Dear friends,

From time to time I read the news and when I see hope, I recognize a following aggression that emerge the next day.

With the Gilad Shalit deal progress, more Qassam are coming from Gaza and bring more Israeli aggression. When Abas and Netanyahu are meeting with Obama, a deflation of new settlements in Jerusalem appear and riots follow in Jewrosalem..

We are community of activists with connecting multi-political people from around the world are sensitive to the aggression, we all wish that the Peace Magic will come and put a spell on all humans to believe that violence is ended but we experience more violence the more we have progress in direction of change, the more we hear of Fatah Hamas agreement from Egypt we also see more violenation and attack of Palestinians of Israel and more Israelis claiming that the Settelment project will not die.

My friend, I urge you to abandon the dream of non-violent path to a non-violent peace. The more we progress toward peace the more extremists feel they must fight reality and fight our hope. They will bring here blames and enhance the conflict hinting good intention and try to break our efforts.

Please see reality us human as it is, abandon the expectation of non-violent path and see – the Peace condition and new reality of change in coming to us. It build its reality in our consciousness and create stress to all people who do not one future that include all of us.

2010 is a year of change, and it will bring peace and violence and we as activists need to stick to the human nature of collaboration and hope and build our future ourselves and ignore the extremists who fear us.

The future we create is beyond 2010, it is thousands of years of progress and state environment and health. thousands of years of human co-creation of a better home for our children.

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"My friend, I urge you to abandon the dream of non-violent path to a non-violent peace"

This might sound as if the other option was a violent path. I know what you want to say (and that you don't propagate a violent path of course), but is it not that easy to understand...

What you write is great, but this specific line could be misunderstood at first glance, in my opinion..
thank you my friend to make me clarify this.

The violent that I speak about is of people who do not think that we all must avoid from violence and I do not support these acts. the more we approach to a non-violent relationship we will experience people who use violence to stop our progress.

These are point of time where the peace activists are judged by their reaction, as it is very easy to conclude that we cannot obtain change when we react to the violent acts of extremists who's ideology is threaten by change and they have no path other then try to break the non-violent path.

I think that this is real threat to progress and I see it as part of the dynamic that lead Gaza to its position and drove the 2nd intifada while in Israel it brought power to groups like Lieberman and the Settlers and even the problem Israel Gaza settlers have today to regain normal life( killing of Rabin and the "breakdown" of Israel left is part of it)

This is time for resilience it is time for wisdom and for looking to reality outside of our non-violent ideology expecting all to recognize the humanity and wisdom of non-violence.
I am fan of you Neri ! To some peoples there is this odd view that "we MUST force the other side to understand OUR views". Too bad that in the other side has also group of similar "professors" who think the same way. Take example IRA and UK.
Dear Mika,

I think that the future we can create must include all ... it mean that we must find a way in our hart to accept these similar "professors".

What do you think we can think of IRA and UK?
It took also long time to british players come conclusion thet they must talk to this terrorist group called IRA. And IRA leaders thought that they can fight british rulers out doing militant and terrorist activities. Well it just doesn't work that way. Results come from negotiations between of them, not fighting.

( this is more of simplistic version of that IRA vs. british/ other N-Irish players )
Did you notice that when some one of the "terrorists" try to talk to the enemy they get attacked by their friends?

It is easy to blame one of the sides, while the conflict is more internal within the groups and the external violence is part of the internal fight over dominance.
"2010 is a year of change"
Neri we must believe in this
Personally i get to know better the Arabic public in Israel through my new business
and i know that i make peace in my way
this is my building block in the Temple of Peace
Dear Leah,

Music is one of the basis of that future and sharing this language border lessly is what will open us to bring the change.
Beautifully put Neri - thank you.

In duality there will always be the opposite so the more Peace becomes a reality the more the opposite will show up. The important thing is to step back, know that this is how it is and BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. If each of us lives it the ripples outward will help the whole to change to a more balanced way of living.

Many blessings
Jane :)
Dear Friends,

Please follow the news and you'll see that as Netanyaho announce settlement freeze we see more violence and more blame.

Sadly, this is a good sign ... the ones who bring up the violence are the ones who do not wish us to find a solution, do not want us to open new chapter in the lives of the 10,000,000 arabs and Jews that have one future that include all of us.

Today we have the settlers preparing to fight the bad news, while Palestinian aggressors execute Qassams from Gaza and knife killing.

In our short history these kind of reactions "succeeded" and I pray that this time the Palestinian society and the Israeli society with all their problem find a way to overcome this violent acts. These are times where calls for Normality are very important as we all want to get to a new stage of Arab-Jews Israeli-Palestinian relationship and we need to cross this wave.
Dear basil,

Some time we must take into consideration of the Political structure to understand Government. The dynamic that push "Democratic Government". Israel Political structure is not as simple and any Prime minister and government is influenced by the ability to maintain political power by the public.

The situation between Israel and Palestine is not blanced and my focus here is to remind us that some times when we see violance it is actually signs of change and even peace.

The peace will not come in a second, and even if we have 1,000,000 palestinians and 1,000,000 Israeli jews dancing in the steets with joy as claiming Peace we still have 1,000 Palestinians and 1,000 Israeli jews seeking ways to break that joy.

for the reasons to make this peace come faster, to end the Nakba to start a new page I agree with you that the condition of the palestinians is the prime reason. and for opening the gate for change and seeing peace emerge we will see violance that make some of us miss the promise of change and peace that is needed.

I do not see the same as you, I think that Netanyaho and Israel government decision is clear and focus on changing the situation with the settelments, the decision is now a Government decision and not a Netanyaho directive.

read Settlers vow to defy crackdown on West Bank construction to undesratnd the Israeli internal dynamics as The Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered his ministry to urgently recruit and train construction supervisors to oversee the 10-month construction freeze in West Bank settlements, decreed by the cabinet last week.

Israeli government in its 1st time order to halt settelments.

The Issue of Jerusalem is open, and I expect it would not be solved easily but the Government of Israel changed its direction and this is meaningful; as the settler response show it is not a show.

The issue of East Jerusalem that is not included should not be ignored but I think we all know that if the Palestinian Athority (Fatah) response fast we can get to a stage in negotiation that can halt these activities in East Jerusalem.

Israel public want peace, in the last election Kadima got the majority of vote on that charter of continuing the peace process, and there are public polls which clearly show this Israeli wish.

for the issue of Human rights, International law which comes up frequently I think we need to be realistic this will be outcome of agreement and cannot be a condition to agreement as the situation on the ground is that there is no conditions for Palestinian Human rights and the International law cannot be enforced without a Plaestinian state and agreements with Israel.

This Government decision is a step forward, it can enable progress, and hopefully when the Shalit issue be resolved and Palestinian prisoners will be released the Hamas and Fatah will have opertunity to work together for the interest of the Palestinian people - and form a governing system that serve the Palestinain needs in stability and civil services.



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