''The most significant issues of the middle-East {Palestine, Israel, And Western} and its Related''

By: Sbihat, A

Over the past decades Middle East is still in the front of the hotest and concern subject in the world. Middle East conflicts can be defined as intrinsic patterns to Arab culture and behavior in ordinary daily interactions in the region as well as in political and religious confrontations between Arab world in general and Palestinian-Israel conflict. All of these conflicts, instability, lack of peace and security have negative rewards in our daily life as well as our future goals and ambitions. Yet the Arab world is the birthplace of some earliest and most significant civilizations. Besides that, challenging of Arab civilization and its contributions toward promote, courage, and support progress in science, medicine and research, mathematics, astronomy, religion or art.
Middle East is difficult to understand by foreign due to wide-range interdisciplinary concerns should be addressing, such as history, Arabian cultures, Islamic world (Faith), difficult political situation and especially the Israeli-Arabs conflict due to Israeli occupation since 1948. Moreover, the circle of violence throughout the world is due to economical crises and its reflections on the psychological and social issues of the people in the world. Fortunately, our academic achievements have been dramatically increased and tickle-up in Arab world, especially in Palestine. There is a link between academic achievement and personal or family economic income and peace economic development democracy issue in the future. We can see thousands of graduated students each year. Most of them are unemployment and unable to continue higher education due to poverty, loss of scholarships, grants, siege, and occupation. All of these hinders have been used as a policy to kill or suppress the Palestinian’s ambitions, and creativity. Hence, the majority of Israeli people believe that Arabs are less intelligent, uncultured and violent. On the other hand, we should decrease and/or eliminate this gap of misunderstanding between Middle East itself and Western through Intellectuals youth and brilliant minds of people who can make changes towards.
Since 11th September, 2001 the dialogue between cultures as well as religious among Arab world and Westerns has been deteriorated and new vocabularies were emergence, such as President Bush's first public statement described these terrible attacks as an act of terrorism. Then ‘’terrorism term’’ became more jointed with such as al-Qaeda organization and Islamic troops in Arab world. Otherwise, the new President Barack Obama vision is absolutely different, delighted and more clearly towards the middles East in General, and the Israeli- Arab conflict in particular. He pursues to build a construction dialogue between Arabs and Islamic world in one side and try to reactivate the peace process, and try to recover and make solutions for economic crisis to reach the economical stability.
Today, misunderstanding and/or rejection of diversification between Middle East civilization and western world lies behind many conflicts and wars in the world, as well as racism, ethnical and religious fanaticism. I believe that understanding will be achieved through education, academic exchange, community awareness, conferences and meeting. By this way each one can understand and respect the others’ cultures, attitudes, and believes.
Also, I believe we have a complex problem about ignoring the opinions, thoughts, vision and views of intellectual people and media in Middle East and Western, and with the passage of time it became chronic. Last time, and after the Gaza invasion, we heard sounds of intellectuals in media while they talking about how we can make a bridge or based-on trust, cooperation, communications, and constructive dialogue between Meddle East and Westerns civilizations.
There are intricate or complex relationships between the health challenges and the Israeli violations of Palestinian rights and freedoms over many decades. UNRWA's health services and others non-governmental agencies grew-up over the years in response to cover the refugee needs. Health care status in Palestine moving from bad to worse due to various problems and difficulties that prevent giving appropriate medical care. The situation has deteriorated and difficult to understand. There is insufficient numbers of hospitals in Palestine, extreme shortages in medications and equipments in government hospitals, not enough specialized Medical doctors, with highly expertise due to law income for medical stuffs.
Recently, Most of cases regarding the wars, and bad or inability to offer a good medical treatment has suffering from disability and/or persistent chronic disease. These cases need prolonged rehabilitation programs as well as medical treatments. Fundamentally, Palestinian universities took the responsibility to offer a good and accreditation rehabilitation programs such as physical therapy and occupational therapy as a vital part of allied health professionals and too many developments has been witnessed in this field. Furthermore, we can see many governmental and non-governmental agencies (NGO’s) such as UNRWA, UNICEF, UNESCO, and other private generous supports to our country in various fields, such as health care sectors, care of woman and children, educational programs and workshops.
Actually, we need too much programs like (conferences, group activities, workshops and camps) that can affect positively and built a strong base and confidents for meeting, educational and knowledge exchange as well as cultures to explore the roots of violence, conflict-resolution and peace building, and sustainable development within the context of Arab and Western relations. Giving a chance to play an important role in promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding the synthesis between our Arabic roots and a sunny future for our civilization in Middle East with western communities via a target grope of educational young people who represent our tomorrow and look forward to witnessing their greatness on these challenging, with their own ideas, identity and hopes, that will impact on development of their societies when they come-back.
Finally, because we are living on this planet; our thoughts, believes, views, and visions maybe different, but should be in the same directions towards the vital issues to improve and find solutions for many areas in health care, education and scientific research, economical crises, global warming, human rights and political solutions in the world and especially the main and chronic one, the Palestinian-Israel conflict that consider our challenge for our future.

Sbihat, A

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We need to understand that we are aiming to a one future that include all of us and will serve us as one complex human tissue of the middle east.

our world is shrinking and more and more of us can communicate in forums as, we can work together and create initiatives that support change and manifest our one future.



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