The one thing that disturbs me in the imbalance of representation in Israel. Have we not shot ourselves in the foot with an all Jewish State Department Staff. If we are going have productive talks, there seems to be no one interested in the Palestinian plight. I feel the Staff should be balanced.
When I was in Jerusalem 2 years ago, all of the staff there was Jewish. There was one loan man in the Palestinian consulate who was not Jewish, he is in a diffiuclt position.

Will we ever learn?

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Are you close to Jerusalem? I met a wonderful group of Jews, Palestinians and Christians who get together and eat, dialogue, pray and etc.....It is amazing
I live in Sydney Australia.

Such interfaith and intercultural groups also exist in Australia. The problem is that they mainly appeal only to the converted.

One exception in Australia is Their target audience are school children. There are some other exceptions here.
Hello Carol,

Tell us about the inflammatory language.

Who have you taken the time to listen to on this forum, and has your understanding changed ? How do you feel about the ideas Mazin has presented ? What have you learned ?

I would be interested in hearing about how Jerusalem has changed over the years.

Did you look at Wafa's video? Are you worried about the children of Gaza ? Do you think it will be generations before there can be any changes to the situation in Gaza ?

Do you exchange messages with any Palestinians privately ?
Can you see now that both of you are in Blame Game

Please visit We cannot blame the blamers its their "truth" after all.

finding that some one us bad language and concepts get you to say things in the format : - A: I just proved that you are a narrow minded person with f**ked propaganda and I not need to listen to you as you are agent of Evil and I'll show all how bad you are.

(sorry for the language it is not personal, just a way to present bad use of terms)

Lets be productive and work with serious people like Wael, Donna & Hiba among many others (Israelis too) to create new reality. Our personal "truth" is partial and as we witnessed the Zionists/Palestinians act based on partial truth we can recognize the damage such positions can bring.

please stop this Blame game now, the rule of respecting other members include the members who do not respect others ... think about it.


Christine (innocently?) asked Carol: "Tell us about the inflammatory language.".

Christine THEN asked Carol:

"Who have you taken the time to listen to on this forum? ... Are you worried about the children of Gaza?"

So using the same style and language I now ask Christine:

Christine: Who have you taken the time to listen to on this forum? ... "Are you worried about the children of Sderot?"

And using the same style I now also ask Christine:

Christine: Do you still abuse your children and do you still abuse your grandchildren?"

So is the point about INFLAMMATORY LANGUAGE clear(er) now?

(1) Disclaimer: I do understand that all three sets of questions are offensive, very offensive and inflammatory. I note that I am using such language now for educational purposes only.

Paul, what you said is a piece of rudeness, cunningly dressed up as a lesson in inflammatory language. What you have said is worse than what I said.

You are being foolish, and are capable of a much better standard.

Are you serious about me having grandchildren ?
Yes Christine! What I wrote is very rude! It was intended to be!

It honestly seems to me to be no less rude than your "Are you worried about the children of Gaza?" question to Carol.

I am not being cunning at all Christine. Just very blatantly plain and obvious! Do you honestly think that your suggesting that (the demon) Carol does not care about the welfare of children is not very, rude rude? ===> IT IS!

Thank you for understanding at least a part of my very blatant message!



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