The more time pass the more connection and friends I find here, people from different background and different world view connect discuss and create web of caring and responsible humans who wish change.

Some people fail to see what is going on, they see only negative thing, they do not expect change and feel urge to attack the other side.

but most good people I find here are seekers and brave to experiment the new medium of social network and dare to share ideas and act for change. is a platform, the Peace we seek we find in ourselves, we will not find it in others when we do not have inner experience of human trust and care to create a better world.

When I see old members continue with blame game and personal attack, I know it is part of reality; but I see also my friends with whom I connect, discuss, plan and create new things. when we do that I experience the future we all wish to create I know I am not alone and I know we have many caring friends in this network who act and have responsibility to support the change we all wish to have here.

we have one future that include us all, the people who fail to see Peace who fail to see humanity in each of us, including in the people who do not see peace, are all included in that future we need to create.

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Is peace a commodity needed to promoted to convince others to buy? Or is it an interest to all parties?,
Have anyone of you, read in the history that one nation has eliminated any other adversely one?
Can anyone tell me what options are available before Palestinians and Israelis to conclude this conflict?
I'd like to ask those who oppose the idea of peace as an reasonable way to conclude this conflict one question and we all need specific answer, ! are you guys able to settle this issue with war? In other words can war closes this file for ever? If not, and I'm sure it's not, then we have to appeal to the other reasonable terminology available , which is peace!
May be some would say what a naïve questions this guy is offering !!? but I'd be grateful to hear from people appealing to reason to answer those questions!!!
We are one tissue of humans who need to enhance our consciousness that we are one and can create only one stable future - a future of peace.
Thank you for that, students are grate energy for the change we need to bring.
There is something physical in Yuga that connect you to the inner muscle I think Yoga contribute to channge as it enable people with from different culture to inner connect to our human buddy and experience its development and capacities.
giving up all judgments on how the world should be and accepting it for what it is. And that is very difficult for us.

for cooping with difficulties we need to train ourselves and have discipline - that what all old wisdom is giving us - how to become better and connect to ourselves, to our bodies to our souls.

 Neri big wow .. u are really good person .. human ..

how can i meet u ? i wanna shake ur hands anh give u a peacefully hug from Gaza



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