Al-Jazeera has shown the Palestine papers that included meeting minutes, maps, agreements, emails between the Palestinian and Israeli's negotiating teams. The papers focused on critical issues for Palestinians like Jerusalem, Refugees, Security Coordination and Gaza.  They reflected what is seen as concessions from the Palestinian negotiating team to the Israeli’s.  Regardless of the credibility and reliability of the papers; I present  an important question to know about the future of peace process in Palestine\Israel region:


What is the impact of the Palestine Papers on the Peace Process and future?



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In this tug of war world, it occurs to me that it may very well be that the PA has been perceived to many in the Arab world as being pulled into an Israelified modus oporandi, sponsored and brokered by the USA. This being the case, the Al Jazeera reports would be a reaction to this, in an attempt at standing up for Arabic and Islamic interests. 


On a deeper level, Judiasm and Islam have really a lot in common, as do Israelis and Palestinians. However, ego and greed often ten to drive religious and ethnic agendas and both sides. I think that this is a time of testing the resolve of responsible Palestinian and Israeli community leaders. To what extent are Palestinians able to stand up and do what is in their own best interests and to what extent is there a compelling need to play to the tune of the wider Arab/Islamic world ? To what extent are Israelis able to stand up for whats good for them rather than to ask how it ties into the interests of the USA. 

Personally I would like to see strong Palestinian- Israeli bonds develop from this crisis, independent of US and wider Arabic/Islamic involvement. Such a path would require Israelis to stand by the PA now, in its time of crisis by distancing itslef from the US. Its essential that we Israelis look at ourselves as neighbours and not as western implants, which will always create  hostility. 

The operative question at this stage must be asked: What will the mess in Egypt do to the peace process? The revelations in the leaks are now old news and a rehash of known positions.


If Egypt falls into the orbit of the Muslim Brotherhood than what happens in Gaza and more importantly is what happens in Jordan. The majority of Jordan's population are Palestinians. What will they do?


There are now more important dynamics being played out than any leaks. Lebanon is defacto in the Hizbulla  orbit and Israel will be very shy to part with any territory lest Hamas becomes emboldened by what is happening in Egypt.



Here is the last part of Joel Beinin's take on what will happen:

 Article is called - How did the U.S. get in bed with Mubarak?


On the human rights front within Egypt, has there ever been any real pressure from the United States on that?

It depends on what you think "real" is. Condoleezza Rice gave a speech in June 2005 at the American University in Cairo. It was a very strong pro-democracy, pro-reform speech, not unlike the speech President Obama gave in Cairo shortly after he was inaugurated, but maybe even more forceful. It was utterly misguided because the notion was, OK, we've toppled Saddam Hussein in Iraq and we're going to build democracy and that's going to be the model in the Arab world. Obviously that did not happen, and when it didn't, the Bush administration -- like the Obama administration -- had no choice. These dictatorial, autocratic corrupt guys are our allies. We would really like it if they were democratic, if they were more respectful of human rights, if they would do any number of things. But we are not going to press so far as to endanger their regimes, because we need them.

So despite the speech by Rice, there was no underlying policy change?

The policy change was, in the Bush administration, the United States spoke frequently and publicly about different democratic and human rights issues in Egypt. The Obama administration wanted the same things as the Bush administration but they backed off of any public confrontation. It's a question of tone and specificity and so on. You could see this in the State of the Union, where Obama said, "We support the democratic right of the people of Tunisia to choose their own government." And he said no such thing about Egypt.

What's your take on the present situation?

The United States is going to be allies with whoever is in charge in Egypt. And it's probably going to support Mubarak, until the moment comes -- if it does -- that it's clear that it's over. A day or two before he gets on the plane to leave, if that ever happens, the United States is going to come out and support whatever the alternative is.

SUSSAN- If the Muslim Brotherhood becomes part of the government and abrogates the peace treaty between Israel-Egypt, what do you think will be the thinking of Israelis of all stripes? Will Israel ever trust any peace of paper signed by any Arab state or entity?
This just shows that the palestinians were indeed ready to make pragmatic concessions to kickstart and actualize the peace process. No matter what anybody, institution or organization may or might feel i think this is  a  laudable step which must be supported. Let the parties and stakeholders build some thing positive from this .It would be nice to know  the stand of the Isreali  govt  on this

I think this did a grate service for peace, while I believe  that the people who leaked it expected a different reaction.


1. it show clearly that the Palestinians negotiators are willing to go a long way to get freedom and independence 

2. that the population in WB know that and do not attack the negotiators

3. that the time for a Palestinian state establishment is near and that the Israeli government need to solve the Israel internal conflict



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