text-indent:-9.0pt;line-height:normal;tab-stops:.5in;mso-layout-grid-align:<br /> none;text-autospace:none;direction:rtl;unicode-bidi:embed">She
was like an angel
"Comic Sans MS";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"""> when I saw her dancing
with a group of classmates in Alassria Cultural Center in Jabalia Refugee Camp.
I didn’t see her for three years. I asked my friend Abdallah Abuzaiter, the
instructor “isn’t she the girl from Abulaish family who joined our summer camp in
Alassria before three years, didn’t she die in the last war on Gaza?”. Abdallah
says: “No Adham, she is still alive, don’t you see here in front of your eyes?
She is Esraa Abulaish, who joined the summer camp and was with you in the song
mso-ascii-font-family:"Comic Sans MS";mso-hansi-font-family:"Comic Sans MS""">

text-indent:-9.0pt;line-height:normal;tab-stops:.5in;mso-layout-grid-align:<br /> none;text-autospace:none;direction:rtl;unicode-bidi:embed">Honestly,
I didn’t believe Abdallah and asked her to come, to check myself she is Esraa.
Yes, she is Esraa, Thanks GOD. Sadly, I thought Esraa was killed during the war
when Israeli missile targeted their house. I didn’t remember her name at the
horrible time of the war. Now I realize the truth that she is not the daughter of
Dr. Ezzaldeen Abulaish, He is her uncle and the
four girls who were killed are her cousins, Besan 20, Mayar 15, Aya 14 and Noor
14 years old.
mso-ascii-font-family:"Comic Sans MS";mso-hansi-font-family:"Comic Sans MS";<br />

text-indent:-9.0pt;line-height:normal;tab-stops:.5in;mso-layout-grid-align:<br /> none;text-autospace:none;direction:rtl;unicode-bidi:embed">"Comic Sans MS";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black"">Esraa is 11
years old. She has a strong desire and continues her life despite of the
massacre she witnessed during the war on Gaza.

text-indent:-9.0pt;line-height:normal;tab-stops:.5in;mso-layout-grid-align:<br /> none;text-autospace:none;direction:rtl;unicode-bidi:embed">"Comic Sans MS";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black"">She is still
the lovely girl I met in the summer camp. I talked with her but didn’t mention
to my previous thought that she was killed and the tragedy death of her cousins
trying not to remind her of the horrific memories.

text-indent:-9.0pt;line-height:normal;tab-stops:.5in;mso-layout-grid-align:<br /> none;text-autospace:none;direction:rtl;unicode-bidi:embed">color:black""> She went back to the
activity with a shiny smile and keeps dancing with the group like a little
mso-ascii-font-family:"Comic Sans MS";mso-hansi-font-family:"Comic Sans MS";<br />

color:black"">I wish115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";mso-ascii-font-family:"Comic Sans MS";<br /> mso-hansi-font-family:"Comic Sans MS";color:black"> font-family:"Comic Sans MS";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black"">Esraa
and the Palestinian children all the happiness and peace in their life.

color:black"">Please kindly watch this report about the tragedy of mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman""">Dr. Ezzaldeen Abulaish family. He is a messenger of peace and
serves in Palestinian and Israeli Hospitals. He is nominated for Nobel Peace
Prize and surely he deserves it."Times New Roman""">

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I heard about this horrific murder when it happened. I can not I want to see justice for this man! nothing can bring his daughters back to life , but the stupid idiot evil soldiers that did this needs to go to jail and most importantly their commanders , I am so so so sorry for this man
By coincidence, there were two stories on Dr. Abuelaish in the Toronto Star on April 17 and April 19th. Here are the links:

His commitment to peace, his moral strength and his capacity for love are as amazing as they are inspirational. Since arriving in Toronto, he has pursued an unending round of speaking engagements in addition to carrying out his university responsibilities. May he be an example to us all. And may those responsible for his and other tragedies be held accountable.
What proof do you have of the rules being interpreted "loosely"? Could you tell us, then, what an armed force is to due in such a situtation, taking all possible dangers into account (booby traps, ambushes you name it). So, if there is gunfire coming from a poisition, you are supposed to "hesitate"? What kind of army training is that? It certainly wasn't the training I received. In other words, this is not a "loose interpretation of engagement" but a very strict and important one and universal for any conventional army. If there is gunfire coming from "Position A" during combat, it must be pacified immediately for the mission to continue and all units to maintain full capacity and not to suffer losses. I can't see how you don't see that.

Your interpretation of the situation is really not a good basis to build on, sorry, and seeks to place blame unnecessarily towards army units who operate under circumstances you've never experienced... or have you?
Abulaish does not demand the incarceration of those who you perceive as criminals. The good doctor understands the circumstances and in his wisdom does not place blame on certain individuals but towards the entire situation that has befallen him.

He can understand it, why not you...?
All I can admire is the strength of this man. He receives all my respect as a good human being. It is sad to hear his story and know that he lost his beloved children. Harrowing.
I saw Dr. Abulaish speak to a group of Jews and Arabs in Canada. It was very touching and painful. He is still a believer in co-existence between our nations even with what he has gone through. I have alot of respect for this man who uses his pain and trauma to call for an end to all violence.
On Wednesday, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interviewed Dr. Abulaish on the evening news programme As it happens. The broadcast of that interview is available at the following link:

As usual, listening to him I cried.



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