Settlements have been a key issue of discussion on mepeace.  For those people who find aerial maps/satellite images a useful tool to visualize what
is happening on the ground please see below.  Please add your own sites.

 Part 1.


Viewing settlements using Google Earth

Map of Checkpoints

Map of Israeli separation barrier

Maps – Depopulated villages – Historical photos


In addition I have been compiling my own maps on settlements. I hope to update the links as time passes.

Part 2.

Important site to see responses to protests  


Joseph Dana is an amazing guy that documents various solidarity actions of Israelis working alongside Palestinians in their struggle for recognition and dignity.


For example see:

Nabi Salih 29 October 2010


Part 3. A sample of mepeace discussions on settlements


The Freezing Deadline

Posted by Shimon Z. Klein on September
26, 2010


by Hook and by Crook How to build an illegal settlement

Added by Sandra Twang on August 24,


Former MK Uri Avnery intends to attend the Knesset debate on the boycott of settlement

Posted by Hiba on May 21, 2010


Posted by Greta Zeit on October 1, 2009


Israeli Interior Minister: US Can’t Stop Settlement Expansion

Posted by Basil Keilani on August 11,


The existence of an occupation and the building of settlements....

Posted by Basil Keilani on July 1,


Did you listen to Netanyaho? What do you think?

Posted by Neri Bar-On on June 14, 2009


Barak: We didn't bow to Obama on West Bank outpost evacuation

Posted by Neri Bar-On on May 21, 2009


Barak to settlers: We`ll dismantle illegal outposts by force if not by dialogue (Haaretz)

Posted by Neri Bar-On on May 20, 2009


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This is very helpful. Thanks, Stewart!
Thanks Stewart for the useful links.

On the ground this is the impact of settlements.


As Joseph Dana notes - while Arabs resisting oppressive regimes are championed in the West.  The same concern is not given to Palestinian Arabs resisting military occupation. 


On the one hand it is heart-warming to see Jewish-Israelis standing alongside Palestinians as one resisting occupation.  On the other hand it is a dismal state, seeing them handcuffed and taken away.  Denying Jewish-Israelis a right to see what occupation and settlements mean first hand will only hurt Israel in the long-term.





Strage how you dont show the pictures of children with bombs strapped to their bodies sent to kill innocents.  Or women who hide knives to stab a soldier at a checkpoint or terrorist shooting rockets into civilian areas.  The checkpoints and barriers are there to stop them - let not forget that.... Its always very easy to show half the story but we all must understand the 100 words a picture speaks is still not the whole book.

Jeff, I accept this is how you feel about the situation, however, I read the events in a profoundly different way to you.


Please feel welcome to set up a separate discussion on this topic.


This discussion is focused on the face of settlements.  To acknowledge the pain caused to Palestinians and acknowledge those within the Jewish community who courageously support fellow human beings at great cost to themselves.







The area in grey is closed to Palestinians


I am not quite sure what you are trying to say with this map.Is not most of Judea and Samaria off limits to Israelis?


Stewart is saying that much of the WEST BANK is off limits to the Arabs that live there.

Calling the place Judea and Samaria is like trying to call Istanbul - Constantinople; or New York - New Amsterdam. If you want to call the place Judea, I think you should also support the return of all native names to every place in Canada and US – Australia too!

The reality is more serious than the maps show, Israel insists that in final status peace negotiations there is to be a wide swath of land along the entire border between Jordan and the WEST BANK that is always under the military control of Israel.

This means that Israel would have full control of every West Bank border. I do not see how that could constitute a viable State, given the exceedingly poor relationship between Palestine and Israel.


There have been articles written in the past few years showing the dismal conditions that the Indians in both Canada and the USA live in. The reservations are worse than the "refugee" camps. Alcoholism, Suicide is very high  Their language, their religion and their way of life has been taken away.


I do not see them murdering or committing terrorism.


Yes I do agree that Canada, the USA, Australia belong to the natives not the squatter that came in and stole their land and very soul.



One of the solutions being floated is to make Judea and Samaria a Bi-national State with the citizens having either Jordanian or Israeli citizenship. That I believe would allow the parties to regain trust as well as pave the way for a future peaceful disposition of  the problem.


The problem of the refugees would be handled withing their countries where they reside.


I am open to discuss these points with you or anyone else here.

Reward the occupier or seek a just solution 


Windsfeather, Michael's notion is disappointing to say the least.  


All his notion does is reward the occupier and set a bad precedent for international law.  His notion says all you have to do is conquer a land, settle it and it is yours.  This is the process of colonisation has been rejected in the 20th Century.  Michael, uses the language of the coloniser by using the terms Judea and Samaria, instead of using a term which acknowledge a more accurate state of affairs.  Michael will deny Israel is a coloniser.  That is what supporters of colonisation do.  But the events of 1967-present only indicate a process of colonisation by one state over another people.  This is part of a chain of events that date back to 1917 and the repercussion of Europeans taking control of the former Ottoman Palestine (Bilad el-Sham).



1. Accept the defacto one state solution that already exists (ie Israel and the occupied/controlled entities of West Bank and Gaza) and give all inhabitants citizenship.  




2. Accept a two state solution where Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders (or some negotiated variation), allow a just response to the refugees, ensured a shared capital of Jerusalem, ensure full diplomatic relations with neighbouring states.





What is so holy about the 1967 "borders" and why not the 1921 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine configuration. Are you aware that 238 and 242 do not mention any Palestinians not does the 1921 Mandate. Are you also aware that Israel and both Egypt and Israel and Jordan have all agreed on their borders.


Sorry to tell you but there is no such a concept as 1967 border but rather 1949 Armistice Lines. My understanding is that Armistice Lines are subject to negotiations and the Arabs refused to negotiate 1949 to 1967 and than tried to force new Lines through its aggression. While there was a pre-emptive strike on Egypt and Syria, this was not the case with Jordan.


Can you perhaps enlighten me as to where Geneva stands on wars of self defense? It is interesting that you call Israel the aggressor when history tells us otherwise. Was not King Hussein warned by the USA not to initiate fighting?


Let me ask therefore what is the problem with a bi-national state in Judea and Samaria with Jordanian and  Israeli citizens living side by side in peace and harmony and with time trust can ensue and the residents can decide what they want.


BTW. Do you consider yourself a citizen of Scotland or are you a proud Australian? Citizen is given to all persons in the world by the country of their birth and not the country of their ancestry. None of the Pakistanis can return to India post 1949 when the country was split and vice versa. Canadians of Italian ancestry are not citizens of Italy  and cannot move there at will etc, etc.





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