The more time pass the more connection and friends I find here, people from different background and different world view connect discuss and create web of caring and responsible humans who wish change.

Some people fail to see what is going on, they see only negative thing, they do not expect change and feel urge to attack the other side.

but most good people I find here are seekers and brave to experiment the new medium of social network and dare to share ideas and act for change. is a platform, the Peace we seek we find in ourselves, we will not find it in others when we do not have inner experience of human trust and care to create a better world.

When I see old members continue with blame game and personal attack, I know it is part of reality; but I see also my friends with whom I connect, discuss, plan and create new things. when we do that I experience the future we all wish to create I know I am not alone and I know we have many caring friends in this network who act and have responsibility to support the change we all wish to have here.

we have one future that include us all, the people who fail to see Peace who fail to see humanity in each of us, including in the people who do not see peace, are all included in that future we need to create.

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i agree u neri, i think we have to show for people who dont see the peace is possible what we are doing for peace to be here in the holyland.
best regards

I know my friend and hope that we all can speared this understanding that we have responsibility to create better future use all knowledge and be present to what ever come on our way.
Dear Neri:

So far peace has been like a mirage for all. We all seem to need it and expecting it to happen but yet nothing happens. The creation of the mirage in the deserts or the heated roads are nothing more than the refraction of light through the layers of air of differing densities and temperatures. With regards to the peace..we have our differing mind sets with diverse cultures..We have failed to unify and integrate those feelings and mindsets to a common direction. Without that peace will remain to be a mirage as has been the case for some 4000 years and may continue until the very end of the world if we do not channel the differing views to a common purpose..and that is establishing the brotherhood between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Dear Rial,

Peace as "idea" is mirage, but I can see how man the path of progress for 5000 years, from Abraham our ancient father, through Moses who deliver us the book and laws, Jesus that exposed us to the un conditional love and Mohamad who directed uncompromising peace.

I agree with you.. I've joined mepeace just two weeks ago and I already see what you mean when you say that "some people fail to see what is going on, they see only negative thing (...)". But I can also understand that these people (or some of these people) have every reason to be angry. The purpose of this site is certainly not that these persons are offered a platform from which others can be insulted or other views (their views) of the conflict in general glorified. However, we shouldn't become too idealistic. In other words, I'm convinced that we must talk about the reality of the conflict in order to become aware of the situation on either side. This sometimes involves 'a different language'. We should allow open dissent as long as it doesn't directly insult others. We might find peace "in ourselves" but we still need to find common ground within the community in order to develop mutual approaches.
Here is an imporant lesson I learned many years ago.

I resigned my well paying job many years ago to backpack my way around the world. I visited many places in North America, Europe and Asia and saw a bit of the Muddle East. My Muddle East travels were restricted to Isreal. Why? I am secular. However I felt honour bound to acknowledge my "religion" as Jewish when asked.

I was away from Australia for three years and worked for 6 months in Japan and the US. The rest of the time I just wondered around and aborbed and learned and did many things. Did I really feel happier and more content and more focused when I retured to Australia after three years? Not really!

The most important thing I think I realy learned though was: I took myself with me wherever I went.
Good discussiion. There are no right or wrong answers. For me this is not an I think or know discussion rather it is an I feel discussion.
My gut feeling is that:

  1. Noone finds peace. Peace finds you, when one is ready..
  2. To be at peace, one must first be at peace with oneself within oneself. Few people really are at peace regardless of where they live or what their circumstances are.
  3. To be a peacemaker, I must be at peace within myself and be honest with myself..

Same of my reasons for feeling this way are implied above by the last paragraph of
end our suffer before talk about peace ,we are suffer from 1948 after israel take our country and village and suffer still around world .
just not onely israel couse suffer , also arab country and other country , why we still fight to end suffer , israel kill peace when they kill there primminsatry issac rabin in 1996 .and there is no goverment in israel prepair to peace , west banks cites became big jails as gaza strip . so this not peace . this crime against huminty

I read your feedback and ask myself how should I react in a way that will recognize that we are all in the same reality and the Situation of the Palestinian must stop, as I think you and me agree; with that I wish to differentiate my understanding of how this can be stopped.

I think that we need to change our reality, I think we have a goal to make all the Palestinians free and respectful citizens of this planet we all share. for me as Israeli it is important to influence the Israeli society to change and see itself as part of a bigger whole that include all of us, and within that whole we need to create a future that insure that we all share and enjoy freedom and self expression in a way that can ensure stability and fair happiness to all.
Dear Neri,

You asked what we see and recommend for Israelis and Palestinians.
Here is our brief reply.

Israelis, Palestinians, and others in prolonged conflicts do not know what to do. Ignorant from disengagement, paralyzed by fear, quick to blame and kill, without imagination, they act angrily or wait passively for "things" to change.
People "want" change away from war, but most discussions are about confrontation and military means -- a little more war, a little less -- the predictable failure, yet the only conversation in town.

We need a new conversation with a new question. What is the discoverable process of change itself?
How do we leave today and move beyond war? You are helping to ask questions that matter.

Social science and human experience give us citizens clues and a process of change.
To want peace, we must want human relationships.
Until now, we have tried to skip this step in the Public Peace Process.
Today we must master it, together.
Step One is pictured at

Love, Libby and Len
Dear Libby and Len

I so excited to see your work and dedication it is inspiration for me, I have so much to learn and to grew to be a service to this movement of change that creates the fundation to a better way for us all to share this magnificent plant and opportunity of life.



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