Let me pose a general question to you all:

What do you regard as the main obstacles to lasting peace in Israel/Palestine and why?

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Jews have completely destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages and towns, including many mosques...
As long as they are a persecuted minority, they call for the respect of the minority rights, but once they are in control somewhere, this is an entirely different story... What a moral superiority!
Hate is not the obstacle it is just a symptom to the real problem. Americans burned and bombed a lot of Europe to save Jews; that’s not entirely true; large corporate America makes money and that is what most wars are really about. Supply and demand. Hate just brings people together to form a belief and bring strong hold political parties to the front. Israel isn't always a saint when it comes to political parties. We have seen the mafia groups from within the borders of Israel creating a lot of unsettled unrest. Yes, it would be easier for Israel to build being that there are current sanctions on Palestine. Remove the barriers and it is just a topic thought to which group would succeed in building. Yes, population explosion is a major factor and when you have so many acres to deal with and you are telling your productive families to produce massively then yes land take over becomes an issue. It typically takes 3 acres to raise one cow. So, Humans who can expand upwards with sky scrappers have double the radius room for growth and the answer lies with the engineers and political factions who allow low lying sub-structures to be built in an area with not enough mass to withhold the over re-production of society within said ground. You not only contaminate your ground with over production, you fail to work with the areas most needed to supply the demand. Water, Food and Shelter. Contaminate the water supplies your are inviting plagues. This is happening in 40,000 populated towns that are on the mobius strip of the outer areas of the West Bank. Sewage runoff becomes ones own nightmare. Granddad always said never drink from a stream where the cow died up stream. Simple logic to core problems.
There are multiple obstacles to peace. However one obstacle that tends to be overlooked is the economic component to the conflict. The lack of economic opportunity for the Palestinians is a big obstacle which does not allow the Palestinians the ability to sustain themselves or provide for their families. This creates an internal problem within the areas of Palestinians but also for the larger problem of peace. Until the Palestinians are able to sustain themselves with massive amounts of foreign aid, peace will be unachievable.

Check out to see how this organization is increasing economic opportunity for Palestinians in the West Bank.

thank you for the link. This really seems to be an interesting approach, and hopefully many Palestinians will be empowered/empower themselves to change the economic situation and create new opportunities.

But it is equally important to recognise that not all economic problems were imposed on the Palestinians by others. Widespread corruption and misuse of (foreign) aid need to be fought - in short, the making of a flourishing Palestinian economy depends to a large extent on the Palestinian (moderate) leaders' willingness to follow the principles of 'good governance'.
The main obstacles are the base foundations of how the problems created fear and mass efforts by mafia hit groups. Economics and free trade markets must gain in order for repression to be obsolved. We can not solve social problems with racist theology and claim we believe in justice when we repeatedly say logically "Just is Unjust." This leasds to our autocratic standpoinds of a belief system of free radicals who process hate as a form of justice to place fear in the core morale structures of our families. The problems are rooted in the ineffective way we solve social problems and instead of wroking with unfettered markets we increase poverty, disease, pollution, crime, corruption creating a base society that becomes inequality adaptable. The two state solution is just a formula of how to achieve and eliminate sanctions and effectively create world global trade markets. What do you want a family not allowed to fish in a lake where there are lots of fish, water systems that are contaminated and for a few countless of dollars it could be producing enough clean water for a small city, families denied education or medical help so the obstacle is in the idea that we are our own worse enemy. We breed fear and embrace hate as a collective means to prevent micro and macro economics from happening.

Sorry, but the zionist theory is crap and a cop out to someone who doesn't want to face reality of what their lives can hold. Take the labels off and what can we see. Even in Muslim cultures the patterns of weave in our clothing depict the area or region of social and economic culture one lives. De-label the labels and find truth in the truth. The obstacles are deeper rooted than the hate we carry in our hearts.
i think that it's better to discuss the solutions that achieve peace , when discussing " OBSTACLES" then not reach a solution.
"Excuse me for the language i am not English speaker"
Yes, Aiman, you're right, but I think that only in identifying the obstacles one can find and develop appropriate solutions. That's why I posted that discussion. Of course I hope that talking about obstacles means also discussing possible solutions to these obstacles.
I think you are right, and solutions are within the scope of one future that includes all of us and address all the problems people has, from social to emotional so our children can grew healthy and create better conditions for their children.

"I'm sure if you threw everyone on this forum on an island, despite how much we argue, I'm sure we'd find a way to get along"

I don't think we have to be on an island to acknowledge that our common goal is survival. First, both Israelis and Palestinians of course want - literally - to 'survive', i.e. to live in a secure environment. Second, obviously 'physical' survival must be accompanied by economic security and perspectives. In short, what's needed is both 'freedom from fear' and 'freedom from want', which are the two main pillars of human security.
The main obstacle to peace in one word: RACISM

I can elaborate if you want but I think most peopel know what this is.
Main obstacles to peace (my opinion):

1.) People/organizations who deny that Israel has a right to exist.

2.) The holding of Israel's actions up to a higher degree or scrutiny and morals than other countries are held to and Palestine's to a less degree of scrutiny and morals. E.G. the widespread condemnation of Israel's actions in Gaza versus the non-reaction of people to the persecution of Palestinians by Hamas and poor treatment by other Arab countries.

3.) The view of Israeli and Palestinian individual as representing the whole, e.g. all Israelis are violent settlers and all Palestinians are terrorists.

3.) The people who speak "for" Palestinians and actually end up sounding more violent, more extreme and less compromising than the Palestinians themselves. People who wanna be X-TREME! and hold views that are shocking simply because it's more x-treme! and fashionable.

4.) When opinions, speculations and inductive reasoning is presented as fact. For example:

"Zionism IS a racist ideology in itself and here, in Israel, on the ground, this racism has only grown to inimaginable proportions for people who live in the USA or Europe - where such racism exists, but in extreme minorities.

This extreme racism is HERE the essential world view of the majority of Israeli Jews."

Racism exists in "extreme minorities" in the USA or Europe while it is the "essential world view or a majority of Israeli Jews" is just incomprehensible to me. I don't mean to come off brusque, but I'm assuming that this is based on statistics? Could you please point me at these statistics? Or did you just mean that to live in Israel period is to be a racist? What about the people whose families were here before '48 should they leave, lest be seen as racist?

Shaul: If peace for you is the destruction of Israel then there really is nothing more to say. Don't feel bad of getting kicked out, I'm sure someone saying that all Arabs should be sent out of Israel would get shut down just the same. (And rightfully so on both accounts I think!)
Thank you, Lindsey and Hillel, for your efforts to return to constructive dialogue. I agree that one-sided allegations don't bring us any further, but only serve to entrench the old positions.

Racism exists in both the Jewish and the Arab/Palestinian 'universes', and in (too) many other places of this world, too. But no one is 'born racist' - therefore we need to identify the causes of racist ideology and the motives of someone adhering to racist thinking. This can only be done through constant dialogue - sometimes, I think that people with 'deadlocked' opinions need to be literally 'pushed' into dialogue. The better we know our assumed enemy, the better we can understand him/her.

I'd like to refer here to a planned (internationally broadcasted) TV program called 'House of Peace'. Marenne Mei, who's also a member of mepeace, is in charge of this project and is looking for people who want to be involved in/comment on the idea:



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