While our heart is to the people of Syria Hamas status changed and now it has less support from Iran, hezbuallha Egypt and others so it is pushed to a change that can creat palestinian political unity. This is prime elements for creating palestinian state and change in relations with Israel.

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Israel establishes diplomatic relations with Turkmenistan.  Turkmenistan has always been a rather xenophobic nation, but now Israel has diplomatic relations on both sides of the Caspian Sea.  With Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

The Swedish card is working, Mahmoud Abbas is under enormous pressure to return back to negotiations with Israel.  The Palestinian Authority is 30% dependent on international aid, so it cannot afford international donors to start reducing contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

I got into contact with Muslims Against Hamas.  The leader of the movement goes by the name of Hisham A.  He says for security reasons, that is the title he goes by.  I invited him over to  I hope he accepts my invitation.  If you would like to reach Muslims Against Hamas on Facebook, you can do so at:

I do not support Hamas, nor I like brutal practices from any side (Israel, Hamas, Fatah, Hizboallha etc.)

There is some good elements in Hamas, these are people who seek better future for their people, even if they do not like Israel and my be against peace they provided some social support and better order then the Fatah.

So it is not against Hamas its the pro-palestine card I try to present. The Palestinians people deserve much more then what they have today, and all palestinian deserve that, even if they Hamas supporters. The Palestinians need to find a way to end the internal fight that weaken them and strengthen the settlers who use this time to take more and more from what can be a Palestinian state

All the social services they provide is what got them elected.  When Muslim parties start performing one of the Five Pillars of Islam -- charity, it strikes a cord with the populace.  The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt does the same thing.  But for uniting Hamas with Fatah, even the Palestinians themselves doubt that will happen.  A recent Palestinian poll conducted shows Hamas with only 20% of the support.  Which means the next time Palestinians have a national election -- which they are long overdue for -- Hamas will by no means, be a big winner.

We need to recognize that what hizbullha hams Moslem brotherhood provide is needed by the population. This is why they gain support the violent elements are coming with the provision of needed services

One thing Hezbollah is now doing is really driving a wedge, between Shiite and Sunnite.  It will be interesting to see how much more this gets aggravated.  Hamas is trying to play down, that there is a rift between them and Hezbollah along with Iran.

The Shea Soni conflict is old and bitter. This is an element that weaken the Arab world and the ability of the Arabs to form states, while this conflict exist the Palestinian issue used to overcome it as putting the Zionists as the one enemy of all arabs, but they cannot get rid of it, and sadly not only the Palestinians suffer from it, the Syrians and Lebaneas and now in Egypt.

For the Conflict we have now in a situation that this inner Muslem conflict is pusshing the Hamas (suni) back into the Arab  proposal to end the conflict, this is good, sadly many arabs are suffering from this

The conflict between Shiite and Sunni is deliberately exploited by Western countries so that they can rip-off Arab countries economically. It is modern colonialist imperialism. The conflict is talked up and exaggerated, and extremist groups are given power and weapons by Western countries.

The Western media will always talk about Arab faults and never look at the disgusting and devious ways Western countries meddle in the politics and economies of vulnerable countries. These vulnerable countries are the very countries the UN is meant to help. Instead the UN deliberately robs them through the World Bank and every other means they can devise.

You Tim, are playing into the hands of those who do not want to see peace in Israel and Palestine, possibly because you do not have to suffer the consequences of no peace.

Unfortunately, you are so armchair on the internet, to know how far back the Sunnite/Shiite schism goes.  In 750 C.E., the Umayyads (Sunnites) were overthrown by the Abbasids (Shiites).  Al-Mansar, who was an Umayyad, had Ja'far al-Sadiq, the sixth Shiite Iman, murdered.  The Mihna was an inquisition, where the Sunnites were tortured and murdered by the Abbasids.  When Western imperialistic powers came into the Middle East after World War I, they just exploited a volatile situation which already existed, and has come down to present times.  I encourage everyone on this website, to learn about all the faiths that pertain to the Middle East.  Because so many times, it is simply explained through nationalism.  Nationalism played a role during World War I, when the Sharif of Mecca, an Arab, wanted to free Mecca from the Ottoman Turks.  When you say suffering from the consequences of no peace, who will just have to explain what you mean further.  Because I am oblivious to what you are referring to.

The historic background of the Sunni–Shia split lies in the schism that occurred when the Islamic prophet Muhammad died in the year 632, leading to a dispute over succession to Muhammad as a caliph of the Islamic community spread across various parts of the world which led to the Battle of Siffin. Today there are differences in religious practice, traditions and customs, often related to jurisprudence. Although all Muslim groups consider the Quran to be divine, Sunni and Shia have different opinions on hadith.
Over the years, Sunni–Shia relations have been marked by both cooperation and conflict. Sectarian violence persists to this day from Pakistan to Yemen and is a major element of friction throughout the Middle East.Tensions between communities have intensified during power struggles, such as the Bahraini uprising, the 2003 Iraq War, and most recently the Syrian civil war.

I am glad you elaborated on that some more, I know Islamic history, but I must admit only rudimentary.  But it is attempt to get this website away from the extremist nationalism, I have so disgusting seen.  This website could become, more effect if it had a rabbi and imam on it.  I have friends on Facebook, who are a rabbi and imam.



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