While our heart is to the people of Syria Hamas status changed and now it has less support from Iran, hezbuallha Egypt and others so it is pushed to a change that can creat palestinian political unity. This is prime elements for creating palestinian state and change in relations with Israel.

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Here is information from the Middle East Forum on Arab Spring, which they describe as a Sunni-led supremacist takeover. If it was inspired by the United States, then it is not going in the United States' favor:

Sharia does not allow Muslims to fight other Muslims, but currently three-fourths of all conflicts Muslims are in are with other Muslims.  Sharia was great when first devised, but it is not up to current standards.  I do not think it ever was.  So it does not seem possible any nation can instigate Sharia law.

The arab Muslim in Palestine are majority sauna, so the issue is how palestinians unite to form a structure of a state

A bill for the two-state solution has been introduced into the Knesset:

This is not readable, your reference is into

I was able to get it to come up.  Try looking under "One Voice Movement."

Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is praising the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.  So no, Sweden was not playing a filthy game.  It was assisting in getting the peace negotiations started again.  John Kerry will need a great deal of international assistance in getting this going, and Sweden provided the help that was necessary for that to happened.

Japan is initiating a Corridor for Peace and Security in Jericho, to further enhance Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.  So be on the look out for this, and what all it entails.

This is if you want to get on Israel in the Gulf Cooperation Council:

In the U.S. Congress is House Continuing Resolution 48, which is recognizing Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, and is calling on Secretary of State John Kerry, that in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, the status of Jerusalem not be included in what Tzipi Livni calls "everything on the table.  I personally have signed the declaration on keeping Jerusalem politically together as one city.  Not out of nationalistic pride, because I cannot see how it is possible to divide Jerusalem. Also it would require that the Palestinian Authority to have access to more international aid to move their capital to Jerusalem, which now the Palestinian Authority does not have.  The problem is Abbas is going to feel short-changed, and we want these negotiations to be to everybody's advantage.  So what are the suggestions on making these negotiations to everybody's advantage?

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