Dear Peace Makers:

For those who joined us yesterday on the Peace Café I hope all of you enjoyed it, all of us did a great job and I am very proud of all of you. For those who weren’t able to join us our hearts were with you.

I have a help request for community and friends :
A friend of mine who lives in Jerusalem-an Arab Israeli- was lucky to receive a scholarship from Politecnico di Milano University in Milan-Italy to continue her Master Degrees in M.B.A in English language. She is one of the most determinant and brilliant people, she has graduated from BirZeit University with a B.A Degree in Accounting . Unfortunately the University was able to cover half of her scholarship not including the accommodation or any other fees, now she is trying to cover the other half so she won't lose her dream in continue he masters degree. The scholarship cost is 40,000 EURO's the university was able to cover 20,000 EUROS', luckily she was able to get a loan from Politecnico di Milano`s bank with 15,000 EURO'S , her family's financial situation can't allow them to cover a 5000 EURO's for her, and now she is working hard to cover the rest of the amount as soon as possible.
My request for you here that if anyone of you knows about any organization or institute that can offer help in covering a part of or all of the amount, or even would like to offer help personally please contact me on my e-mail address or, also you can contact me on my Cell Phone:- 00972-54-5784642.

Best Regards .

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Dear Peacemakers,

This is Ibrahim, a young man from the war-stricken area (Gaza) and a new member of MEPEACE. In fact, I have lately joined the group with the belief that we can make the change and improve our lives to the better. I am sure, my friends, that all of us have dreams and hope they come true one day. One of the common dreams that the majority of us have is pursuing our high education abroad. Imagine the chance emerges, but some obstacles appeared on your face. I totally believe that you won't be able to overcome any without assitance, no matter of its kind.

To this end, when received Anas' request, my head was full of many thoughts. Finally, I came up with two good suggestions: the first, is that I personally would like to donate $100 and hope all the members donate any in-kind assistance that can help our sister alleviate the financial crisis she is passing through. The second suggestion represents in looking for NGO's, institutions or any related body that can help our sister overcome the obstacle.

We are more than 2000 peacemakers in this platform, and if each member gives any in-kind assistance ($5 - $100) or more depending on his/her financial status, I am sure that it would be possible to solve this problem and help our sister see the light at the end of the tunnel.



Ibrahim K. Abu Sobeih
Freelance Journalist, translator, interpreter, projects coordinator, fundraiser and peace activist
Mob.: +972 (599) 620 333
Tel.: +972 (8) 2065523
thank you ibrahim, we are looking forward for more assistant, if most of peacemakers in here respond like you in each one wy, this problem will be solved, i do know now what is the meaning of being in a peace community, thanks alot
This is the meaning of being in a human community where people help each other.

If we can, and wish a friend why not do it?

I think that some practicalities will not work in Ibrahim suggestion but we have a network and in that we have some people with contacts and abilities.

we may work on the request to be clearer and address it through the network in facebook and here and the see if we can help you get the help you needed.
MMMMMMMMMMM. any more ideas Peace makers, come on my community, we do need your help and your asistant
Try contact Marc Gopin and his friends here, ask them if they know a route.
Anas, write the message in Arabic and Hebrew and then send the link as an email to every member of the site.

Cheers. See you soon.
mmmmmmm in hebrow , its little a bit hard , but i will give it a try , thank you alot max,
אתה יודע איך לכתוב
hehehe max, what a developments in hebrow, you lucky thou but i wont say why in here
maybe we need Italian ... should we ask MAry Rizzo help?
Why not Neri? She might actually be interested in doing something other than just propaganda and should have sympathetic and resourceful contacts in Italy.
yes please neri! any thing my community, any assistant would be perfect



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