Remembering April 24th, Israeli Palestinian Memorial Day

April 24th, has been designated Israeli Palestinian Memorial Day.  What the day commemorates is both Israelis and Palestinians, who have died in the perpetual sectarian violence.  I was in Tel-Aviv, where at in Rabin Square, renamed from the Kings of Israel Square, after Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated there.  Within the square, were coffins draped with both Israeli and Palestinian flags, to show how many have died from the violence, since both Rabin and Yasir Arafat signed the Oslo Accords.  You may want to offer your view, no matter what it may be, on what this day signifies to you.

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Thank you for posting this.  I did not know about this.  This is a very good idea.  Hopefully both sides will come together in memorial and realize that there has to be a better way to work things out.  Hopefully one day they will end their family feud that has lasted so long and realize that they are just distant cousins.  Hopefully they will embrace each other as the family that they really are and begin treating each other as such.  The planet will be much safer if that happens in Israel and in other places of war.  We are one human family and the sooner that our global family feud ends the sooner our global family reunion will begin.  Please check out my website or please see my you tube channel Going For A Global Truce.  Please check out as well, Please say write, pray and say "May Peace Prevail on Earth and Let It Begin With Me!" now and at least twice per day, when you wake and right before you go to sleep.  Please make a list of the non violent action that you can take to help peace to prevail of Earth then please begin to take those actions. Please help me spread the word to all humanity that a global truce and a global cease fire is possible.   


Michelle Rosenthal

What you are saying is very appropriate, but it is not just limited to the individual praying and hoping.  I have dealt with a large number of both Israelis and Palestinians, who have said "we cannot go on like this any longer, this has got to stop!"  I have dealt with them as Bereaved Families in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, and you can deal with them internationally as Combatants for Peace.  They are a minority in dealing with their respective governments, but with outside assistance, they can start becoming a loud voice to hear.  This is not just a fringe effort, but can start becoming the acceptable norm.  But it is educating a large number of people in these areas, but especially all abroad.

Michelle, while you are praying, I ask you to reflect on the huge number of Palestinian villages that were lost at the time of the Israeli conquest. Many of the people from these villages have lived in refugee camps ever since, whilst their land and homes have been integrated into kibbutz’s:


Curiously, a few of these villages have remained deserted, and the original inhabitants are well aware of the fact that their villages were not incorporated into any kibbutz; but when they requested to be allowed to return, they were always refused.

This is the time to pray that these Palestinians be allowed to return and rebuild their homes. Remember, they owned - legally owned - the land on which they resided up until 1948.


Sussan - of course you left out praying for the Jewish refugees from Arab countries getting payment for all the suffering they have gone through and pray for teh end of insitemnet and jihad from Palestinan official channels.

I wonder what would happen if a similar thing were to happen in the center of Ramallah or Gaza - what would they do to those who use the Israeli flag to promote peace... Always interesting that it is the Israelis who promote such never hear such things coming out of the Palestinain territories - does anyone else have an issue with that?

I will quote Ronald Reagan, and say "Well, there you go again."  Let us get back into this contest of who suffered the most, who has the right to be there, and who does not.  It seems people are going to have to evince this concept, because we cannot negate the past.  In 2000, Israel dropped its claim that Mizrahi be compensated for ANY property that was left behind, when they did aliyah to Israel.  If you are so adamant that not be a closed situation, then I highly recommend that you get in contact with Israel's Foreign Ministry, and state that is should be re-opened.  I am curious to find out what type of response you will receive.  That is like when it was stated that the government of Israel, forbids Mizrahi from going back to where they originally came from.  The only thing an Israeli citizen would have to do is get an Iranian visa out of the Swiss Embassy in Tel-Aviv, buy an airline ticket to somewhere like Amsterdam or Frankfort, then from there go to Tehran, and there is nothing that the Israeli government can do to stop them.  As for what comes through the Palestinian media from Gaza, I have seen how vehement it is.  But can they afford that type of denial, when all of their essential commodities such as diesel fuel, water, electricity, and certain medications come in from Israel?  Whether it is liked or not, Israel is there to stay, and they are going to have to learn how to live with it.  You hit the nail right on the head, when you said "promote peace."  Peace is going to have to be promoted, because there is no other alternative, so the contest is going to have to end.  Because holding onto it, is just going to feed into the overall conflict.

Tim - Israel dropped its claim? What?!?!?!?!  Where is your source, I feel like you just made taht up - please back this up, or else simply appologize for spewing nonsense.

You also might want to read the following article that actually has facts :

then you can appologize.

At ease soldier.  The information that you provided me, indicates that in 2010 the Knesset passed a law, to reinstate that claim.  But the sources that they came from are from three sources:  First of all, Michael R. Fischbach, professor of history at Randolph-Macon College, and author of "Records of Dispossession:  Palestinian Refugee Property and the Arab-Israeli Conflict," and the websites of Israel Science and Technology, and the United Nations Works and Relief Agency.  But Great Britain is greatly pressuring the Palestinians to drop their claim to the right to return.  If the Palestinians do so, then Israel will go back and rescind their claim once again.  The White Hall -- the British Foreign Minister -- says these counterclaims are just holding up the process of creating a two-state solution, which they are right.  This show two things:  first thing is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict desperately need international mediation, and second of all, you do not apologize, you just be flexible.  Because no matter how much I have be accused of inflaming one side or the other, I am just trying to work with both sides, so that they can coexist with each other.  That requires flexibility too.

So your source is the journal of Palestinian studies which says

 "In U.S.-sponsored negotiations in 2000, Israel announced it would drop its counterclaim policy and agreed with the Palestinians that individual compensation would be paid out to all sides from an international fund."

So this quote is sorta saying  Israel in essence WOULD be willing to drop their claim IF Palestinians did the same. This would be in exchange for compenation being paid to ALL refugees, of course.


Do you not see how diffrent that is from "In 2000, Israel dropped its claim that Mizrahi be compensated for ANY property that was left behind"


According to this  theoretical situation that would work for both sides... I would apprecite in the future if you would check your facts before writing outlandish propaganda.

You are not working both sides by making up facts just damaging the truth.


Actually, I did not get it from the Journal of Palestinian Studies, I got it directly from his book.  Also, that is what White Hall is claiming, drop these claims because they are just holding up the creation of a two-state solution.  As for an international fund, that is already set up by the United Nations Works and Relief Agency, but it just has not be dispersed.  It is wondered whether it will ever be dispersed too.  If they were to both drop their claims, then that would be for everyone's benefit.  Since I am not taking sides, then everything I say will be considered propaganda.  The way I answer that is, it is like cold water, you will get use to it.  Because the side taking got so silly, that I was accused of being an outsider telling Jews what to do.  How can I be an outsider, when according to the Halacha, someone is considered Jewish when they have a Jewish mother.  My mother was a Sephardic Jew, so what does that make me?  I guess the popular answer is now, a liar.

So what you are saying is that Israel never dropped this claim correct? So what you said previously was just an innaccurate potrail of teh truth.  There was never talk about good idea bas idea it is a simple concept, state facts, dont fabricate them, even if they are similar to statements you read somewhere.  What makes someone a liar, is not their heritage it is telling non-truths.

That Sephardi (mother) claim is wearing a little thin as far as I am concerned. It is your propensity in stretching the truth that is being attacked, not your heritage.

It seems that the concept of truth has to be defined.  Is it simply because I state one thing, and somebody else states another?  So I state another, then that makes me a liar?  When you sworn in to testify, you are asked "Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth?"  Then the court will decipher what is actually the truth, with the lawyers' cross examining during testimony, the presiding judge, and the jury.  It seems like what truth simply is here is going along with someone's elitist extremism.  So, if I am to go along with that, then people are just going to have to disappointed.  Because elitist, is when someone has not been in the situation in question thoroughly. in this case Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.  Extremist is when it is claimed that these people suffered more than any other people in the world.  That will put you into conflict with other people and their respective histories.  Suffering it not to be made into a contest, but people love doing it.  The Sephardic mother is a story I made up, just to sound chic.  Would you like to test my DNA?



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