While our heart is to the people of Syria Hamas status changed and now it has less support from Iran, hezbuallha Egypt and others so it is pushed to a change that can creat palestinian political unity. This is prime elements for creating palestinian state and change in relations with Israel.

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Interesting information has just been published.  A poll conducted by the University of Ariel in the West Bank, said that 53% of Israelis, view the settlements as an obstacle to peace.  Also, Sweden, which donates U.S. $107 million dollars to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, says its will cut back on that aid, if the Palestinians (West Bank and Gaza were not differentiated), do not start now in engaging in peace negotiations with the State of Israel.

All Sweden is doing is playing a filthy political game.

International donors will have to start using leverage on the Palestinians.  Just as much as international leverage must be used on Israel.  Draconian measures will be needed, if peace negotiations are to proceed. What a nation like Sweden is saying is "Either shit or get off the toilet."  Sitting on a toilet for 10 years, is too long.

Sussan, as usual blame talk maybe make you feel wise and pure as you claim that other people are in filthy game your blame game is as problematic as the other you blame.

These are forces that change reality, it is not to like or dislike it is not to blame, it is to review and see where our reality go.

One thing that will be challenging to the peace negotiations, will be not having any victims.  There should be two political forces, but no victims.  There is where I get into it with the Jewish extremists, is that they could only see Jews as victims.  In the United States, Jews are not victims whatsoever, and in Israel they are casualties.

Hamas has announced, that it is deploying a 600-man force for crack down on any rocket firings into Israel.  The majority of those have come from Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees, which really shows how Hamas' rule over Gaza has not been absolute.  This pressure has been applied by the Muslim Brotherhood Government in Egypt, because Egypt always brokers the cease-fires between Gaza and Israel.  But it remains seen, if this will be followed up by Hamas participating along with the Palestinian Authority in negotiations with Israel.

can you bring reference?

It was reported in "The Times of Israel."  I get the most current, and up-to-date information from them.  By all means, get on their mailing list.,7340,L-4394514,00.html

Egyptians protest against Hamas
Morsi opponents protest Palestinian group. Hundreds demonstrate by Cairo hotel where Hamas leaders staying, demand their expulsion from country, crying out ‘No to Mashaal, no to Haniyeh, Hamas is terrorist org’

The same story was also reported in "The Times of Israel."

It's internal Egyptian issue

Internal that both the ruling government of Egypt and Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obviously, there is not any harmony between them.



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