While our heart is to the people of Syria Hamas status changed and now it has less support from Iran, hezbuallha Egypt and others so it is pushed to a change that can creat palestinian political unity. This is prime elements for creating palestinian state and change in relations with Israel.

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Do you really trust a hamas "army" in the west bank? DO you honestly believe that is smart... Look what they have done in and from Gaza.....

The question is will Hamas sit down along with Mahmoud Abbas, John Kerry, Tzipi Livni, and Benyamin Netanyahu?  I will believe it when I see it.  The estrangement from Iran and Hezbollah alone is not going to it.  So far, the only high ranking American official, Hamas has sat down with is Jimmy Carter.  John Kerry makes his trips to Ramallah, not Gaza.  If he went to Gaza, would he be like Mahmoud Abbas.  He can enter as long as he says something Hamas wants to hear.  Something extremely derogatory about Israel.  Back to Ariel Sharon, "there is no negotiating partner."

To many naes in your remarks :D the change is not becuase of leaders or bierocracts it is because the humans are wise, all humans including the ones we call Hamas and the others we call israelis

This is not question of Hamas, they are humans as we are and will need to find ways to live here. so there is forces from the out of Hamas and from within that push change and adjustment. I may lead to more violent path but eventually will lead to adjutment with the Israeli existance.

Now with the global change in the Arab world there are chances that the Hamas will move toward the Fatah to create the Palestinian state, they will not become zionists be sure in that but they will be more practical and understand that the Arabs of Palestine will gain from the creation of Palestinian state, economically and socially. 

I am not sure what you are basing this on other than wishful thinking.... All the arab spring has brought was ruler who are more Islamic... Hamas record in Gaza, whether it be with Israel or their own people has just been getting worse in terms of radicalization... the same argument was made when they took over Gaza, they are no more practical now.... That is not the trend.

I can wish that the Palestinian state will be western style democracy with opennes and stability but the Arab way of life wile it transforms still has its original tribal-big famely structures. There is a strength in this socio-economic structure but it does not support siple democratic practices.

The dymanic of change is complex and has inner culturals elements that are haahard to spot from the outside. we can be sure that radicalization is part of the dynamics in any society, it was true for the Americans getting into civil war as it was true for Israel. So the radicalization is eleent in the process of change. but radicalization is not the whole story, it makes a lot of problems and people as a whole are smarter then the group who claim to be leaders, so the people of Gaza as Hamas now with their relationship with the Egypt are pushed to set the conditions for Palestinian state aside of israel, this will not quite the radical voices but it will build new power within the Palestinians who knows that life conditions in west bank are better then the Gazan life condition and that Israel is too strong now to disapear by Iran/Hizbullha or Hamas, esspecially that the Suni and Shiaa conflict is so visible now

Hamas does not get any funding from Israel, they get their funding from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (which Sweden is a contributor to).  The Palestinian Authority gets funding from Israel, because it just recently gave an emergency U.S. $60 million dollars to it -- personally authorized by Netanyahu himself.  It was done, because if the Palestinian Authority financially collapses, it will pull Israel down along with it.  Israel and the Palestinian Authority are attached by an economic umbilical cord.  Which is the reason why John Kerry's U.S. $4 billion dollar Marshall Plan for the Palestinian territories, made all of the sense in the world.


 Corruption exist and it is what we have now, you go to the blame path and do not try to read reality. The idea is that forces forming a change that will form the conditions for the Palestinian state, first time in history Palestinian Arabs will have an independent state

Neri, are you ‘blaming’ me?   I do my best to look at reality.


I bring up the issue of corruption because it is possible to greatly reduce the current level of corruption. Corruption exists because not enough people (in rich countries) make the effort to get rid of corruption. What happens to Palestinians today will happen to other groups tomorrow, unless more people take a more responsible attitude towards the choice of the politicians they elect.

The USA, EU and the UN are responsible for much of the corruption. This corruption could be ended if the citizens of richer countries used their democratic vote in a more responsible manner.



Tim thinks it is a good idea for the Swedes to withdraw their funding to motivate [bully] the Palestinians back into meaningless peace talks. The Swedes are ignorant if that is what they believe.

The Palestinians have always wanted peace. Israel has maintained a military occupation on Palestinian land, and evicted 80% of the Arab population.

The land and assets that have been commandeered by Israel, have to be given back before there will be peace. This is the reason why there has been no peace deal. Israel wants to keep all this Palestinian property.



Unfortunately, I see a return to victimization.  The Palestinians are being "bullied."  The European Union stated that they would not delist Hamas from their list of terrorist organizations, until they recognize the State of Israel.  The European Union, Great Britain, and Sweden are all contributors to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.  They are also now in the process of boycott, divestment, and sanctions against anything produced by Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  So the co-called bullying is being applied to both Israel and the Palestinians.  Because that bullying will be needed.  PERIOD.

We will not know if Hamas will move towards Fatah, until we see it.  Because all of John Kerry's meetings have been with Mahmoud Abbas, none with Khaled Meshaal.  I would especially like to see a meeting between Khaled Meshaal and Tzipi Livni.



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