"The People Want Peace with Egypt" in front of Egyptian Embassy in Israel

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You are stating the obvious, where are the pictures of Egyptians wanting peace at the Israeli embassy in Cairo?


ALL Israelis want peace with Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Palestinians: It is the Arabs who are refusing to make peace with Israel. Even when they do make peace it is a cold peace as with Egypt and Jordan. There is a good possibility that both will be abrogated by them at a time of their choosing.

Michael, nit-picking is one thing, peace, quite another.

Some can choose, others have no choice in the matter.

In this case, it is the most powerful who get to choose every time.

Israel and America are the powerful ones.

They choose to delay peace in order to acquire more West Bank land.

That is their choice.


What is yours?

It looks like you are choosing to blame disempowered Arabs.

Egyptians, disempowered, that must be your joke of the day

Dear Michael,


 There is a strong Israeli public intentions to have peace, many support Egypt and Arab sprng. This video express this. as you may think it is "stating the obvious" to many arab friends, especially in Egypt its unexpected as their idea of Israel is differemt.


Once again you express one sided view, you miss the whole story where its a system of Israelis and Arabs and what is "stating the obvious" for one is a new prespective to the other side, I invite you to try to connect and see the Arab side of the story, wher you only see the ones who "refusing to make peace with Israel" you miss the human mass of wisdom in the Arab side.




Instead that propaganda rah rah reply, I would  have much preferred a pictorial display of that human "peace with Israel" in the Arab side that you are telling me about.


Do you, like Sussan, believes that this cannot happen since they are " disempowered"  so we only see the ones who "refusing to make peace with Israel" ?

come to the meetings with palestinians, host, as me 3000 palestinians in Tel-aviv, Hifa, acca. you cannot see what you do not belive exist.


....and I presume that you will have a feed from Ramalla, Nablus, Cairo, Damascus of the Palestinians and Arabs meeting about peace and co-existance.I am looking forward to that feed.


I know about Israelis, although, I am not sure of their motives. I understand the Israeli Arabs sympathies with these Jewish groups, though.



Your ideology and ethno-centric world view blind you from reality and make you a very bad agent for change and development in this region.




Here we go again.Playing that "blame game" instead of showing me why I am wrong. I am but a messenger and that is the message that the Israeli electorate have given. That is their reality, and I know it conflicts with the peacemakers.


At least I embrace a reality and not some wishful thinking that has been discredited in the 1960's.


Not all change is for the good but some peacemakers are blind to that fact and instead prefer to peddle an internationalist agenda that has in the past resulted with millions of deaths in the USSR and China and Cambodia. I hear the Arab narrative loud and clear and I am not swallowing it or believe it is a narrative that is an agent for change or development but rather an extremist agenda that serves racism against an identifiable group.


You want to argue that I am wrong than do so, but please do not berate my views by -I am telling you that you are a bad agent or,you do not want peace and you better listen to uncle Neri. Uncle Neri has the path to peace and truth. SUCH PURE UNADULTERATED NONSENSE.


 You can find "feed from Ramalla, Nablus, Cairo, Damascus of the Palestinians and Arabs meeting about peace and co-existance" right here in mepeace. while you do not see it means that you do not know whar this site is all about.




Yes, I read feeds about Hamas meeting with Fatah and Ahmadejian meeting with Erdogan  and they do talk about co-existence but not the co-existence they you are trying to convey here.


But since you say that I can see it on Mepeace than perhaps you can give me the links. I do correspond with Muslims in Cairo and Beirut  and have gone to Lectures by Muslims and Christian Arabs who tell me that I should not believe Arabs.

I have a problem with unrealistic pronouncements taken at face value because one or two people out of millions bucks the prevailing attitude and tells you that they know the peace songs and sing it in unison with you.

I must say that these people that you claim are for co-existence  must be doing something wrong as the Arab masses are getting to be more and more extremist against the USA, Israel as well as against Europe.






You are absolutely right that I do not know or understand what this site is all about. I see the postings of such peacemakers as Sussan, Stewart , Basil  and Autistic and I wonder. I also see Jeff being admonished as am I for having the audacity to disagree with them.


So please do enlighten me as to what this site is about. Is it about the truth of history  or simply propaganda for a specific cause?



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