The survival of the State of isRael is precarious

If we don't change our position toward Palestinian People with more love and compassion, we are headed for our own destruction. This is the reason why we must act before it’s too late. In fact, aside from us, there are many organizations for peace, however, there is an urgent need to make a union amongst all of us, so we can become united and be stronger. This is why I created "The Isralestinian Gandhi's". Looking for all pacifists, Israelis and Palestinians, willing to act together and make a drastic change in our society. Not based on the government's policy of war and bloodshed, but to live together in peace, harmony, love and non-violence. Forgetting about the past and start a new life. Abolishing borders and living in one country, one people. The two brothers children of the same father Abraham.

To make these changes, we must have a voice in the Israeli and Palestinian parliaments, and for this, we need to be part of these parliaments. "The Israeli Gandhi's" and "The Palestinian Gandhi's", under the umbrella of "The Isralestinian Gandhi's" will be the new political parties that will make the difference in the Israeli and Palestinian society. A "geniocratic party", led by people with greater intelligence (higher IQ), who are able to make the difference and lead accordingly. And not by pathetic politicians who now lead our "mediocratic" governments.

To start with, on October 2009 we are planning a meditation for peace on neutral territory where Palestinians and Israelis can meet. As guests of honor, Dr. Izzedin Abuelaish a peace activist who lost his three daughters during the Gaza war will address the Palestinians looking for Palestinian Gandhi's. M. David Grossman also a peace activist who lost his son during the Lebanon war, will address the Israeli Gandhi's. We have contacted several artist inviting them to participate to this event: Ahinoam Nini and Mira Awad have been contacted and will participate in the event. Aviv Geffen have been contacted, as well as Leah Shabat, Shlomo Gronich, Zehavah Ben, Eli Luzon, Sahmir Shukri, Nivine Jaabri, Elias Julianos, Lubna Salame who performed together "Hevenu Shalom Aleinu" (We Brought Peace Upon Us) - "Ma Ana Ajmal Min Salam" (There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Peace).

also we will make meditation in Hebrew that will be translated simultaneously into Arabic and English.

**this event will be the most important ever. if you are realy want peace you need be there. call to all you members in you groups\family and friends. this is maybe the last dchange to make peace.

is YOU OPORTUNITY to make peace!

soon we will give the day and the place for this event. be ready!


-please send this letter to all you pacifist and pro peace contacts!-

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it sounds a great idea toward one state for all. Do you have any activities in Jordan that I can join as a palestinian refugee?
no, but if you want know about raelian movement witch is the charge of this event , in jordan you can be in contact with some raelians from there.

for this events all pacifist and pro peace members are welcome, and the raelians are the most pacifist in this planet.

also you can visit isralestinian gandhis website

there is in arab for you :-)





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