The separation wall (or 'apartheid wall', or 'security fence', as some may call it) is without doubt one of the most obvious recent examples of how distant peace and reconciliation still appear to be.

But we should mention the plethora of people who protest against this wall -- on the wall itself. Let's create a small exhibition, showing the creativity and braveness of the people who protest against the wall in this way. Graffitis and slogans don't make the wall more 'human' but they can, in my opinion, still be a strong sign of people's dissent and expression of opinion.

Did you make any photos of the wall? What are your favorite or most meaningful graffitis or writings?
It would be nice to show them here..

I start with a picture I took last year (which also appears on my profile):

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Hi Oliver!
Thanks for sharing.
I went to Israel in 2006.
Unfortunatly, I did not get to go near the wall, nor go into the West Bank at all. (Sine I went with birth right, and I was a little bit scared about going into the West Bank alone).

While on the highway, was able to get one photo of the infamous wall.


I kow that the photo is kind of blury, but you can see a glimpse of a painting on it.

Did you paint the "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" ?



thanks for participating..

"Did you paint the "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" ?"

No, wasn't me.. Besides, I'm not from Berlin, anyway :))

call it what you want - there are so many individual synomyms for this wall, always depending on which side you stand. For certain Israelis the increased plight of the Palestinians due to the wall is justifiable in order to protect Israel from Palestinian suicide bombers/prevent terrorists from entering Israeli towns. For certain Palestinians, however, Israeli (security) policy in its whole (and indeed the existence of Israel) is not justifiable. Those who adhere to reason must build bridges between these two stances before it's too late.

As to the 'brightness', you took my discussion headline a bit too literally. The reason why I posted this discussion was only the idea that we could share (visually) some impressive expressions of protest on the wall itself. As I stated above:
"Graffitis and slogans don't make the wall more 'human' but they can, in my opinion, still be a strong sign of people's dissent and expression of opinion."

By the way, I took the picture in Bethlehem, not far from the Jerusalem-Bethlehem border crossing.

this is not 'my reasoning'. I only repeated what certain Israelis think the wall is good for. I'm not standing on either side but would recommend you to at least take into account the worries of many Israelis. Neither of us in this network is responsible for policies (both in Israel and in the Territories), however. All we can do as a part of civil society is to constantly work towards a mutual understanding and mutual ideas/solutions.

"Even if Palestinians had not utilised suicide attacks, the wall would still have been built."

Well, that is your interpretation, although it's of course a quite one-sided account.

"And I do think Israeli worries are infintesimal compared to the every day worries of oppressesd Palestinians."

That may be correct to an extent, but, still, seeking peace and reconciliation requires taking into account the worries and fears of both sides to the conflict. Pragmatism - not idealist nationalism and stubbornness - is needed here.
There was no "wall" until there was a need for it. Now why does the need exist?

Why are there so many other such barriers in the world?

Note the dates in the document Luc referenced above.

I am speechless, you have read all my thoughts and said them all.
the wall will fall
Walls don't fall on their own Neri. Let us use an active verb here. I/We must/will break/challenge this apartheid wall.
Walls are not built from no reason Mazin, The Palestinian 2nd intifada where Israeli citizens were killed played in the Israeli politics and built the support for the Walls.

I/We must/will break/challenge this as a whole system og combined human tissue and not by blame and hate. The Wall will fall since we are all humans and we need to share the blessing of life, we need to be wise with our actions ... and words.

When you approach me in blame and cynicism as you do, you contribute for the wall between us.

I am sure the two of us can overcome this, but the problem is extended then the two of us it include the Hamas and Fatah extremists as it include the settlers and Zionists extremists - all of the must be included and have needs to be separated as they seek war and aggression.
I personally want people on both sides to be happy, and be able to live in granted peace and secuirty on BOTH SIDES.

However, with that being said, I have to agree with Neri and Oliver on this, that with the wall being errected, it has saved several Israeli lives, and has made it even harder for Palestiian suicide bombers to come in.
(And statistics have shown that the number of suicide and terrorist attacks have gone down).

With that being said, I also feel bad for the Palestinians, whose land has been lost due to the construction of the wall.
I also realize that much of the terrorist attacks against the Israeli civilans were cased by te occupation (curfews and chekpoints). I am told without these, we would see peace.

But I think that people need to realize that we can't turn the clock back.

If the wall does get completely torn down, and the checkpoints and curfews end, can we expect a 100% end to the violence?

I am sure that there are stillgoing to be religious extremists that are going to indict hate and violence.

I also am weary, since I think about a lot of post-colonial contries, and how even more chaos resulted, once the colonizers left.

Again, I want a Free Palestine to exist, just as much as I want Israel to exist as well.

I don't want suffering, oppression, hatred or violene, on EITHER SIDE
Wishful thinking Stephanie that doesnt exist in reality.

How could peace break through the wall? How could a whole people keep silent while humiliated and slaughtered everyday? How could a besieged concentration camp accept your colorfully painted wall? How can a man whose home is demolished believe in peace? How can a man believe in peace while he sees the zionist settlers are eating his flesh a bet more every day?

The wall must fall by the strong beats of the Palestinians and occupation will end sooner or later... not by wishfully dreaming and faking peace but by the power of free freedom fighters (IN BOTH SIDES) if to use your words Stephanie.



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