Hello everyone,

I am happy to be with you here in this great forum to advocate peace which the most precious concept ever. For decades my nation and other nations are suffering from war, conflict and misunderstanding. In my opinion, every thing and every small detail is related to the past..
In the past when people used to travel from a region to another to find food and shelter, there was a great tendency toward fighting because our resources as humans were limited. These conflicts unfortunately became connected to regions and ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, hatred and controversy were building up beside the human development of concepts, religions, and national belongings.

I am sure, if another nations except Palestinians or Israelis were in this land and faced the same conditions.. I'm sure that they will be affected and they will suffer from the same factors that are causing our conflict nowadays ..

Now .. we are in the Era of technology and human creativity.. we - the people - are achieving a lot for our world because at one time we recognized that our world is bigger than our small thoughts and beliefs..

We have to forget the past .. because what happened in the past was made by another hands .. we have to stop accusing each others of doing things that were made thousands and hundreds years ago ..

In the last war .. I have witnessed the first bombings of the operation cast lead.. I was walking beside a police station.. I was about to die ! in this moment .. I was smiling because I'm paying the price of thousands of faults and mistakes which I don't have any relation to it !

As i said .. we have to think about how to begin .. how to start .. we have to overcome the small differences between us .. and we have to remember one thing .. we are all people .. we are all humans !

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I agree my friend! What do you suggest that we (average Israelis, Palestinians and others) do to make our lives better?
We need to set a plans that aim to change people's concepts and beliefs toward understanding each others.. we must change the primitive way of behavior among people .. people live in a technological era .. but they act and behave basing on old beliefs related to the times of isolated fortified kingdoms !
The most basic instinct in the humankind is territorial possession. All you have to do is change the most basic instinct. Lion trainers can manage lions about 90% of the time but usually end up as lunch sometime. Any one got a suggestion for changing basic instincts?

I think that there is a difference between humans and animals .... as humans we need to make a situation that any one from Gaza or Tel-Aviv feel safe in his life. humans has wider sense of territory then animal instinct and if they created that in US and EU, why not us create that here ?
I think Neri is closer to the truth here. But I also suggest far more variability than most people imagine. For some people, a home is territory enough, some a neighborhood, some a village, some a valley. The borders of nation states is actually a fairly new phenomenon in world history (19th century). I also believe it is a passing phenomenon. Europe which invented teh concept of nation-states is abandoning it for a European union. Also as people move more rapidly and intermarry, the "territory" is becoming less significant. Most people don't care now: they just want to live and eat and prosper. That is why over 500,000 Israelis live in Europe. Jews in Berlin probably feel safer and more secure than Jews in Tel Aviv. France has 10% of its population from North Africa (previous colonies). Very interesting trends.
Omar I read what you are saying time after time but every time we get to a solution you do the opposite of what you are saying.
so far I did not see any willing form you to live together with me or any Israeli unless is by your conditions, you are very bios to your "own " people which is obvious and I respect that, you keep talking about the end of that and the destruction of this and its always a change in the other side that is not you.

I believe that peace starts with you, and me and every one in side him self . people that talks and talks about other people and I know many people like that are just not ready for peace.

and its sad BC I think that if for once you try not to change us you will find a bunch of people that are ready to listen .

P.S people in Tel Aviv feels very safe if any thing its very hard to be an Israeli out side of Israel today especially in Europe, but I see it as a good thing as a sign that the world is ready for Palestine
dear brother,

we are in the Era of technology and human creativity
We are creating era of borderless communication and trans-national human care.

how to start ?

.. we are all people .. we are all humans !

we are here to connect and form human alliance to co-create a future that include all of us.
jehad abu saleem, have a nice issue and good idea that you share ,as far as i know about war or any conflict,i think it is all about the selfishness of a human being and had an attitude of crab mentallity,,sometimes this is one of the root of any conflict or war by each other,well jehad this is only my own opinion in your issue that we discuss in this, and the very important to have the sulotion in any war is to give up and surrender their errors that they committed and forget the past, but here in my situation here in my place i think i'ts hard to have peace for the people who were totally in a bad way of living nor attitudes like that, but i know the time will come that they will regrets what they made a bad mistakes on my situation for being me,,you know jehad i was only thinking that here in my place will be the next gaza strips ,but i don't need to this things happened in my place here,well this is only my prediction,,,but i still believe in hope and faith by each other mind,,me i'm so sad in your place even thought that i have a big feeling and a good heart in your place my mind is still in your place and i said to my self i need to go to your place just to see personally what really happining in your place not only in news or picture that i was heard and watch..still you were blessed that you have been incountered and seen in your eyes what war is it!! and i know that our creator himself have a things for you to be god bless you friend ..peace be with you and your place too and your family too.but sometimes it's hard to forget the pain in your mind and in your heart specially when you are one of those who became a victim of wrong war that we face too.
I agree with you .. thanks :)
I'm so happy to hear your words because I agree with you. All these violence and fights are so primitive. We must get over this and go ahead toward a more peaceful and developed life.
When I talk about it with my family, they always say that I'm not realistic because the other side will never cooperate. My father says: "if they could, they would kill us all..." and I was very happy to show him your letter today to show him how wrong he is.
You are right, our behavior is based on old beliefs related to old times. It's not easy to change people's beliefs but this is the only way to advance toward more normal life. I think this change can happened only with the support of the media and the education in the both sides.
Yes .. media, culture, and education are the best ways to make the change ...
thanks !
Jehad Salaam, Shalom!

What a wonderful breath of fresh air in your post. I agree with everything that you have said. I do believe, however, that peace comes from the desire of people and not politicians who have their own agendas and peace is not always their priority. If the simple people on both the Israeli and Palestinian side wish to engage in dialogue then they can apply pressure on their political leaders to start the dialogue. In fact, politicians should be the servants of the people and reflect their desires. After all, it is the people who vote for the politicians in a democratic society. Unfortunately, the people turn out to be the tools of the politicians and this is the reason why peace between Israelis and Palestinians is so evasive.

In fact, I do believe that every Internet site devoted to peace and dialogue will become more powerful in the future and politicians will have to take note of this. Mepeace will have an increasingly important role to play in this regard. There are many people out there - Israelis and Palestinians who have had enough of this pointless conflict. Yes, I agree. We must not live in the past despite the painful history of both sides. Instead we must learn from our history and go forward and not to repeat the awful mistakes of the past.

We just have to work harder at it and we will get there - the peace we all need so desperately.

Regards and Good Luck in your endeavours.



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