The more time pass the more connection and friends I find here, people from different background and different world view connect discuss and create web of caring and responsible humans who wish change.

Some people fail to see what is going on, they see only negative thing, they do not expect change and feel urge to attack the other side.

but most good people I find here are seekers and brave to experiment the new medium of social network and dare to share ideas and act for change. is a platform, the Peace we seek we find in ourselves, we will not find it in others when we do not have inner experience of human trust and care to create a better world.

When I see old members continue with blame game and personal attack, I know it is part of reality; but I see also my friends with whom I connect, discuss, plan and create new things. when we do that I experience the future we all wish to create I know I am not alone and I know we have many caring friends in this network who act and have responsibility to support the change we all wish to have here.

we have one future that include us all, the people who fail to see Peace who fail to see humanity in each of us, including in the people who do not see peace, are all included in that future we need to create.

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When I saw this drawing above, the first thing that crossed my mind is "people with inflated egos". When I looked closer I saw chains and layers of myth that people construct around their inner core. I wonder what a psychologist will say about that :-)
I do not know what it tell about me who brought this image or about you and the interpertation you have :)

If you look into what Libby and Len bring, you will find the image that inspired me to bring this image

Step One is pictured at

My persistent efforts have been to erase those lines especially taht thick on in the drawing above. Maybe we can all join hands to do that.
The idea is to respect these lines as part of our nature and not erase our nature for ideology.
If my nature is racist, I hope and pray that I do not "respect" that but work to change it.
A racist person will think that a racist is human nature.

The idea is the racist is not a human nature, but you fail to see that, there is no human that have a nature of a racist, this is not biological element.
YOu are trying to have your cake and eat it too. You state that the lines in the drawing (including the concept of nation and tribe) are "part of our nature" and we should "not erase our nature for ideology." Do you stick with that description or are you changing your language again to justify the unjustifiable. They are either part of our nature or are learnt and can be unlearned. I believe the latter and have said so many time. If you believe the former as you stated in the first message then you are the one who believes racism is biological not me. Your follow-up message was trying to make a point that contradicted your first message.

Is racism wrong if Jews are subjected to it but is OK if it is in the form of Zionism (and all its laws forced on us to justify a Jewish state)?
Nari and Mazen,

At are a few lines to describe Expanded Identification -- not ever losing one's identification, simply including more of creation in one's circle.

While the default setting of humans seems to be to take sides, we experience that people have a deeper quality or compass - call it the soul - whose oldest memory is of union, and whose deepest longing is for reunion.
May I suggest a reading of how historical change happens. How did the civil right movement succeed in teh US? How did we end apartheid in South Africa? There are books on the subject. I urge people to read them.
I seem that you read only one type of books ... try to use all information available including the knowledge you have within you that we are all humans, making mistake and working to have a better world while our world view evolve and expand to include all humanity.

The future is a new territory, if we work the way work in the past we will get same results, in the US a black professor arrested for insulting a white policemen and need to get to talk with the black president i.e. it never finished the process of change, and in south Africa of today when the gap between poor and rich is widening even if we have rich blacks and poor whites.

To learn from history is not repeating it.
Dearest Neri

Thank you - I so agree. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

I was recently introduced to a wonderful book 'All Her Paths are Peace' by Michael Henderson. It tells the stories of 13 women, some well known some not, who have worked for peace and reconciliation. Their stories tell of forgiveness which has to come from within.

The story of Irene Laure particularly struck me - here is a brief resume from the Initiatives of Change website ~

Irène Laure was in the French Resistance during World War II. She wanted every German dead and their country 'wiped off the map of Europe'. But only a few years later German and French leaders said that she did more than any other individual to reconcile their countries after hundreds of years of enmity.

Irène Laure comes from Marseilles. The daughter of a businessman, she used to steal her father's socks to give them to poor workers. She became a nurse and married Victor, a seaman and pupil of the French Communist leader, Marcel Cachin. In World War II she was in the Resistance in Marseilles. After her son had been tortured by the Gestapo, her hatred reached the point where she wanted every German dead and their country 'wiped off the map of Europe.' At war's end, she was elected Member of Parliament and Secretary General of the Socialist Women of France. As such, she attended a conference in Switzerland aimed at restoring the unity of Europe. She was horrified to find Germans there and at once packed her bag. But before she could leave, someone asked her, 'How do you hope to rebuild Europe without the Germans?' She stayed on, for three nights of sleepless turmoil.

A voice inside her told her to let go of her blinding hate. 'I needed a miracle,' she says. 'I hardly believed in God, but he performed that miracle. I apologized to the Germans, not for my resistance fight, but for having desired their total destruction.'

She went to Germany, addressed ten of its eleven provincial parliaments, and spoke to hundreds of thousands in meetings and on the radio. Because of her prominent Germans went to France and apologized to the French people, on the radio and in the press, for what had happened during the war.

In the next years, several hundred leaders of the new Germany met with their French opposite numbers at Caux in Switzerland, and a tide of reconciliation was set in motion. The German Chancellor and the French Prime Minister said that Irene Laure did more than any other individual to reconcile their countries after hundreds of years of enmity.

A film about her life 'For the Love of Tomorrow' has been translated into 18 languages and was used in Cambodia after the civil war there.

It is our responsibility to find forgiveness in our hearts, to choose to serve others, to open our hearts and feel compassion for all, to move away from the hatred and anger that has created a world that most of us do not choose. I pray that those who play the 'blame game' will realise that there is so much to gain by choosing a different path.

Blessings and love
Jane :)

You brought this video and I echo this back to us.



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