
How can we use the non violent resistance to help achieve peace in the Middle East?

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I'd be interested in watching Budros.
Hey Waleed,

as i see it, nonviolent resistance was a part of Palestinian struggle against occupation at least since the 80th. There are books about it, for example:
"A Quiet Revolution, the first intifada and nonviolent resistance" from Mary Elizabeth King, Nation Books, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-56025-802-5

Nonviolence for me is the root and basis of peace making. With violence and counter-violence, the vicious circle, one cannot achieve anything sustainable (except of long term destruction).

I think we must ask ourselves how we can be true to the principle of nonviolence. And it is easy for me to say it from my apartment in Berlin, i know. It is very hard. It needs tremendous inner strength to overcome violence, not to let go, to be focused - especially when one experiences discrimination and oppression on a daily life basis. From the occupation military regime or from the inner structural violence in the society.

As i see it, nonviolence is a duty and a challenge for life. It is a life-long process. We must see how we keep to it in our social environment. How we can be true to it. And how we can encourage others to step on this path.

Here are examples of two oragnisations that most people here will know of palestinians and israelis that work and struggle nonviolently together:

The Parent's Circle - Familiy Forum

Combatants for Peace
Another great example for Palestinian nonviolent resistance is pictured in the film Budrus.

Here is a review:
i really would like to see this. will there be any screenings in or near tel aviv soon?
Dear Waleed ,
to answer you question -
Budrus, Parents' circle, Combatant for Peace, IPCRI, are all representing the same idea of - collaboration, reconciliation, understanding, learning the other side's, accepting the diversity and the difference, overcoming prejudices, give up vanity, be humble and loving. - that is what needed. As more and more people will enter this cycle - it will be easier to reach a solution through a non-violence process . I feel that a non-violence resistance as the film tells of, being spreading the word, helps with the proses.
Dear Waleed

I think that the non violent part is important element that we need to address it for co-creating a future.

resistance some time is a mirror element in the separation effort of the extremists, and some time resistance term is used for advocating separation.

as one social entity of Palestinians and Israelis we need to use the wisdom we share to create new future and in that future the main issue is to enable the freedom of all, while eliminating the violent elements of our lives.

non-violence enables Fatah and Hamas supporters to work together with Israelis for changing the direction of the wall, and I think that to remove the wall we need not to use violence rather use our friendship and respect to each other.
good night to you too.:)
I saw a video clip of it last summer and I was impressed!

It would seem that all the peacemakers here have gone AWOL in light of this extreme atrocity.


BLAME ISRAEL and do it whether warranted or not and

UNDERSTAND THE ARAB NARRATIVE  even when atrocities are committed.


These are the bitter facts.


you may find the trailers on YouTube. there are a few of them - until you shall see the film  :)

Neri had put one link up here, and there are more .

enjoy. it is a 'must'  of a film to watch.



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