I watched parts of the movie "Budros" which represents the public, non violent resistance against the wall in a Palestinian village.
Men, women, boys and girls from Budros with international peace activists went out to protest against the wall by using their voices and writings. The coordinators and organizers to Budros' non violent resistance work in small groups to ensure the continuation of the regular protests.
The conclusion was very positive when the Israeli Court of Justice ordered the Israeli government to stop building the wall in Budros.
The main question in this discussion topic is:
How can we use the non violent resistance to help achieve peace in the Middle East?

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I think our greatest tools are:  patience & loving understanding.


Salaam Shalom

Thank you for this discussion, Waleed.

You welcome, Eyal ..

Waleed, I think nonviolence can be an effective method to find peace in the middle eastern region. See the thing about Palestine region is that there cause is genuine but the terrorism that has come up because of the atrocities has made rest of the world ignore the real cause and thus Palestine has had a fall out from the international community. the real problem obviously is Israel's inability to co-exist in that area.  


Some might say the real problem is the Palestinans inability to accept the Jewish State.

Jeff stern 

Its the other way round. Its Israels inability to accept a Islamic state. Palestine was never strong enough to be a threat to Israel. And it is Israel that has occupied territories of Palestine. 


Chetan - without getting into the facts that there was never a state of Palestine and that is exactly what Israel is helping teh Palestinans build.  Israel has said over and over it accepts a two state solution of a Palestinain and a Jew State.  It is the PA who refuses to recognize this, this is not my opinion everyone agrees on this point.  As for teh threat, the treat hass been the rockets into its cities, the blowing up of school buses, murder of families in their beds and the coming threats like targeting civillian airplain with surface to air missles. This is a threat to life in Israel.

Jeff Stern,

If Israel was helping the Palestinians build a State, Israel would get out of the Occupied Territories, and give back all the assets stolen in 1949 and 1967, and give back all the settlements, since these settlements are all on Palestinian land.

Security is not an issue. A request for international support would lead to full protection for Israel, without any need to take land or kill Palestinians in the name of safety.

Sussan - It was Egypt and Jordan who did not give the Palestinains a state in 1948.  The only country in the world to give the Palestinain arabs any self rule is Isarel, you seem to forget that.  You also seem to forget that it was Israel the accepted the partition plan to give the arabs a state, it was teh arabs who attacked.  Israel offeed to give all the land that it won in 67 for peace and they were told the three famous "no's".  Israel offered Camp David, Taba, and with Olmert a Palestinain state and they said "no".... Now they are saying no to even talking...


As for international troops, thre were international troops in Sinai, until egypt made them leave in 67.  Thre were international troops in Lebenon after Israel pulled out, did not stop war.  There were interntionals on the border of Rafah till they were chased away.


Security is not an issue for you perhaps because you do not live here.  For those of us who have lived through the rockets, suicide bombers etc.. it is. There is nothing I want more than for Palestinans to live happy lives in peace - sepertated from Israel.  I, like many Israelis dont trust them.  That is my point.  Pity to keep rehashing the same points dont you think?

Jeff, it is indeed a great pity you refuse to acknowledge the rights of Palestinians to live in their own country, in their own homes, without occupying forces pushing them about and constantly threatening their lives.


All Israelis do military service, and a major part of their training is specifically directed at fearing and distrusting Palestinians. You can hardly blame the Palestinians for this. The fear and distrust of Israelis also comes from the fact that Palestinians resent the mistreatment they have been subjected to by Israelis. Palestinians want their stolen land and stolen assets back, and are prepared to make this point evident.


The creation of Israel was conditional on all the Arabs who lived within the Jewish side of the partitioned Holy Land being allowed to live in the newly created Jewish State, as equals. Instead, Israel departed most of these people and commandeered their land and homes. Thus the political and ethical viability of Israel becomes highly questionable.


Peace will probably only become a reality when the international community demands a One State Solution. In truth, this is the way the Holy Land should be. The traditional residents have the right to travel throughout the entire area without requiring any kind of pass or passport. It is their heritage, their land, most of which was legally owned by them, until the Israeli government disqualified their ownership, through the creation of dodgy laws that were designed to disqualify Arab owners from accessing their land.



I can tell you from personal experience that "All Israelis do military service, and a major part of their training is specifically directed at fearing and distrusting Palestinians." - is simply false.


The distrust comes from the stabbing, suicide bombers and terrorism that all of us in the holy land have witness over the past decade, there is no trust. I will not return to all the arguments over refugees, Jewish and Arab, or how Arab citizens of the Jewish  have more rights than all their brethren in Arab States we've been there too many times. 


I am for a two state solution for a Jewish and Palestinian State. I, like most Israelis want to know before any state is built that we are not building an Iran in our mists - like what happened in Gaza.  Until that point, I dont see a solution coming to be....



I must be both sides - the two peoples (actually -leaders) must recognize each other. But, it is true and logical that the strongest would make the first step. That is how things are in the adult's world, isn't it?  this is part of being mature, responsible, strong, wise.
I feel sorry that Israel cannot see this point. It would b on her credit, I believe.



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