Recently, I was contacted by a Canadian, who for some reason, decided to target and create a hate speech propaganda format for my sole pleasure. I found it to be interesting and yet, at the same time a little disturbing and I am thankful for the many supporters who could take the parts of the individual and understand what was being said between the lines. So, I made a large promise and will work towards peace goals to promote success to bring this region of the middle east to viable solutions and peaceful actions.


Honestly, and many of you have seen changes since Eyal started this peace site. I am pretty impressed with all the non governmental organizations that were created or brought in additional programing to securing peace in a long time war torn region.


I am going to bring in the perspective of Katyn massacure and the soviets repression of the Polish citizens from 1939 - 1946. nearly 22,000 people were killed through the POW camps. It was horrifying and the pictures gave a repeated view of death in unknown porportions. It is a very sad part of our history and leads me into to the topic. It takes nearly one mans lifetime to heal. The crimes and criminal behavior do not deminish after resolutions are resolved. Behavorial indifference and tension remain and even taking an individual out of their element (example:granted visas for refugees in war-torn countries), does not change the concept of hate and inception, much like a serial killer, there is a defined difference between a serial killer and a mass murder. A serial killer generally has many traits like a psychopaths lack empathy and guilt, are egocentric and impulsive, and theoretically do not conform to social, moral and legal norms. Instead, psychopaths often follow a distinct set of rules which they have created for themselves. They may appear to be normal and often quite charming, The mission-oriented killers typically justify their acts as "ridding the world" of a certain type of person perceived as undesirable. This is the group that is created through trauma events of a lifetime. Many psychopaths do not become serial killers. The element remains and waits for the conditioning to create and insite hate speech to promote violence.

Targeting Hate groups and striking the right balance to defuse violence through the insightment of hate. One of the most controversial topics that a democratic society faces is the issue of regulating the speech of its citizens. The notion of “free speech” in a democratic society is a misnomer, as social institutions place controls on what can be said, to protect the public. This is certainly the case when speech is classified as obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or hateful, and holds a reasonable potential to be harmful ( Lederer & Delgado 1995 ).  Canadian law criminal code (R.S.C., 1985, c.C-46) Every one who, by communicating statements incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of an indictable offence. Note: many countries have created criminal international codes regarding hate crimes.  Hate speech, for example, is a form of verbal aggression that expresses hatred, contempt, ridicule, or threats toward a specific group or class of people ( Asante 1998 ). Hate speech encompasses verbalizations, written messages, symbols, or symbolic acts that demean and degrade, and, as such, can promote discrimination, prejudice, and violence toward targeted groups. Hate speech often stems from thoughts and beliefs such as hatred, intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, or stereotyping ( Allport 1954 ). Common forms of hate speech include ethnophaulisms, racial slurs and epithets, sexist comments, and homophobic speech.


I bring this topic for the regional discussion because it is a large issue not tapped to the public and yet directly affects how peace will be achieved.


How to achieve viable commitements and defuse tensions to trauma induced citizens and retrain thinking from radicalisation on extremism through the modern communications technologies.

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Is he a member of
This individual is no longer a member. The importance is what is said between the lines and how we can bring dialog to the surface to deal with trauma and pain. How to move forward.



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