Why we, the Arabs and particularly the Palestinians, when we come to describe and evaluate any President elected by his nation in this wide world as " standing with us or standing against us".? What are the real standards adopted by us to come out with this evaluation? Are the nations while approaching ballot box to select their leaders, primarily taking into consideration that candidate's proximity to Arabs fantasy?
In this context, what would we expect from President Barack Obama? Do we expect from him to put aside his country's interest and start recruiting USA resources to discover first what Arabs are really want? and if he does so, does he obtain consensus from them on one issue has been discovered? Does President Barack Obama stand with us or against us?

I have a suggestion and request from President Barack Obama!
" Mr President, Please don't stand with us and against Israel !!! Please stand beside us and Israel and force both to conclude Just peace from your own perspective! because we " the Arabs" and the Israelis both failed in War and in peace!!!

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Why is two states NOT the logical conclusion?
First of all you are stereotyped thinking the arabs are sterotyped. Who said that the arabs are one-way thinking? Stop stereotyping arabs and think globally.
Every nation watches the other's elections. and if it is not important for them they simply neglect it. All the people are interested in the elections that in some degree close to them or affect them directly or in directly, and no body here is interested in the elections in Micronesia, for example.
just look how the west and israel interested in the elections in Lebanon. How much they invested financially and propagandically for the one who is good for them to win. Even the americans and the europeans wish that the winning in the israeli elections for example to be by their side and serve their interests. Didnt you see how the west and israel were fighting to let Musavi get the presidential chair? Why? simply because he's good for them.

so, stop stereotyping arabs as one entity and one mentality.

For Obama, just the gullibles think that he is good or bad for us, he is only good for the Americans and all what he is doing is to serve America by getting out of the hell of Iraq and Afganistan, he doesnt pay any attentions to your stereotyped arabs but to serve his nation and Israel of course.

Obama can never care for the arabs more than for Israel. He is with the Israelis more than the arabs and would never satisfy your wishful thinking of helping the arabs but only those who serve his policies in the region, and Israel serves the American interest the best in this region.
I think also we should avoid stereotype people, and I agree with you that the public opinion is in general tend to focus on "internal interests" and judge other "external elements" if it is good or bad for them.

For that reason I see Obama in a positive rule for Palestine, but I also think his consciousness is wider then what you describe, for recognizing our ability to live in peace and care for the other who used to be considered as "enemy" we must assume we are all, from you and me to Obama can recognize the humanity and the needs of the others and see our interest to solve problems that bring pain and suffering to other people.
I have noticed that this is something Jews and Arabs have in common: constantly checking who is with us and who is against us and how much. I am wondering if there isn’t a better way of thinking about this, less tribal and more constructive. Because I don’t actually see anything changing in the near future. The US will likely always be more supportive of Israel because it is perceived as being “Western”. Regardless of how pro-Palestinian Obama is or isn’t, he will always be seen as pro-Israel until he becomes more Palestinian than Palestinians. The same is true of Jews and Israelis: we know that the US is supportive but we assume that they will side with the Palestinians because the Palestinians are the underdogs.

What if we stop caring what the world thinks and who sides with who and actually dealt directly, honestly and openly with each other. In the end, the US does not care about either of us all that much and we are the ones who have to pay the price.

Sorry, a little off topic.
What if we stop caring what the world thinks and who sides with who and actually dealt directly, honestly and openly with each other. In the end, the US does not care about either of us all that much and we are the ones who have to pay the price.
Mr. Corey, in these beautiful words, you've exposured the theme of this article, that's what I'm trying to say to my fellow cronies . You know, those questions incorporated within the article are the essence of every political dialogue taken place here, since Pres, Barack Obama has been elected as Pres. To the USA, one more thing I wanted to tell you, If I myself have been elected to be Pres. to the USA, I can't be otherwise……!! Thank You :)
I was thinking about your post while coming home and I realized I am actually following my own advice but didn't think of it that way. I am working for Peace Camp Ottawa this summer and we are bringing a group of Palestinian and Israel youth from Jerusalem. They will be meeting with Canadian Aborginal youth for a discussion on identity, and connections to the land. It will be discussed as three different nations/cultures comparing and contrasting their lives as equals and not as a competition with each other of who suffers more (I hope).

This is a different way than what we are used to. The Jewish community here works with Aboriginal Canadians on community building. Many Palestinians (I am told) compare themselves to Aboriginals. Both are trying to compete for the attention of the strong (USA) and the week (Aboriginal) groups. Both groups should be community building with each other. There are local groups and individuals that try to work on Arab-Jewish relations but they are the minority.
The Palestinians are not the only people with a one-dimensional standard for evaluating world leaders.  Certainly the Jews are as guilty as any group.  US presidents are judged by whether or not they support the policies of the Israeli government without question.  Obama's wonderful speech in Cairo, so full of nuance and sympathy for both sides of the Israel/Palestine dispute, was disliked by many spokespeople for the American Jewish community because 1.  Obama came out against West Bank settlement and 2.  Obama did not mention that the Jewish association with Israel goes back to Biblical times. 

Bush, who for my money did nothing substantive to further peace, was well-liked by these leaders because he never questioned any of Israel's policies, even while many of these policies were opposed by large political blocs within Israel!

I think it is a human property we all share all over the world, Guilt will not help us, but being conscious about it can help us maneuver when we are Israelis/Jews or Palestinian/Arabs.

we can see that the future that we need to create must include all of us, and for that the external voice of Obama help us direct ourselves to a better good.

We are people of the wolrd and this humanity, we care for the people of China, Iran and Darfur so we can be open to accept care for our situation for the Palestinian condition and for the wish to end this conflict.



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