"The People Want Peace with Egypt" in front of Egyptian Embassy in Israel

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4541 peacemakers and only 4-5 post and mostly to bring their slanted narrative to the fore. That is not a sign that they are moderates or even peacemakers.Your peacemakers have not written enough or demonstrated enough,in their towns and cities against terror, to  be judged as to their intentions in regards to co-existence and/or peace.

I do know the opinions to co-existence and peace of the recent posters: Sussan, Stewart, Autistic and Basil and frankly I am not impressed with what they do say.

I am not quite sure what you envision as peace or how it is to be achieved. At least I and Jeff  do state what we believe in and bring our ideas for debate and which is duly ignored.

While you have 4541 members and I am not sure how many in the various areas that you talk about. I do know that it is eclipsed by the numbers of people in these places who are rabid radicals.

I am not seeing any protests against terror or murder in Judea and Samaria, Gaza, Damascus, Cairo , Amman or Beirut but I do not see any of your members countering the demos against Jews and Israel and the murders that are going on there and from there.

You may try to dazzle us with the glitter but this does not represent facts but rather trinkets and not diamonds.

Where are the ACTUAL Arab members telling me and debating with me the merits of what I am saying rather than sending Uncle Neri to do the deed.


Thank you MICHAEL STOLZ for your wisdom and contribution.

It is clear you do not find your place with us.



  I think Michael wants to know where is the Egyption pro-peace movement...why are they not in front to the Israeli embassy in Cairo?  It feels like a women who keeps cooking for her husband just to get her food throw in her face over and over.... There is a sense that we should be in front of the Egyption embassy protesting the almost lynching of our people on Israeli sovergn land by Egyption while the governement hesitated and stood by....Good idea or not seems a more appropriate action then to "keep cooking food"...

Egyptians are pre-occupied with making sure they get a genuine democracy. The peace issues will come later, when they are confident their government is representing them properly.

So preoccupied that they attached sovereign Israeli soil and teh governement let them, ignoring pleas to save the civillians inside until teh Americans stepped in...  There is no excuse a few more minutes and there would have been a lyncing, but instead we go and praise Egypt for the peace - no one else is disurbed by this?


Are you saying that the Egyptians cannot co-ordinate two simple tasks? I guess that says a lot about their mentality.




What is one sided is your inclusion of Arabs where there were none on the Arab side. I have been hearing the Arab narrative most of my adult life and it has been all lies and innuendoes. The Arab masses have refused since at least 1929 to make peace with , not Israel, but the Jews. That is a fact borne out by 1947, the terrors of 1949-1967, 1967,. 1973 , the intifadas, and a lot of murdering in between.


You want me to see something that is not there , a mirage that the peace camp wants us to see as reality. I asked you a question as to where these Arabs are and instead of pointing me to the right direction, you have changed the subject and blamed not the message but the messenger.


Can peace be made when it is built on a foundation of lies and built as a house of cards?

The Egyptians and Socio-Political Discourse: Historical Dilemma or Absence of Understanding

Dear Neri

In my opinion, there is a historical dilemma in the Egyptian mind/culture from ancient up to now that they miss the correct understanding of Socio-Political discourse for the current events, such as for example, they had lead by pharaohs, but they did not follow the prophet Mosses in the past, even all Egyptian revolutions in the modern history (Against Khurshid Pasha1804, Orabi revolution 1881, Against Sir Miles Lampson 1942, Against Mubarak 2011) which missed to the social discourse that includes people demands such as what they want properly and clearly, on the other hand they also lack the political discourse, like future vision after Mubarak, then establishing peaceful and democratic country, and building trust among Egypt and Israel, through Trust, reassurance, and cooperation, as a strongest two countries in the middle east. Anyway, this dilemma is rooted in the Egyptian culture.

In fact, am highly sure that all Israelis now like and want the peace, moreover, it is so nice to see the Israelis are singing in front of the Egyptian embassy in Israel that they want peace with Egypt (Alsha’b Yoreed Salam Maa Masr), As for the events of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, we can say that there are a number of factors that caused it, such as:

Ø  There were some reckless\radical characters in modern Arab history, such as Haj Amin al-Husseini (Palestine), Hassan al-Banna (Egypt), Gamal Abdel Nasser (Egypt).

Ø  There are some terrorist parties like Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Ø  There are many Egyptian movies and TV that works to instill hatred among the Egyptians\Muslims and Israelis\Jews instead of working to deploy and support the spirit of peace, love and tolerance among people.

Ø  The slow activation of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel at the level of industry, technology and security.

Finally, I think the Egyptian and Arab mind will take long time to understand the truth, which means: 'There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.' Simple words that ring so true yet prove so hard to live by.

Thank you Khaled


I am lucky to have many arab friends, from Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and they are wise and open,

There is "historic" elements in arab culture but I see openess and wisdom and with the new information technologies grate hope and change.



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