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Surprise surprise !!

And DNA backs this up.
Be careful looking up "rense" (Jeff Rense) of, who has a Wikipedia entry. My IE has had trouble with the primary URL (index), but I've no way of telling whether the incident was generated on my side or rense's. In that Islam, no les than Christianity, forced conversions, and both have a chronicled presence in global culture, it's safe to say that before the 7th Century or year one of the Christian Era, all ancestors must have been other than Christian or Muslim (predating both) and some, certainly, would have been Jews.

It should be understood also that the children of, say, Canaanites and Philistines and Jews of the same period have their genetic contribution, as it were, still in the species. What has disappeared with the Canaanites and Philistines are not "lines of blood" but rather the artifice of the culture so identified. How well contemporary Jewish culture--today's mix of subgroups and practices--would be recognized by its own if set back 3,500 years or so could be an interesting question, the practice of animal sacrifice, for example, having become marginal while that of circumcision remains universal.
This is not surprising to me at all - but I guess if it's surprising to others, it's good to spread the word! Haha. First of all, Islam and Christianity (the two main Palestinian and Arab religions) both have roots in Judaism. Arabs are Semites. And there are still many Sephardic Jews today :)
the movie says that they have more in common to European Jews then to Jews from Arabic countries ,
thats beautiful to me ...
Michelle I don't think its a surprise , we all know that we are from the same Family some how over the years we manage to forget it
Basil are you telling this to me ? I know Palestinians "don't like" Israel and Israelis "don't like" Palestine but we are very close even thou we some time don't "like " each other
Although this is a smaller minority, there are many Jews who now live in Palestinian areas as Palestinians and the opposite. I have family in Gaza and Jordan and also in the Jewish settlements in the West Bank- and they are literally brothers and sisters.
My partners aunt married a Palestinian from Gaza in 1948. A long story but most of the children came to Israel in the late 60s and now live as Jews. Some stayed in Gaza/moved to Jordan and live as Muslims until today. They are obviously not the only ones but people on both sides are always surprised by this story.



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