Dear Saeb Erekat

I see your interpretation that "Israel's settlement enterprise ... is nothing but a premeditated process to kill the possibility of an independent Palestinian state,".

I also read clearly that you support and wish the establishment of Palestinian state as soon as positionable. I think that Israel and Palestine has the shared interests to make Palestinian state a reality for the benefit of the Palestinians people and the whole region.

I think you are wrong in your interpretation and you miss the point as you fail to see that we have internal conflict within Israel, this declarations are coming from people who wish to stop the option of agreement within Israel and this elements has influence within the coalition government of Israel but they are no majority in the election. 

your statement play exactly to the hands of the people who wish to kill the possibility of an independent Palestinian state. you support their lie that they are the real Israel and you strengthen their power within Israel. you are weakening the wide practical elements within Israel that wish to see independent Palestine stage side of Israel and maybe a future of co-federation. 

You are no fool, as chief Palestinian negotiator you know many
things about the stage of the negotiation and aware of the internal conflict within israel is because Israel government declared its acceptance of Palestinian state that will lead to final border agreement. The interest of the Palestinians is to support the pragmatic element within the Israel government that work toward agreement and know that the borders we should have will force Israel to remove some or all of the settlements.

I know there is mirror inner conflict within Palestine, and it play its leadership as this inner conflict play the Israel leadership. this inner conflict drive this "negotiation" out of the possibility to manifest any agreement.

If we have agreement in 3 month how many houses will the Israeli build? I am sure that the ones who need to removed will be removed or given to the Palestinians.

I would advise you a different path where you declare that the Palestinians are expecting to have a state next year and that they know the territorial needs and this Settlers announcement is a waste of resources for the Israeli neighboring state. Please make all recognize that Palestinian are working with the Amerincan and the Israelis to have agreement THIS YEAR

Such a statment will unveil the bluff of the settlers and anti-agreement groups within Israel and show how wasteful such declarations are. It will strengthen the public understanding that the Palestinians , American and Israelis the are working together toward a goal.

sadly so far the inner conflicts in Israel and in Palestine are inflating the conflict and create disbelief in our ability to create major change.  Negotiation is a zero sum game and miss 
the point that we are all in the same boat and the future is build by us together.

Israeli citizen,

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Dear Basil,

I oppose Negotiation as I think this drive each side to "to keep as much of the West Bank as possible" guess what, the Palestinian side do the same and both "negotiators" delay the date for the Palestinian state declaration.

while it is clear that we need to set a good chunk of territory for the Palestinian state we should not ignore Israel inner condition and work with it to create change. There are many mistakes Israelis and Palestinian leaders did, they will continue to do mistake here I try to write what we should do, and that is to work together and see the system of societies within Israel and within Palestine, within the Jewish world and within the Arab world and seek development.

development is not just territory, and the Arab lost a lot in the Past 60 years, to stop it we need to drew a line and not put the other side in position it cannot accept.

Many pro-Palestinians are so much focus in attacking Israel they miss the point that Israel is here to stay and any peace must include all the people of Israel ... same are the pro-Israel guys who think that they can continue get territory while the conflict continues till the Arabs will go some place else or acceot this as reality.

1st stage - create palestinian state and use the current resources of the conflict to build modern national palestinian state
2nd stage - create co-federation of palestinian and israel better deal with internal threats in both states
3rd statge - create meadle-east federation
4th stage be part of a planerary goverbnance protect our planet and our mutual future,

lets focus on 1st stage.,
One of the problems when discussing the reasons for the non-achievement of peace is perhaps the way we discuss the issue. On the one hand, we speak of the people. On the other hand, we point to the government. Too often, failure is popularly attributed to the one element or the other.
Perhaps it would be more fruitful if we were to look around and identify spoilers, the elements whose interests would be hurt if there were a peace accord. There are spoilers are both sides.
The question then becomes: how can the peace movement militate effectively, so that the spoilers are isolated, and the other stakeholders in a position to benefit?
I know I've derailed the historical line of the argument, but this is only going to lead to a he said/she said scenario where blame will be attributed but no new insight gained.
I agree we must get out of the blame-game practice and focus on creation of our reality



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