The separation wall (or 'apartheid wall', or 'security fence', as some may call it) is without doubt one of the most obvious recent examples of how distant peace and reconciliation still appear to be.

But we should mention the plethora of people who protest against this wall -- on the wall itself. Let's create a small exhibition, showing the creativity and braveness of the people who protest against the wall in this way. Graffitis and slogans don't make the wall more 'human' but they can, in my opinion, still be a strong sign of people's dissent and expression of opinion.

Did you make any photos of the wall? What are your favorite or most meaningful graffitis or writings?
It would be nice to show them here..

I start with a picture I took last year (which also appears on my profile):

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Dont you think that we are able to communicate here is a way to go over the wall?

The Israelis need to breat that wall with the Palestinians, I do not think the palestinians can do it alone, as Israel fail to get out of Gaza alone.

Peace is something we do together as a united human tissue of the region.
For now let's just ignore the many other walls that exist today around the world including the one in Belfast between Protestants and Catholics. Most people just ignore them.

Many (self-)righteous people complain bitterly about "The Wall" that was built between Israelis and Palestinians.

What would happen now were we to wave our magic (self-)righteous wand and made "The Wall" that was built between Israelis and Palestinians disappear?
Ask the people in Belfast about the their separation barrier.


Read the transcript at
Apartheid or legitimate need for security?
Israeli officials call their system Hafrada (=segregation which in the Afrikaner language Apartheid). I think you shoud accept their terminology. The notion that it is for security is simply a lie. E.g. Israelis are on both sides of the wall (Lieberman lives near me here in Bethlehem) and Palestinians live on both sides of the wall. So it was certainly not for security because Palestinains on this side of the wall could easily do acts of violence in places like Nokdim and teh same can be said for Palestinians inside the green line and inside East Jerusalem or the dozens of villages caught between teh green line (which was erased) and the wall. ofcourse people know all this and still aim to score points.

Israel call it Security wall, your translation is not accurate and you use it to bring your idea and not to represent truth.

It is sad that the wall is built some Israelis think that if they will not see the Palestinians the problem will disappear, you and me know it is wrong idea, but you inflate it as apartheid is just political language and not represent reality.

as much as you believe that the Palestinians are as the black in Africa your Apartheid claim just weaken the Palestinian need for self determination and build of their National state. your energy is focused on blame and you inflate thing on the ground to justify your blames and hate, Israel is not apartheid , we have a conflict where Israel is clearly stronger in economy and military and you think that you will be able to weaken it by claims that it is apartheid.

We have war where the Palestinians are using bombs and attacking civilians, Israel need to protect it self as I expect that the Palestinians should do, and if some palestinians organizing "violent resistance" they should be stop equally as Israeli need to stop its settlement movement. calling Israel apartheid and trying to fight it economically just make thing worst and not imptove the chances of Palestinian children to live in security and hope.
If Israel really felt the need for a security wall why did they not build it along the internationally recognized 1967 green line.The simple reality of the so called security wall is more part of Israels expansionist policies and also part of its collective punishment of the Palestinian people, than matters of security.....
There should be no need for such walls. That is the real problem.

The rest is just obfuscation. Sorry.. See also .
Dear Mr. Jabbarin,

If "the the WALL is there since Zionism started to exist" then it has been there for at least 2500 years. Because that is when Zionism really started.

Everyone knows that Palestinians are human. Like all other human beings, Palestinians can and do make mistakes.
Dear Mr. Jabbarin,

Are you yourself not one a (self-)chosen People?

Are you yourself not one of the (self-)chosen Palestinian People?

Have not the (self-)chosen Palestinian People erected their own (idealised and ideological) walls?
Dear Naim,

Jabotenski's idea of IRON WALL is not representing the Zionist idea, Jabotenski was a minority at his time.

The conflict strengthen the extremists within us, so in Israel we have more people who think in expansionist policies and in Palestine more people think in violent resistance terms.

our common enemy is the extremists from both side who think in a one state solution, a Jewish state by the Israeli extremists, and Arab (if not Muslim) state from the Palestinian extremists.

any solution need to address the need of the whole population, Arab and Jews hence a two state stage is important for the next 15 years.
Bint Yassin

I do not think the Wall was needed to be built, but when the people who supported the idea manage to get the political power this project was abused by the settlers element of the Israeli society.

The political process needed the security element to get the decision maker to make the needed decision, when that decision was made the process was abused by the more extremist in the Israeli society.

I guess that the wall will not be finished, especially if we will manage to get the political support for two state stage.



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