Dear friends,

From time to time I read the news and when I see hope, I recognize a following aggression that emerge the next day.

With the Gilad Shalit deal progress, more Qassam are coming from Gaza and bring more Israeli aggression. When Abas and Netanyahu are meeting with Obama, a deflation of new settlements in Jerusalem appear and riots follow in Jewrosalem..

We are community of activists with connecting multi-political people from around the world are sensitive to the aggression, we all wish that the Peace Magic will come and put a spell on all humans to believe that violence is ended but we experience more violence the more we have progress in direction of change, the more we hear of Fatah Hamas agreement from Egypt we also see more violenation and attack of Palestinians of Israel and more Israelis claiming that the Settelment project will not die.

My friend, I urge you to abandon the dream of non-violent path to a non-violent peace. The more we progress toward peace the more extremists feel they must fight reality and fight our hope. They will bring here blames and enhance the conflict hinting good intention and try to break our efforts.

Please see reality us human as it is, abandon the expectation of non-violent path and see – the Peace condition and new reality of change in coming to us. It build its reality in our consciousness and create stress to all people who do not one future that include all of us.

2010 is a year of change, and it will bring peace and violence and we as activists need to stick to the human nature of collaboration and hope and build our future ourselves and ignore the extremists who fear us.

The future we create is beyond 2010, it is thousands of years of progress and state environment and health. thousands of years of human co-creation of a better home for our children.

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The expectation of the non-violent path is not that it will be immediately responded to with nonviolence. The expecatation is that it is going to be a struggle. If we look at two of the major recent non-violent movements (the Indian nationalist movement and the civil rights movement in the United States), the nonviolent protesters were killed, beatened, and imprisoned. Terrorist attacks killed the major leaders of those movements. I am a pacifist and I must say that I realize that violence is part of human nature, something that must be a concious choice to abstain from. I am willing to die for peace... but I am NOT willing to kill for peace. How can peace be achieved through violence anyway? Peace can only exist through a change of heart, not through an atmoshpere of fear.
Dear Michelle,

It is honorable to be willing to struggle and risk your life for peace. and Violence is an element of our reality.

The change of heart is needed now, to see this erupt violence and know that its the reaction to a deeper wave of waking up. The Israelis know now that they are going to have Palestinian state and they know this state must be strong and sustainable to beable to live side by side with israel and share the future.

the violance come from people that these ideas breaking their world view and hopes and by acting in violance they try to halt the progress of our hearts.
my friend i must say that i agree on some of your ideas but i dont believe that the year 2010 is the year of change i believe that with every years pass . we get more and more far away from peace . i believe that most of the israelian and palestenian want peace . but the problem that politics from both side dont want peace ( presedent abbas want peace ) the problem is with hamas leadership and israelian leadership . hamas want peace with israel if it takes the leadership of palestenian people from abbas an the PLO . i heared that there are negotiation between hamas and the israelin leadership . i believe the israelian goverment with containou with building satlment in west bank and jerusalem that kiling the peace . netenyaho announcement freezing building satlmenet in fact it is just for propaganda and he does not mean it . yesterday ayhod barack announce building more and more on the satlement . i believe that if the israelian want peace they most chose another leadership by voting for the one who want peace not for militants ( such as netenyaho and leberman ) . if that happened we could say that peace could be achieve specially that abbas want peace . but if that does not happened then we must pray for god that violence does not start again .
Dear loveu4ever

As I understand you experience the situation as "we get more and more far away from peace " while I see it differently not just because I am optemistice and trus man (Palestinian, Israel alike) to strive for a better reality also since I know that in the deepest sense of G-D its within us to change for a better world.
This is how close we are to agreement, try to see the forces and group that hold us back but this time check them in your side and not in the other side.


Last update - 02:29 16/12/2009
Abbas: Peace in 6 months if Israel freezes all settlements
By Avi Issacharoff
Tags: Israel News

RAMALLAH - If Israel completely halts construction in the settlements, negotiations with the Palestinians on a final-status agreement can be completed within six months, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told Haaretz Tuesday.

Abbas, who appeared sell-assured and upbeat during the exclusive interview, said the Palestinians had no preconditions for talks with Israel but wanted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet his obligations to the road map, which calls for a cessation of construction in the settlements.

"I spoke to Defense Minister Ehud Barak twice on the phone in recent weeks," Abbas said. "I suggested to him three weeks ago that Israel freeze all construction in the settlements for six months, including East Jerusalem .... But I demanded that construction stop .... During this time we can get back to the table and even complete talks on a final-status agreement. I have yet to receive an answer.

"They tell me I had not previously demanded a construction freeze in the settlements. True, in 1993 we didn't do so, but then there were no agreements about a freeze. Now, there is the road map," Abbas said.

"The road map made demands of all parties. We were required to stop terror attacks, recognize Israel and even stop incitement. So come and see what we did. Although the joint committee against incitement is no longer active, we did act and are acting against incitement. They said there is a problem with incitement in speeches in mosques during Friday prayers. Today there is no more incitement at any mosque," he said.

"The security situation throughout the West Bank is excellent. But what steps have you taken so far? You have not met a single clause in the road map. You removed a few roadblocks and there are still 640. Every day there are arrests, house demolitions. I don't understand why. We have security coordination, so why do this?"

The interview, which took place in Abbas' office, was held shortly after he finished speaking to the PLO Central Council, which began a conference Tuesday. It was considered one of his best speeches, during which he amused the audience with several barbs, including calling Judge Richard Goldstone "Mohammed Goldstone."

He criticized his detractors in the Palestine Liberation Organization, American journalists and of course, Netanyahu. He also took Hamas to task for its handling of talks on freeing kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. He also called on Israel again to stop building in the settlements so talks could resume.

Abbas revealed some of the agreements he had reached with former prime minister Ehud Olmert.

"In one of the three-way meetings during the talks, former U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice was present. I asked her for fications regarding talks on the borders of the occupied lands. She said clearly that from the U.S. perspective this included the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and the no-man's-land [the Latrun area]," he said.

"The next day, we started talking about maps. Olmert showed me one map and I brought back one of ours. He showed me a new map and I brought back a map of ours. And so it went. We agreed that 1.9 percent would be with you and Olmert demanded 6.5 percent. It was a negotiation, we didn't complete it. As a shopper enters a store, that's how we held the talks."

According to Abbas, a few days before Operation Cast Lead, he told then-U.S. president George W. Bush that despite extensive American efforts, the talks had not been completed.

"He asked me if it would be all right if on January 3 we sent [chief negotiator] Saeb Erekat, and Israel would send an envoy to complete the talks. But a few days before the departure for Washington, Saeb called Shalom [Turgeman, Olmert's political adviser] and said the situation did not allow it. Everything got stuck."

Abbas said discussions were held on refugees and Jerusalem, but no agreements were reached. "But let's say Olmert understood the way things stood. He also agreed to the approach that what was Arab would remain in Arab hands," Abbas said, referring to areas of Jerusalem.

"On the matter of the holy places, he proposed international monitors," Abbas said. He said he had agreed to an international force in the West Bank and Gaza after an Israeli withdrawal, and that "both sides had agreed to the presence of a third party."

"First I suggested NATO and Olmert said the Americans wouldn't agree. Then I proposed the European Union and he explained that they couldn't. Then we agreed to the presence of UNIFIL, led by the Americans. President Bush agreed to that, the Egyptians agreed and you agreed."

Asked whether talks are currently underway between Abbas and Netanyahu's team, he said the two leaders haven't been talking, but "talks are constantly underway between the parties on security and economic cooperation."

Is Abbas in favor of a deal to release Gilad Shalit? "I am responsible for the entire Palestinian people, and I am interested in completing this deal right away. I sent an official message to Israel that I am interested in this, including the release of Marwan Barghouti," Abbas said, referring to the Fatah leader currently in prison.

What would happen with Hamas-ruled Gaza if an agreement were signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel? "Hamas has no connection to the negotiations for which I am responsible. We have said this in the past. Any agreement we reach, we will submit for a referendum," Abbas said.

When asked if he would run for reelection, Abbas said: "No. That is my final position. It is neither tactics nor maneuvering."

Although he said he respects the position of Fatah, which has asked him to stay in office, Abbas said that "if I can't reach my goals I see no reason to hold on to my chair. If there is progress in talks, that will be welcome. But if elections take place before talks resume, I will not be running."

That seems like a hint to Israel that if talks do not resume, it will have to deal with much more extreme figures after the next PA elections.
Today a man was killed in WB, some resistance group took responsibility for it.
parallel of that The settlers are organizing campaigns for resisting the Freeze done by the Israeli government

Violence is part of the element of change; Netanyahu invited today Kadima to join the Coalition; if this will happened the Israeli government will have the stability to work for two state for two people. the violence we experience try to break that;

I hope that our friends in will resilient to the extremist who fake war to avoid change and peace. The more elements in our reality goes toward change we will experience more violence but this is a reaction to the positive powers that work and form new possibility for Palestinian state and new relationship between the Jews that created Israel and the Arabs who were become stateless nation.

The time is now.
Dear Neri, dear all,

no matter what happens with all the shifty politicians, and even more with the traumatised extremists, that try to run away from their own shadow and not look into themselves - we must not stop dreaming and hoping and stand strong for the idea of just sustainable peace.

And to end with a fraze in the spirit of the civil conflict resolution: "It's better to live with conflicts and face them, as to let violence rule"

Dear Arie,

You are right, we need now to think on Community resilence - how would we help the people in Israel, WB and GAZA to hold the vision of change, just listenning to Fayyad talking to Israelis,

Fayyad Makes Demands in Herzliya Speech

Gandhi said: "first they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win". Increasing activity of extremists is therefore indeed a good sign.
I hope that many of us will capture the Gandhi wisdom, while some just see this as reason for blame

Now when we see some violance in the West Bank .... this is a reminder



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