For the ninth time, hosted the monthly conference call on compassion. With the baby now full term, it's time to reassess. What works well with the call format? What aspects can be strengthened? What features should be changed? How can participation be made more inclusive?
Your ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome. Speak up for change!

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I think, in general terms, can be proud of what it offers in terms of online events. I don't know any other similar platform that offers so many regular events. During the course of one month, our peacemakers can potentially take part in 5 events (2 Chat Workshops, 2 Online Peace Talks & 1 Conference Call for Compassion). Thus, in theory, there is more than enough space for dialogue on site.

Now, some notes on the Conference Call for Compassion:

1. I think it should once more be stressed that the Conference Call for Compassion is closely connected to the Charter of Compassion, unveiled in November 2009. That month also marked the first Conference Call for Compassion organized by I am saying that because I think it's crucial to make this very charter an element in each individual call. The charter should actually be the basis of our (topic-related) discussions.

2. The call is hosted on Skype, and not, as our two other online event formats, in the MEPEACE Chat. Using Skype (obviously) makes it possible for us to talk to each other, to hear our voices -- another important element of the concept of compassion itself..listening (which was in fact our topic for yesterday's call). While this is the clear advantage of Skype, there might be some disadvantages concerning accessibility. Not everybody uses Skype, obviously, and, besides that, having to access another tool to take part in a mepeace event might sound a bit inconvenient to some. Still, in my view, Skype is the optimal solution for hosting such a call.

3. A word on participation:
While the number of participants has turned out satisfactory in all calls so far, some participants of yesterday's call argued that there was an excess of 'Westernized' peacemakers. It was even argued that the whole format as such is 'Westernized'. While we should not focus on labelling people (you Jew, you American, you Palestinian,...), especially not on a site like ours, we should acknowledge the fact of little participation from Palestinians.
My suggestion is the following: Everyone who's a 'fan' of the Conference Calls should do some effort to bring others to the call, via personal invitations. Tell your friends about the call, look for them on Skype at the time of the call, spread the word in your organization, faculty,... This approach will hopefully not only increase Palestinian participation but participation as such.

Compassion is a universal concept. It is not 'Westernized'. It is a concept shared by the whole humanity.
Therefore, our Conference Calls for Compassion are open to everybody..the topic of compassion and the format of the call do, in my opinion, not prevent anybody from participating.
Dear Olivar Haeck,
peace activists may wish to be aware of forces off the planet influencing human behavior. I cant
attend your conference, but some information is enclosed.
September 22, 2010 to help calm the Sun, Earth, and all its peoples. More information is attached. Please help pass it on.
Planetary Influences on the Earth e-book

Buryl Payne,
former Boston Univ. professor



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