The Israeli-Palestinian peace and the construction of the Panama Canal

What does the construction of the Panama Canal have to do with the Israeli-Palestinian peace?...How can one draws an analogy between the two?...Well...let us see...

The first country to attempt the construction of the Panama Canal was France in 1880 under Ferdinand de Lesseps who thought (at the time) that the "logical" thing to do is build a canal at sea level to connect the two oceans. At the time, if you asked every Engineer in the world , he/she would've told you that de Lesseps' method and idea is the ONLY way to complete the project. And they all would've been wrong, as we saw the result of de Lesseps work was nothing but disaster. His rush to do the work cost 22,000 workers their lives...and the canal was never completed..Why did he fail?...for one, he did not prepare for the project, the things he saw as "minor" was actually the core of the project ( controlling disease ..building hospitals..houses ..schools..etc)...One more thing was a major reason for his failure..What seamed LOGICAL to him at the time was not...In fact it was the illogical thing to build the canal at sea level. In 1905 the Americans took over the project...what was the first thing they did?...For 2 years all they did control the housing..schools...hospitals among other things for the workers... A visionary man ( John Frank Stevens) came up with the idea of the dams and locks...illogical  way at the time...but proven to be THE logical way as it succeeded.

Where is the parallel between this, and the Palestinian-Israeli peace?...I'll tell you where...For the past 62 years we have been trying de Lesseps' method because we think it is the "logical" thing to do...It didn't work...and never will...The idea of an Israeli State and a two-sectioned Palestinian State proliferated with settlements scattered through out it's borders will NEVER be a permanent solution...Let's face it, there will always be Israelis who think the west bank is "Judea and Samaria"...and there will always be Palestinians who think Palestine is from the river to the sea...besides, a two part State (Palestine) with settlements not under it's jurisdiction within it's borders will never make it as a State...Then what is the solution?...Send the Palestinians to "other" Arab countries and the Israelis will live happily ever after?...NEVER....ok...then send the Israelis to Germany..Poland..USA..etc..and the Palestinians will live happily ever after...also NEVER...Then, WHAT THE HELL AM I PROPOSING THEN?...And here where we go back to the Panama canal analogy...WE DO WHAT STEVENS DID...1- we FIRST eliminate the disease and make the environment suitable for a lasting peace...2- we find the REAL LOGICAL solution to the conflict ..


  The disease is the hatred and mistrust between the two sides, and the suitable environment is the living condition of both sides...The first thing we need to do is tore down the wall...let the Palestinians control their own lives...remove check points...allow everyone to use the same roads...distribute the water equally...remove all signs of occupation.At the same time take the fear out of the Israelis of "Arab terror"...coordinate with a REAL PA to stop any potential terror activities...When people are not oppressed, not too many will be willing to loose their lives to kill others....when people are treated equal with respect...not many want to fight....When a Palestinian child does not see his father being slapped by a teen aged Israeli solder..he will NOT grew up wanting to kill that solder and others like him...At the same token, when an Israeli mother dose not loose her child to a suicide bomber  she will see the suffering of the Palestinian mother who lost her child to an apache attack, and she will try to stop it not encourage it ...When this step is completed and fully implemented, then we can start looking for the LOGICAL solution....All this current empty "negotiations" is going to lead to NOTHING...except more oppression...killing...and misery..for BOTH SIDES...


  Well...when step one is completed...we will have an environment of trust...respect...and the understanding of each side of the other needs and aspirations..Then and ONLY then we will have a real solution...which will be based on two state solution with confederation between them which will be in control of the impossible to to solve issues ( namely Jerusalem and the refugees)...

Someone might argue a confederation  between Israel and Palestine will never work for the simple day in the future the Palestinians might out number the Jews...and with equal treatment (one man one vote) there will be no Israel...just like in South Africa....WRONG...Even if Palestine becomes 20 million ..and Israel becomes 10 million...the Israelis will be the majority in Israel and can govern their internal affairs as they like...and the Palestinians will be the same...and the confederation will be working for the benefit of all.....

Some might think this is a radical idea...but I don't...just like Stevens didn't think building the Panama Canal at different levels a radical idea at the time...Read this....tell me what you think...can you imagine the end result? beautiful a country like that will be?....would that be permanent?...would the nay sayers have a reason to say no?....would the Liebermans ever get to be elected to the knesset? ..would a Palestinian child ever grow up wanting to be a suicide bomber?....think about all these issues and please comment...


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Dear Michael,

I agree with all of your ideas, but the problem as I see it is how to reach Step 1 - building an environment of trust. With each side de-humanizing the other, rampant propoganda creating fear in each of the populations from the other, it might be necessary to separate the populations into 2 states first, so that the Palestinians and the Israelis can begin to relax and go about their daily lives. However, no matter how good an agreement is, it will not suffice on its own. Whatever agreement is reached must be followed up by trust building steps, including building of infrastructure, jobs, joint ventures, etc., so that the peace can survive and flourish, and not diminish into nothingness, like the Egyptian - Israeli "peace" has.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam

I also agree that there is a need to separate

I like toe core concept of Levels that we need to build, first seperatly while Israe need to step up into trans-national global/environmental responsibility; in Parallel the Palestinians need to step into the National stage where the National identity and National state will serve their society to develop economic and cultural capacities.



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