The separation wall (or 'apartheid wall', or 'security fence', as some may call it) is without doubt one of the most obvious recent examples of how distant peace and reconciliation still appear to be.

But we should mention the plethora of people who protest against this wall -- on the wall itself. Let's create a small exhibition, showing the creativity and braveness of the people who protest against the wall in this way. Graffitis and slogans don't make the wall more 'human' but they can, in my opinion, still be a strong sign of people's dissent and expression of opinion.

Did you make any photos of the wall? What are your favorite or most meaningful graffitis or writings?
It would be nice to show them here..

I start with a picture I took last year (which also appears on my profile):

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Bint Yassin

I do not think the Wall was needed to be built, but when the people who supported the idea manage to get the political power this project was abused by the settlers element of the Israeli society.

The political process needed the security element to get the decision maker to make the needed decision, when that decision was made the process was abused by the more extremist in the Israeli society.

I guess that the wall will not be finished, especially if we will manage to get the political support for two state stage.
There was no "wall" until there was a need for it. Now why does the need exist?

Why are there so many other such barriers in the world?
Throughout history we have built walls all around the world from the Great wall of China to the Hadrains wall or the Antonine Wall the Gask Ridge that were built to protect empires. all have traits and motives stemming from political cultrual differences. Commercialization, urbanization, technological and scientific innovation. They are a protect of control from the imperial ages to protect societial economic and political organizations. The causes in economic growth and urbanization to cultural innovations in two regions. It is a way to preserve a way of life and demish the affects situational and generational poverty from one community has that can spill over to another governing community. The fact that people threw highly explosive candy bars onto the other side just gave added strength to create the protective barrier. It will render itself useless if the two sides and bring an action plan together. With the sanctions brought on Palestine the added cost of economic lost dollars generated from Israel will help one side stabilize the political structure of the current societies at large. It prevents other political factions not just Palestine but the surrounding communities from taking control and changing political meaning of a set community.
We live in an age of technology; you would think we got past the barbaric thinking of our earlier ansesters. Apparently, we have a lot to learn about our governments and their achievements or lack of intelligence. Your only as good as the people you hire.

The USA / Mexico Border has a picture with a latter on both sides. Thought that was the best answer to a stupid political structure. Just climb over or crawl under. with over 250 plus tunnels going in and out of Palestine you would think there was one on this wall.
Ask the people in Belfast about the their separation barrier.


Read the transcript at
Ah those pesky firecrackers that can damage a house and even kill. Those barbaric thinking Israelis have no sense of humor. Btw, are you familar with the laws on the use of firecrackers in the USA or any other country? If not look at the penal code in regards to unlawful use, injuries or death as a resul and what the penalties are/

You are awfully cavalier with the property, life and psychological well being of the people where these firecrackers are landing. Perhaps a week or two in these war zones could get you to understand, or maybe not. You may come up with another silly excuse.
one of two things will bring that wall down
1) WAR

Let's hope it's peace.

no one LIKES the wall. Even the extreme right. Yeah, they desperately want it there, but not because it looks good or boosts Israel's popularity! it brings, ironically, a level of PEACE to those living within it's boundaries. that's why Israelis want it there. it may not solve all the problems, but it helps keep down violence in the mean time.

If the wall comes down before peace is established, there would, most likely, be tragedies soon to follow.
tearing down the wall may become a symbol for a new state of war which may "eventually" solve some problems (but, we'd rather not, right?). Other than that, i think tearing down the wall prematurely would CAUSE PROBLEMS.

the wall is reality, as it stands right now... which is: MORE OFTEN THAN NOT JEWS AND PALESTINIANS DON'T GET ALONG. IN A REALLY BAD WAY. We need to change THAT reality (tear down the invisible wall) before we even think about that (visible) wall.

and that invisible wall... man, where do we start?

just my thoughts...
my friend, War cannot end anything, so we have one option ... peace.

if we are wise, and can work together we will find a path with minimum aggression.
war has caused much tragedy and war has ENDED much tragedy in the past, no? that's simple history... just because i admit that, does not mean i'm ADVOCATING it... it's the WORST path to take. the path you take when there are NO other options.

(and when i stated war would take down the wall, i meant that in a BAD way... not like that would be an accomplishment... it would be part of some kind of tragedy... i just know in history walls came down during times of war, and that wasn't always a good thing, you know what i mean? like masada...)

i was also saying that if we want to avoid physical visible war (which we DO... ), we must put an end to the invisible one.

if we don't, it will just be a matter of time before we see another outbreak (gaza etc.)...
so in regards to that, what do think the answer is? where do we start?

i personally think it's a spiritual issue. i'm glad that category was added. i think religion is (like they say) the 800 pound gorrila in the room that no one wants to talk about...

but i don't know. maybe all of that can be avoided. what do you really think? what is the ROOT of this conflict?
when you say "if we are wise and work together", what exactly are you thinking of?



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