I watched parts of the movie "Budros" which represents the public, non violent resistance against the wall in a Palestinian village.
Men, women, boys and girls from Budros with international peace activists went out to protest against the wall by using their voices and writings. The coordinators and organizers to Budros' non violent resistance work in small groups to ensure the continuation of the regular protests.
The conclusion was very positive when the Israeli Court of Justice ordered the Israeli government to stop building the wall in Budros.
The main question in this discussion topic is:
How can we use the non violent resistance to help achieve peace in the Middle East?

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Can I assume that what is happening in Eilat and Ashdod  are of no consequence in the fight for peace. Peace for whom??

Hi Waleed,


Nonviolent resistance has many facets.  This Sunday I will be hearing from Vivienne Porzsolt (Jews Against the Occupation) and Sylvia Hale (a former State Greens MP) speak on their experience on being detained in Israel on the recent 'Welcome to Palestine' campaign.


This action of internationals visiting Israel and saying they were coming to the region specifically to visit Palestine earnt them deportation or detention.


Also see the World Council of Church's support for striving for basic human dignity


this is the ugly, bad, horrible,violent, unacceptable aspect of the struggle.

We all - Israelis and Palestinians, must be doing to prevent that. But, these acts are of the politicians' not of the people's.

All we can do -is keep protesting, keep doing for peace no matter what, be positive, be hopeful, and also - get know the others - the Palestinians, understand them, explain them us, get closer, reach reconciliation. to do EVERY THING in purpose to make a progress.
we cannot do anything else, can we? otherwise - we shall be killing each other until the end of the world....


Perhaps you can tell me of one politician that blew themselves up and I will show you 50 ordinary people that have .Maybe even in the hundreds. I have yet to see, and I will go back to 1929, any protest ,demonstration by any Palestinian asking that the Arabs stop their terror.


Perhaps we are living in parallel universes and in my universe  this phenomenon is a reality and it does not occur in yours.


Yes there are some Arabs that do speak out but I can count them on the fingers of both my hands, while in Israel there are thousands and yet this equation has not changed as I said before, since 1929. Fatwas were issued against most in the Muslim world.


The killing will not stop through touchy, feely interaction but rather when they realize that they cannot defeat us militarily or politically and stop supporting terror, jihad and the annihilation of Israel and try to co-exist with the Jews.

 Hope, demos and wishful thinking while giving cover for terror and understanding it will only bring a calamity and a greater one to the Arabs. If you want peace, tell your Arab friends that they must lobby to stop terror, stop teaching Jihad and supremacy to their children, recognize Israel as a Jewish State and most of all COME AND NEGOTIATE IN GOOD FAITH.


Well, I believe it will be happened. Many of my Arab friends ARE lobbying - with their means to do so, which are very little .Luckily, I live in a democratic state where I can speak up freely, while they are not.

I do not know where do you live. and what is your knowledge of the conflict here, how much of experience you have of meeting with Palestinians and of trying to understand the Problematica of the conflict , how deep into the subject you are, or- do you have it form the Media or else?????

I have read all your previous comments here, wondering whether to comment or not. You are being very pessimistic. Pity. Optimism, careful as it might be, is a much better way to deal with matters.

And you sounds very cynical to me, and - I admit- I cannot handle that.
Wishing you all the best.


Wow. a lot to be optimistic about!!!

I have very deep roots in Israel and live in Canada. I have nieces and nephews serving in all branches of the IDF and some are even high ranking officers. I have met many "refugees" on my numerous trips to Israel and I work with Israeli Arabs, Jordanians, Iraqis and Pakistanis and some are even my friends socially.

But I guess if we find. a chore in itself, a few Arabs that may like our politics vis a vis Israel than we will have it made. Woodstock , on a larger One Way scale.

I am much more "optimistic' after hearing your way of dealing with matters.



Michael, no matter how deep your roots are, they are not as deep as those of EVERY PALESTINIAN who can NEVER live anywhere but in Palestine or a refugee camp. Nor can you be as tied to Israel as those who have ONLY ISRAELI CITZENSHIP. It is these 2 peoples, and ONLY THESE PEOPLE who should negotiate the peace.  If that was happening, peace would have come 60 years ago. Instead, outsiders have continuously messed with these peoples’ lives.


Your roots are in Zionism, an extremist political philosophy that has caused terrible mayhem in the Holy Land for the last 100 years.

Sussan , the operative word is "NEGOTIATE". Too bad that the Arabs only know the words-massacre, jihad, terror and war.


We will not be annihilated nor will we go quietly. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!


Our reality here is complex. your comment "Too bad that the Arabs only know the words-massacre, jihad, terror and war." presnt you as narrow minded and hatefull toward arabs. This is not position to put such racist claims.


I will stay away until Israel retalliates and than we will see the hateful and racist remarks towards Jews. I bet that your disclaimer WILL NOT be Forthcoming as usual.


The truth and Reality really hurts doesn't it?


I calls them as i sees them!!!!!!!!


Making a statement that is not realistic is fine and good, but I would like to see you debunk what I have said rather than just brushing it off as being "narrow minded and hateful towards Arabs".

*Massacres have been going on since 1929 and up to the present , including today.

*Jihad is in the Hamas charter as well as in the Hizbulla Charter

*Terror has never stopped since 1949 and has in fact worsened since the signing of the 1993 Oslo agreement

* Wars in 1947, 1967, 1973 have all been started by Arabs

When have the Arabs initiated Negotiations or where in the charters pf the PLO, Hamas or Hizbulla is there any mention of "peace"

Stifling the truth cannot lead to peace or co-existence and is counter productive.

Perhaps I am not very knowledgeable about history and you can therefore enlighten me.

The 1967 War

Menachem Begin (Prime Minister of Israel) said “the Egyptian Army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us.  We must be honest with ourselves.  We decided to attack him.”

General Rabin (IDF Chief of Staff in 1967) said  “I do not think Nasser wanted war.  The two divisions he sent into the Sinai, on May 14, would not have been sufficient to launch an offensive against Israel.  He knew it and we knew it.”

General Peled said  “The thesis that claimed genocide was suspended above our heads in June 1967, and that Israel was fighting for its very existence was only a bluff.”


The 1973 War

Egypt and Syria did NOT attack Israel.  Fighting occurred ONLY within the Occupied Territories. The Occupied Territories are NOT Israel. Israelis have no right to be there.



Jihad is not in any Israeli charter, but the IDF often behaves as though it is.   You do not need to be Islamic to be a Jihadist. The meaning of Jihad:  ‘relentless campaign’.


Michael always talk of war, and you continuously justify the continuation of war.  You never talk of peace.  Do you even believe in peace?   What can you tell us about peace?



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