Settler terrorism and hatred should be exposed, for peace

The settlers are terrorists and they teach their children hatred. They are protected by a security guard system funded by the Israeli government, and many compare this security system to Blackwater USA, the terrorist mercenaries sent to Iraq that murdered thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

Here's a link to Sam Bahour's web site which translates an Israeli report on the Settlers efforts to create tension in Silwan near Jerusalem and expel Palestinians.

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Ray Hanania

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Gush Etzion is on land that was ethnically cleansed of Jews in 1947/8.
Hillel knows the history of attacks against jews and closes his mind to the history of Jews attacking Palestinians ... that's the tragedy of israel. Blinders when it comes to their atrocities, denial and counterclaims. I have never heard an Israeli ever admit that their people have brutalized and continue to brutalize palestinians, or that the siege of Gaza is inhumane, or that Israei soldiers routinely shoot and kill palestinian civilians ...

That's the problem with the Middle East peace ... the Israelis don't want it as a society (there are individuals like some on this list who are great) ... they think that the status quo is going to make Israel safe but eventually the peacemakers will be replaced by fighters, thanks to Israel's policies, and all hell will break out again ... it's guaranteed ... maybe the Arabs will win one day ... I know we'd treat the Israelis better than they treat us ...


When did armed Jews start to attack non-Jews in Palestine?

Can you please cite some examples before the 1947/8 wars?
Hi Basil,

I think that several times I have acknowledged here that some Palestinians were expelled in 1947/8.

The love-fests between 1929 and 1936 against Jews Hillel mentioned above are only some of the similar events from that time. To the best of my knowledge, NO non-Jews were really so blessed by love-fests initiated by Jews in that (then not so) Holy Land during that time. These love-fests set the scene for what happened next.

Several times I have also stated here before that in 1947 a brutal and vicious CIVIL WAR started essentially between the Jews and Muslims in what was then Palestine. The armies of the neighboring Arab States entered the fray in 1948, and those armies killed or expelled ALL the Jews from the lands they conquered and then they kept the lands they conquered. The West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza were successfully and completely ethnically cleansed of Jews by the Arab Armies. Despite all the hostilities, very significant numbers of non-Jews remained in what became Israel.

Both Jews and Non-Jews considered that they could and would be annihilated were they to loose the initial civil and then wider war. The Jews of The West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza were completely annihilated whilst very substantial numbers of non-Jews who remained in Israel were not.


  1. Do you disagree with any of the above?
  2. Is any of the information above wrong or misleading in any way about 1947/8?
  3. Am I hiding or denying anything?

None of the above of course relates directly though to what Ray intended discuss now.
Blackwater USA is a terrorist organization and the news exposes on their actions are so common and available ... they are mercenaries killers ... low life scum ... your friend laughed because he knows in his heart how true it is ... look it up online in some of the newspaper reports ... Blackwater "guards" shooting women and children as they drive through iraqi communities

As for the settlers, they are always nice when someone is Israeli or jewish visiting with them ... but ask them to help a palestinian defend his land and watch the hysteria explode in their dark minds ...

I know some Hamas people, too, and they are very nice ...

All I can add is that when I took the tour Breaking the Silence provided in July the young men who had served in teh Jewish military confirmed that their role was to protect the settlers NOT the Palestinians. I respect these young people for "breaking the silence" and learned what feels like an endless amount from hearing them witness their personal experiences as soldiers in the West Bank. I love their honesty, courage and love. May we all find peace, Mary



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